Sunday, 31 December 2006

New year

2006 has been a remarkable year for me.

January: I met and fell in love with a man my own age ( most of my previous partners had been older than me). He helped me to escape the trauma of my divorce, whilst at the same time showing me that even though I am now much larger than I was before I had my children I could still be desirable. He showed me that my life is not over and certainly not my sex life. If anything he couldnt keep up with me. Called me a nymphomaniac!!

April: finally the courts made my husband vacate our marrital home and transfer the tenancy into my sole name. 3 days later our Decree Absolute came through. I was now officially single again.

July: the final straw with my lover when he decided to mess me about yet again and told me to take my ex on the holiday we had booked together!!! Not the smartest thing he could have said to me.

To get him out of my mind I joined AFF and my journey began.

October: The court case where I was the only witness in the case against my husband for harrassing and threatening to kill me and my lover. He had chosen to go to crown court so he could prove I am not a credible witness (apparently I'm mad) then the case would fall apart. On the day of the trial he agreed to admit guilt and has accepted a restraining order keeping him away.

November: I teamed up with one of my lovers to become a 'couple'. Through this new adventure I began chatting with The Man who encouraged me to read his blogg. I was hooked immediately. Then I began to think maybe this was something I could do. With more encouragement from The Man I began this blogg. I have really enjoyed writing it and chatting to the new friends I have made through it on both sides of the pond. I am totally amazed at some of the things I have written. I didn't realise I had it in me. I will let you decide how much is real and how much is imagination.

December: Finally I am getting myself sorted. I am now committed to an IT course which will help me find a new and better job. then in the week before xmas I began working full time at the employment agency. I hope this will lead to a more permanent position and I will be able to get my family's finances back on track.

2007 will be my year. I am putting all the rubbish of previous years behind me and moving onwards and upwards. who knows I might even find the happiness I deserve. If not I shall just continue to enjoy the search.

May all my friends have a HAPPY AND FULLFILLING 2007

Saturday, 30 December 2006


I have met some one, there is a new man in my life! we met through the same web site as all my other lovers, admirers and friends. I have had a lot of fun and enjoyment not just meeting but sometimes just chatting to all my new friends online. No matter how much they might want me they all understand that there are others. I have two lovers who I see at least once a month more whenever possible (not at the same time). there are others I see from time to time. Most of my new friends including my lovers are married. None of our relationships are exclusive. Now I have met GB, and I like him, yet again a married man!! however the difference is that he wants me to be his, he doesnt want to share me with other men.

Ok I have no problem with that, if he wants me to be his exclusively. It wont stop me from chatting, flirting with my other friends. but if he wants the kind of relationship where I don't see others, providing that he can show me that he is worth the sacrifice, that is what I shall do.

I have now reached a stage where I want someone for me. Someone who wants just me, who will be there for me when I need/want them. someone I can devote my affection to. GB and I have corresponded by email and text, we have had conversations by telephone ( I love to hear his voice). We have met, we have explored each other, we have chemistry. But there is something missing. Something vital is missing from this relationship. Something which is causing me to question whether I should go with this relationship or just make it plain that I have no intention of giving up my other lovers for him.

What is missing? what is it that is so vital that we do not have?


As I said he is married.....he has assured me that he can see me whenever I wish to see him. this has proved not to be the case. Not only is he busy with his family and his business, he has been away a lot. He is away now. It doesnt stop the flow of text and emails, but it does mean that we are unable to spend any time together.

I want to see him, indeed I need to see him again, I want to be everthing he wants. I want so much to go on this journey with him. But at what price? I am feeling lonely and frustrated.

should I remain his exclusively (my joke about finding out if anyone else is about this weekend didnt go down too well). Or should I just tell him straight that if he wants to see me then he has to share me. Then I can go back to seeing others with a clear conscience that I am not deceiving him or anyone else.

Thursday, 28 December 2006

tagged !!!

