Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shivers down my spine

It wasn't fair

I was trying to get on with my work but my mind kept going back to those kisses. Every time I thought about his kisses a shiver went through me. Every time I thought about the feel of his hand as it held mine I felt weak. Remembering his touch as his hand slid inside my jacket first to my waist then moving up to hold my breast.

Throughout the time we had been sitting chatting in his car he had made no move to try and touch or even kiss me. It was only when I was ready to go home to my lonely bed that he made his unexpected move.

If anyone had told me earlier in the evening that I would be meeting him there after midnight I would have laughed. It had been about 3 months since we had met that first time, we had tried to meet again a month ago but it didn't happen so why now.

When he had mentioned that he would be passing that way at midnight on his return from running an errand, he said he would look out for my car. We hadn't made a definite arrangement to meet it was more a case of if we are both there at the same time sort of thing. Of course I had no reason to be up there on my favourite hill top at that time of night.

After he had signed out of messenger he text me asking what car I drive, so I knew he thought I would be there. That almost stopped me from going. How dare he be so confident that I would venture out at that time to meet him on the off chance. I ummed and aahhed for a while, should I go or should I stay? Another friend came online and told me to go for it. Trying not to drive too fast I sped along the crest of the hill until I reached the car park I had mentioned (knowing that out of all the carparks along that stretch of road it would be the quietest).

When I arrived there was no sign of him but he had text me that he was disappointed, well he had said midnight and it was now 10 past. I replied something about him not being there. Within 2 minutes he drove up and parked alongside my car. The next hour was very odd yet easy at the same time. Indulging in my hobby of checking out the city lights below to see which landmarks we could identify. Before succuming to the chill breeze and getting into his Jag to keep warm, where we managed to chat amiably for 45 minutes prior to that first kiss.

We talked about meeting again for a drink soon, I hope we do.