Monday, 8 December 2008

Black leather and Red nets

On my day off I have been going through some of the blogs I read and couldn't resist revisiting this post by FC a sexy photo of his Lucky Heather. In the comments I had mentioned that I have some black boots and some red fish nets. Today I have discovered that the naughty Fat Controller has challenged me to prove it.

So here are the fishnets....................

and here are my black boots (always a favourite with Mr Passionate)

Then as an after thought I decided to take a new photo, it has been sometime since I indulged in this hobby. So as a special treat ...........

Monday, 1 December 2008

List expanded part one

When I wrote my incomplete list I figured this would be a good time to write about some of those who had not previously featured here.

Tonight I bring you CF I wonder if any of you can work out what the initials CF stand for. Perhaps if anyone can give me the right answer I will post a new photo.

CF was the first man I began to chat with online after N went off with 'The Bitch' for the first time. We had chatted online a few times and were chatting on the Friday evening. I was feeling sexually frustrated as well as upset that N had gone off with The Bitch. I didn't know if he would come back to me or if I had lost him. (I was stupid and naive). I believed that he had only chosen The Bitch over me because I refused to have sex with him again unless I was the only one. (see I told you I was naive). CF suggested we meet up for a drink in half an hour, so at 10pm I arrived for the first time at the Gladstonian (which was to later become a favourite haunt of mine......I have even taken Romeo there .............I love the views in case you had not realised that).

We had a drink and chat, he was quite good looking, intelligent,polite, fairly well off having made his name in London designing some well know buildings. A local boy done good. He had returned to the area after several years away, was nearing the completion of his complete overhaul of the former council house which was now his weekend home. We were getting on well but the pub was closing and there was still more to chat about. I didn't need much persuasion to follow him in his BMW X5 back to his place. We sat opposite each other on leather sofas drinking wine as we continued to chat. He assured me that he had been out of the dating game for sometime and didn't really know what the etiquette of dating was these days. Suddenly he decided that he wanted to see my body. He wasn't trying to persuade me to have sex just wanted to see my body. I wasn't keen but eventually gave in to his insistence allowing myself to be led upstairs to his bedroom.

Once in his bedroom he undressed me laying me on his deep duvet when he began his exploration of my body. It wasn't long before he was pawing me. I liked him but wasn't sure of his motives. There had been no build up of passion, no cuddles and kisses. Add together his superior strength and confidence with my timidity and naivety and it was only a short time before we were having sex. With him I discovered that there are more positions than missionary and doggy style. He wanted me to stay all night with him. But I found sleep almost impossible. By about 3am I was desperate to go home. He reluctantly stood on his doorstep watching me leave.

Late afternoon I text him to ask if he had had a good day. He invited me over to share a bottle of red wine in front of his log fire. When I arrived he had been watching tv while he waited for my arrival. We sat side by side on his sofa watching tv discussing the programs that came and went. In all the time we were sat there he never once made a move to touch me until about 11pm when all of a sudden he said we should continue watching tv upstairs in bed. Again he led me upstairs, we undressed and climbed into his comfortable bed. But it wasn't tv he was interested in. No sooner were we under the covers than he made his move. Again I found sleep difficult to come by. I managed to make myself stay put until about 6am. I already knew by then that I wouldn't be returning again. I had been worried after my first visit but had decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. But after two nights where there was no exchange of affection I knew that no matter what N had done this man was not for me. He might be accomplished in sexual skill but the heat in the bedroom matched that of the frosty February weather outside.

So have you worked out why I call him CF?