Ok so I have been tagged by the man with secrets. I have to compose a list of 10 words beginning with the letter P.

My first has to be phone as I am totally lost without my phone, even more than my computer. I never go anywhere without my phones (yes I have two, one general which is pink and one for my closest lovers).

Promiscuity, how could I possibly leave that out when I have been practising promiscuity in recent months. I have a lot of years in the sexual desert to make up for. I had no idea how much I would enjoy my promiscuity.

Polish, I do like to wear nail polish, especially if it is red, although I do also wear purple nail polish. My collection also includes mauve, pink, gold and beige together with chocolate brown, but as most people who know me will realise I have a thing about red.

promise is something that most of my photographs show. I prefer to give a glimpse of the promised fruits rather than putting everything on display from the beginning. The pleasure I have gained from allowing my admirers a taste of things to come. Promises are also something I never give unless I am absolutely certain that I can and will want to fullfil those promises.

Planning can be both exciting and boring. Planning a trip to the dentist with my children is boring. Whilst planning a meet with a lover can be exciting. Planning an illicit meeting for delicious sexual enjoyment of each other with a married lover gets my pulse racing as we decide the logistics of our time together. When we can snatch enough time together, where we shall go, how to get there(seperately or together). what we will wish to take with us for the pleasuring of our partner.

Punishment, anyone who reads my blog should know by now that I am still awaiting my punishment. I have promised my knight that I will take my punishment in good faith. We have tried to put our plans for my punishment into practice but were foiled by the dog walkers of this land. We then had a drive around country lanes looking for potential venues for my punishment to be carried out at a later date.

potential, something I try to see where ever I can in the same way as I look for the positive in everything. I am constantly looking for potential venues for my adventures. Not to mention the ever changing list of potential lovers.

pure woman, that is what I am now, in my youth I was something of a tomboy, I was never a girlie girl, playing with cars in preference to dolls, climbing trees rather than having pretend tea parties. But now I have matured and realised the pleasures to be gained by becoming a woman. I am nothing now if not pure woman with the wants and pleasures of being seen, felt, smelt and devoured in ways that a woman such as I deserve.

Perfume is not something I wear too often, prefering to wear it on special occasions, it is more my practice to wear body spray(vanilla). I do have a rather delicious perfume which was given to me by one of my brief love interests. Prada is absolutely devine, I dont wear it for any of my lovers but there are occasions when I will wear it just because I love the scent. Or if I have been feeling sad I may spray a little on my pillow. For years my favourite perfume was Opium but I cant wear it anymore. During a conversation with a potential lover a few days ago he described perfume as 'something that kills married men'.

Persistent is how I would have to describe some of my admirers, especially when chatting online and they want me to go onto my webcam. persistent is also my kids when they want to use the computer and Im on it grrrrr.

I hope that is good enough for you Man. 10 words beginning with P with a few extras added in for good measure.

Now who can I tag?

Feetman letter D

Footprints L

cherrie R

looking forward not back

Over the weekend I was thinking of going to visit my former lover. I thought about taking him a christmas card, I was going to drive over to the city where he lives and push it noisily through his door. I wanted him to open the door and invite me in, I wanted him to ask me to stay. I wanted to spend one night over the holiday in the arms of a lover. He was my lover from 2nd jan 2006 until end of July then again a few more times since. But it would have been a mistake. In the end I just sent him a text wishing him and his family a good christmas. I have not had a reply which is probably for the best. Now I can close that door and move on. He was the reason I began my sexual journey in the summer months. He taught me that I could have a good sex life after my marriage broke up and for that I shall be forever grateful. The rollercoaster ride of emotions he led me on was another thing. But finally we got to the stage where I was the one calling the shots not him. Since he realised I wont just come running everytime he clicks his fingers and that he is not the only man in my life he has gone off in a strop. I dont need that!!
I could have gone running after him after the last time but I have stayed well away. I believe that everyone comes into our life for a purpose, he has served his and now I dont need him and his tantrums anymore. I wont forget him and a small piece of my heart will always be his. But I have a lot more to give just not to him anymore and I believe he has realised that he has missed his chance.

