Friday, 15 February 2008


as many big kisses as you think you can cope with are aimed in your direction xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh yes please, all over and in return as many kisses for you too, on your soft welcome mouth, every nook and cranny, every sensual curve, every vulgar creases and upon your sex my lips will devour you and my tongue invade you showering kisses upon your beautiful little button so as to climax you hugely and cum again and over again for me my pretty gorgeous lady and then I'll insert my lust deeply inside you and feel the warmth of your sweet soft wetness engulf me as the sensation of you thrills me and your craving gash satisfies my lust for you me spurting my burning seed inside you powerful warm wet sticky only to make you gush with joy as you release your passion for it all over my welcoming body. I lust after you my precious dirty beautiful lady with deeply felt passion, if I could only cover your entire curvaceous body with my climax I would kiss every inch of you again and start all over again .................. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 4 February 2008

I see you

I see you

I am smiling

I can’t keep the grin off my face

I see your eyes smiling back at me

I see your lips

In my mind I can taste your mouth

My body remembers the feel of you

My skin remembers the touch of you

My senses are straining for you

Our eyes meet

A smile on both our faces

My feet are taking me closer

Soon we are within touching distance

My arms long to hold you to me

All too soon I have walked passed you

I don’t look back

I know you don’t either

I can no longer see you

But you are here in my heart

The image of you etched

Deep in my memory

A smile engraved on my lips

A song in my heart

Later words are exchanged

You were surprised to see me

I had known it would happen one day

Now I am left with this image of you pushing a trolley

I know she was with you but all I could see was you

I didn’t take any notice of her just

You my precious lover