Monday, 9 April 2007

what I have been missing

Oh wow

I have been chatting with chief for a few weeks now he is a good few years younger than me. We have not chatted very much as we never seem to be online at the same time for very long. But this afternoon he started chatting and the chat got quite sexy. We were both getting turned on so we agreed to meet up. I was about 10 minutes late arriving at our agreed meeting place, I had been so hot and bothered from chatting to him that I had just had to have a play with myself to relieve the tension before I set off. My mobile was ringing as I came around the corner to the car park. I drove to the end of the car park looking for his car couldn’t see it but then saw in my rear view mirror that he was behind me. We both pulled into spaces by the hedge which skirts the edge of the car park. Chief came and got into the passenger seat of my car. We sat chatting for about ten minutes. I can’t believe how girly and giggly I was. He said I wasn’t at all. He smelt devine, he has a lovely face much better in person than on web cam. He thought it was a real turn on that I had been playing before I came out. He admitted that he had too.

He asked me to demonstrate how I had played with myself but as there was not much room in the driver’s seat with the steering wheel in the way, we transferred to his car. Once in his car, chief leant over slid his hand inside my skirt found my thong, pulled it to one side inserting his finger into my clit rubbing quite hard, I had to tell him to be a little softer. Then I took over playing with my clit while he played with my nipples, he is also the most delicious kisser. Soon I was coming to a climax as I felt his fingers squeezing my nipples and I imagined that it was his tongue inside me. My juice gushed over my fingers as I lay back in the seat. I kissed him then brought my fingers up to his lips for him to taste. He told me how much he wanted to fuck me now but he had been called into the workshop where he works in his spare time. I agreed to go with him as he wouldn’t be long. When we got there the place was locked up. We were alone, he pulled his car into the garage and closed the big double doors. Chief came around to my side of the car and helped me out. We stood by the car kissing then he moved me around so that I could sit upon the bonnet of his car. Hitching up my skirt so he could bury his face between my thighs where I was still wet from a few minutes earlier. Mmmm his fingers and tongue were as magic as I knew they would be. I reached forward and unfastened the brown leather belt around his tight blue jeans. Pulling down the zipper his penis sprang out, he was commando. Hmmm better than I could have hoped for. I took hold of his shaft and began to stroke him but this was an almost impossible angle for me. I had to get my back at almost right angle to reach his cock with my right hand while my left had grabbed onto his dark blue t-shirt. It was only his body which was keeping me from sliding off the bonnet.

Chief murmured that my hand on his cock felt good but now he wanted to see how it felt to be inside my wet pussy. He stood up and slid his circumsized manhood inside me. I couldn’t help giggling at first, at the thought of someone coming into the garage. The first thing they would see was his bare ass in the air as he pumped me as I slid across the bonnet holding onto him for dear life. It has been a long time since I had such a good laugh and a good seeing to at the same time. Mmmmmm that was a really good feeling and another different experience I had told him while we chatted that I wanted to experience sex in different situations. Chief is game for that he says he will do anything I want. Mmmmm even better a fit (very fit), good looking willing young man who knows what he is doing. Why hadn’t I met up with him earlier. I can tell we are going to have some fun. We both now have each other’s mobile numbers. We both want to meet up again for more fun. I shall look forward to that. He slipped his jeans back over his bare ass as he wandered in to the office space at the rear of the workshop. A few minutes later he was back and we settled into his car. This time it was me who leaned across to his still undone jeans. I took him in my mouth mmmm the taste of me still on him. I pleasured his cock teasing it with my tongue in the only way I know how to do. The same way I was describing last night on msn to the married couple from my 6some the other weekend. They had had a 3some on saturday with CY the other man who had told them about the awesome blowjob I had given him. When I had taken him to completion and he had was breathing normally again he drove me back to my car with the promise to meet up again soon. Now I know that I should have taken more notice of these fit younger men who have hit on me in recent months. Especially,if they were anything like Chief. MMMMM if you are reading this hun yes please more, more, more and yes you will do & Yes you are certainly good enough. You should have pushed me harder for a date before this.

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Ordinary Girl said...

I wish I had the confidence to just chat to someone for a short time and then meet them like that and be so brazen! I'm only truly brazen when I'm comfortable with the other person.

I hope you are careful about letting people know where you are going though Lady! There are some dangerous people in the world xx