Now I shall look forward, forward to new adventures and new loves.

Monday, 25 December 2006


***** my Lady
I have been unable to devote my time to commit my thoughts to you my Lady love and for that I can only apologise for your waiting.
You are my perfect slut, my woman of loose morals, my Queen of all that is deliciously indulgent, beautifully sensual and blissfully vulgar. Will you stop at nothing to honour your knight and champion of her womanhood? I pray that you will not for I would adore you the more for it my Lady.
The gifts you bestow upon me are perfection and I look upon your face with such delight, your warm friendly eyes with there naughty twinkle, proud, confident in your sexuality. Your soft warming smile that bids me kiss your inviting lips with such passion that I might make your breast heave with intense desire for me.
Such a pleasing face, such a perfect bosom. Would that I could hold them in my hands and suckle from their firm peaks the life giving nectar you so wondrously gave your children. You are pure woman to me, you are life itself and I wish to be on you and in your and about you oh so intimately it begins to hurt the distance we keep from one another.
I look upon that face and I will you to kiss my manhood as it stands here waiting and wanting for you. To look into your eyes as you salaciously slide my soft firmness past those perfect lips into your . Oh how I would wish to kiss those lips at that very moment. Take me my Queen, make me your very own Knight as you milk from my weapon my lusting devotion to you so that I may kiss you and taste upon your lips my spent lust for you.
Take me, feed on me, kiss me that we both might swallow the pride I have in your wayward sexuality and make you mine to command further........................
Until then my Lady Sir ***** :-x

Sir ******
How could your Lady slut ignore such pleas so well written and the desires already aroused described so wonderously. I now give over to you these two glimpses that you may know what there is to come.
be rest assured that there are more images that may or may not come into your possession in the near future.
your own Lady ***** Slut

***** my bounteous Maiden I feast upon your other gift to me and fear that what intensity your countenance provoked in me at such acceptable imagery before, this latest one instills me to such vulgarity that I know is in me and committing me into a place beyond redemption. I fear my Lady teases me to the brink of acceptability and am challenged my Lady, to take you by force, first making you incapable of resistance by way of ties upon your ankles and your wrist, enabling me to feast my eyes upon you at will as I slowly discover parts of you that should be kept to your own self. Thus with ties tightened to extremes of distance, you would find yourself at my mercy and indignantly exposed to view that part of you that would prove you woman against my man as well as that physicality we both share having stripped you of the modest vestige of your apparel. At such a sight my mouth would water and hunger would set in for the taste of you and would put up no fight to prevent me from compromising you in any way shape or form, to which end you will know me on you vaginally and anally as my tongue and lips forage about your intimate person kissing and licking and at that moment when sucking you feel me gorge on your lips as I fill my mouth with you sliding my tongue deeply into your womanly folds as well as you adjacent tightness. The feast would be long and hard as my hunger is so great since meeting you first and when satiated by the depths of you, I shall gently lick and suck of your soft delicate flower that I may know for certain you to be less than pure an unadulterated slut to expend upon my face such violent gushing and thrashing of self evident pleasure. It would not stop at that for with all the wetness and glistening about your intimate person I would be drawn by the shiny puckered tightness of you and wish to do to you the most joyous vulgarity and in so indulging in your predicament would press upon your defense until knowing my helpless Lady is indeed a true slut to me her master by way of letting me into her for such a devine unnatural act. I would that you should look into my eyes and witness the pleasure of letting you see how debase I am to want you thus. Watching as we both enjoy in one another's debasing act of intimacy as I bury my sword gently to the hilt my Lady, to press your ample thighs tight against me for a while as I relish in the moment ......... then with controlled movement take me to a place where my expression tells you you have served your master well (and perhaps he has served you well too?) as you watch him expend deep inside you his warm wet sticky lubricating lust for you in each and every deep felt intense ejaculation and if in total communion with one another you should also join your master in this moment of high ecstasy he would be well pleased to see you in such a state with him. My Lady, in your arms I'd fall to care and comfort to caress and fondle to express an intense gratitude for such devoted servitude that would no doubt lead to a love making of such passion as to render us coitally inseparable. Until that moment your Knight awaits your body with aching desire :-x

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and..........yesssssssssssssssssss

as soon as I read how you would take me my lord my maidenhead was instantly soaking with lust. Until I can compose myself to reply to your lust with equal enthusiasm as is so very much deserved I shall I am afraid have no choicce but to keep my lord waiting for my remarks on the satiating of our giving from one to the other. I could not possibly do justice to your words at this time. my cranium is in such a state of arousal that coherent thoughts are missing. Unless I manage to sort my thoughts into some kind of order before you remove yourself for the festive season it is with dismay that I inform your goodself that my lord must await my words upon his return. :-X :-X :-X

*****, my lady love It pleases me no end to know that the debased nature of my mind has thrown yours into confusion and placed you in such a state of arousal as to render you demented and void of natural cohesive thought. You are a truly magnificent liberated sexual woman and to find you so wetted by my vulgarity arouses me so enormously that I fear I shall burst involuntarily my lust for you and thus sadly wasting the evidence that I so desire to plant deep inside you, filling you up to the brim with my joy of you that you can contain a drop more allowing it to cascade from you decorating your heavenly thighs giving me the filthy joy of wallowing in the wetness we both create, sliding slippery indulgent over one another''s flesh in an orgy of blissful filth. My Lady love, you take me to a place all decency tells me we should not go and I adore my Queen for it and await a time when you are composed sufficiently to reciprocate my filthy vulgar adoring desire in words of utter arousal. My sadness is that I may not know it until my return, but my mind will be busy with thoughts of you penning your desires to me and of the exquisite pleasure felt between your thighs in the exercising of that deed. I should not wish to bid you fare thee well just yet as I may have a moment or two to dwell on the drip of you that it may fall before I leave you. The admiration of your Knight is boundless at your response to his abuse of you and I pray it will be short lived the space twixed now and when I take of you in the flesh rather than words.

Your liege, Sir ***** who you desire to obey :-x
Yes my lord (she muttered meekly)

Sunday, 24 December 2006

so sad

last night I text a number of my friends and admirers to wish them the christmas they want. Not all but most have replied. Thats nice that they have taken the time but nearly all have said something along the lines of.....

'I think what I want it to be and what it will be is something very different!'

Now I think that is sad that so many of my friends feel like that.

I am lucky I shall have the christmas I expect peaceful surrounded by my boys and my mother.


Its christmas eve 7.30am I have no reason to get up early kids football, no car boot sale, I've done my christmas shopping!! Its nice just to lay here in my nice warm comfy bed. Eldest didn't come home last night, he has work this morning but I'm not going to chase him up he has to be responsible for himself he is an 'adult' now.

My phone goes off a text message from one of my admirers.
'morning did the catalogue order arrive. I wish I could help 2 bring you some happiness at christmas xx'
{ He knows I am broke and cant get much for my kids this year relying on catalogue buy now pay later :-( }.
I spent yesterday buying token presents for my kids to replace the token presents that have not arrived yet!!

But I think they are quite happy with the present they got yesterday. Another of my admirers took the time out of his morning to come over and sort out my computers for me. Not only is this one now working but we have sound again (first time in 6 months)

Its at chrismas and times of crisis that we find out who our real friends are.

Last christmas when I was in the early stages of my divorce and being in this house was a living hell, I was still working but broke as we were all living off my part time wages with no contributions from 'him' even though he was still working. Tuesday before christmas I took some time off work to take the boys christmas shopping I was very upset that I couldnt afford much for them. My second son lent me £100 out of his savings to buy them presents. But by the time I went to pay for my first purchase my purse had been stolen from my bag. I was devastated!!
Next day when I was at work everyone was asking what I had bought I had to say nothing and told them what had happened. The day before we finished work before christmas, one lady who has very little herself left an envelope on my desk with £40 to tide us over. Another offered to buy the bottle of red wine from the boss from me (I was going to give it to her anyway as I dont drink red). Then as I was leaving a friend gave me an envelope from her husband with a letter. He is not jewish or even has any other faith but he believes in good will to others. My friend had told him what had happened and he was giving me £200 for as long as I needed it. I have still never met him but we have spoken on the phone and swapped jokes by email. When I got home I had two cheques waiting for me to tide us over (one from my employers and one from my mother in law!!!)
Thanx to these lovely people we did have a good christmas and I shall never forget the kindness of these people.
Last year I though I was broke, this year I really am broke, but we are together, healthy and happy.

we are going to enjoy being together this christmas and there will be no tears or sadness, just smiles and hugs.
Anyone who feels sorry for us I am greatful for your concern but please dont worry. I have the greatest gift I could ask for ....4 happy healthy sons :-)

Saturday, 23 December 2006

back online

Thanx to one of my friends I am now back online we dont know how long for but for the moment my pc is working again.
Thank you spike for taking the time to come and look at my computers for me, especially at this busy time of year.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

computer problems

Hi all

Im afraid I am having computer problems at the moment ie both our computers have broken down within days of each other. I shall be offline until I can afford to get at least one fixed!!

If I'm not back online before christmas I hope you all have a good one :-D

Thursday, 14 December 2006

how much sex

Recently it seems that a number of my admirers are under the impression that I have or need to have sex everyday. This I can assure you is not the case. If anyone thought about it I spend far too much time on my pc to be out having sex all the time. On average I probably have sex once or twice a week. As a single woman who has children at home.....I feel that that is fair. ( I have several guys who I have seen several times, it isnt different men all the time) my sex drive would probably cope with every day but my conscience would not. I am still struggling with the amount of sex that I have and even more the amount I would like to have versus what I feel to be acceptable behaviour for a middle class single mum of 4.

What do you think is a reasonable amount of sex for a woman in my situation to be having ?

1) Is a couple of times a week too much
2) about right
3) or should I just go out there and have as much as I want

please let me know what you think

the gift

We are at the pub where we have met for lunch, we are on our second drink and he goes outside for a cigarette. I am bored now without him to look at, to touch, to chat with. I pick up my mobile and begin to delete a few old messages, it vibrates letting me know I have a new message.........

'I sooo want u, shame ur son at home 2day, want to strip u down to your stockings and have my wicked way with you mmmmm x x x hard just thinking about it x x x'

I am looking around I can't see where he is and I'm right by the window, another text arrives

' So want to lick u and taste ur juices X x x '

He returns we kiss again.......we both decide to leave this place it has become too crowded with people out celebrating christmas with friends or work colleagues.

We go for a drive through some of the local lanes. He stops by the side of the road for a snog......mmmmm getting wet now as his hand finds my womanhood. he helps me to release his manhood from his close fitting jeans. mmmmm very nice, he cant believe his luck as first I fondle him then lower my head and suck him into my waiting mouth. We can't do this here we need to find somewhere more private. As we drive along with his hand carressing my thigh and my hand still on his hard cock, we pass a woman walking along the lane and I give him an extra squeeze just because it excited me to be playing with his hard cock and the woman we passed was totally oblivious. After a while we found a gateway set back from the road, not very secluded but the best we had found. It wasn't long before my seat was pushed back and in the reclining position, the passion was rising in both of us. he climbed over to join me on my seat condom already in place, mmmm even in such cramped conditions and both feeling like teenagers again this was a most delicious encounter. Later when we had both readjusted our clothing I decided to leave him a gift to remind him of me......I dont think he really needs much reminding. We returned to where I had left my car only to discover that in our passion I had lost both my earings. It didn't take long to recover one but the other wasn't so easy. We agreed that it would be a good excuse for him to come back and see me when he had found it. A few more hugs and kisses and it was time for him to leave. As soon as he was gone I text him.......

'bye the way I left you a small token of my appreciation'

it wasn't long before the reply hit my phone

' I noticed mmmmmmm v yummy n v wet x x'

this morning I had another text

'Morning babe, loved ur gift tehehehe....Have never been given a thong soaked in pussy juices b4 mmmmm, would have loved to have been able to lay you on a bed, open ur legs wide and give ur gushing pussy a good lickin b4 slidin my hard cock in ya X x x'

I guess he enjoyed meeting me!!!! he did say he definitely wasnts to see me again :-D

Wednesday, 13 December 2006


Sir ***** It was with great restraint that I managed to stop myself from dragging you through my window. I was feeling so turned on by your presence in my day. Following you along so many dead ended lanes and tracks did nothing to dull my desire only to increase my amusement. I am sure that as you stood beside my door my expression must have given away the pure desire I felt. My naked lust for you, my wish to be held, touched and kissed by my handsome knight. but as you said this was not the occasion for the gratification of our bodily desires but for the implementation of my chastisement. further this was not an ideal location and time was against us. my question now is to ask whether indeed you were able to read from my countenance the mixture of amusement and desire. Lady *****

My Lady Indeed I was bale to witness your pleasing face with smiling eyes and lips. I could even see you almost laugh perhaps in my rear view mirror which lessened the trauma of not being able to give you what you so rightly deserved. I should have liked to have opened the door and lain you down, removed the vestiges of decency from your maidenhood and placed my mouth over its lips and devoured you wholly, listening to the bliss of your voice as you uttered the sounds of utter joy. I would have wished to see that joy quirt from you in complete abandon covering you ample thighs to glistening effect, kissed your lips and left you there in a state of dishevelment for all to see. Your knight..........

My dear sir Pray tell how it could be that I could possibly not want to continue with our most compelling mind fuck. I have enjoyed much pleasure from our mutual correspondence and fantasies. I have it in my mind most definitely to carry these fantasies through to reality and completion provided that is that my companion in this journey still feels the yearning to follow through as do I. There have been a number of offers from other parties to fulfil these fantasies but. In my mind these fantasies are borne out of our own delicious mind fuck not to be shared with others, other than in the recounting for their amusement. your own slut Lady *****

My Lady

I am pleased to know your intent is to enact some, if not all, of our fantasies thus written to one another. Mind fucking you has been a glorious event and thrills me to know you feel your mind has been well fucked by these words. I only hope we can express such passion bodily with one another and indulge in our lust freely and unreservedly. It would please me no end to taste you and be inside you and to feel you and see you elated by such communion. My manhood is yours to do with as you will as I hope your womanhood is mine to do with as I will, but first the responsibility falls upon me to correct your errant ways previously encountered by way of your offered up backside to my hand after which we will ride into the oblivion desire. Your ever faithful knight Sir ***** :-x

Dear sir *****,

It is with not a little dismay, that it is realised the sparcity of correspondence in coming weeks, however this gives both time to imagine what might be and in what way we can enhance those activities promised. I have already begun the research required to ascertain a more suitable location for my chastisement.

I would like to bestow one small gift from myself to my lord. Upon my return from our travels along lanes of a wet and muddy nature on monday last. I decided to take a few images of the digital kind to show my lord what he had missed. My camera being old and battered my computer was unable to read the information from the equipment used. However last night a friend allowed me to use his card reader on his laptop to capture these images which he later tried to upload to me. Only one worked.......the others requiring to be resized (to large). I have now attached a copy of the successful image for your perusal. It is with great amusement that I offer this for your pleasure.

I look forward to hearing from my lord when time allows

Your own slut lady *****

*****, my dearest slut It was my intension for the day to concentrate on matters of commerce, but how, with such joyous distraction, is a knight supposed to ignore his Lady when distracted with such industry? Whilst you deliver your digital gift to me with much amusement, I am very happy to inform my Lady that the distraction is, although a little annoying, received in similar vein and with immense gratitude. Thank my Lady. :-x I have to tell you my Queen of my desire, it has caused much consternation, as each time my eyes rest upon it's various elements it has the effect of arousing me so completely that I stand here, although sitting, proud at the sight of my manhood in complete readiness for deeds deep and sublimely penetrative and wondrously explosive. The composition is such that those elements that contrive to inform sit well on the eye in the form of loosely fitted embroidered virginal white femininity, whilst the slash of vibrant pink does much to excite the senses, alluding to a certain thin pinkness set deep into the shadows of heavy denier. The denier itself does much to excite in it's constrained tight sheerness encapsulating from toe to thigh angular knee stretching to disappear from tantalising view. The ivory softness atop the dense black of denier fills the heart with promise igniting your knights desire to share with you his masculinity, the result of your feminine promiscuous gift. Had your hand rested upon your knee with red painted nails, this would have imbued an erotic activity either shared or self indulged, each being compellingly arousing even though purely imagined. The digital image fills me with continued desire for you my Lady love. Had I taken this shot myself it would not have been as strongly erotic an image. If you are ever able to take of yourself imagery of a similar or perhaps more intimate nature this would be powerfully pleasing to your knight knowing you to desire obedience to his will in the self capture of certain elements of your femininity. I remain ever desirous of your flesh my Lady ***** and thank you once again for the precious gift :-x

My Lord It is with much pleasure that your lady learns of the desire within her Lord following the gift of image captured especially for the pleasure of her Lord. It is indeed just one in a series of about 10 images. once these are received on my computer system I shall select one or two that I shall allow your lordship to receive as an interim gift before your return in that they will give an insight into what will be awaiting your return. lady *****

My Lady I await bated, breathless and to be teased your knighted Sir :-x

My Lady ***** You do tease so mercilessly, for I know that within the virginal white of your blouse a mere button or four from view there rests, heaving if animated beyond this stilled image, your beautiful bountiful breast that would so wish to lay my head upon if I were in your presence. If you were to honour me with a glimpse of your cleavage I should be undone by desire to slide my manhood from below that which encapsulates the magnificence of your motherhood and press into the depth created by such magnificent pendulous orbs that I may feel the smooth softness of you envelope my firm manliness. Upon receiving me thus I should expect in your desire to serve your master to succumb to my lust to use you so and in so doing gain much delight in the joy you allow me selfishly to seek in the depth of cleavage I can only hazard a guess at. You will witness my knights helmet appear and disappear in its battle to win the ultimate in releases and so doing will feel and see a flooding of my joy in you welling up and overflowing down the crease that divides both appendages the apex of each I should wish to suckle in gratitude.................. All this from something merely hinted at and far less than is actually to view, but I see your elegant sensual fingers and that glorious red painted upon perfectly shaped nails. You might not understand the power pretty fingers have over a man who appreciates sensuality. I should place them each at a time into my mouth finishing with a thumb sucking on them sensuously knowing the beauty of their vulgar redness is inside me feeling my tongue explore them................. But, my Lady love, your soft creamy thigh has me once more in manly salutation of the sluttish exposure of such ample delight. I desire you most heartily and wish beyond anything to see more of this wondrous expanse, for it is the essence of a Lady who has fallen to expose herself thus and in so doing arouse in her Knight a complete and utter desire for her loose and fallen morals Would that I could kiss and caress with my mouth and tongue the amplitude of your being until such a point as I might discover the soft succulence of what you hold dutifully for my pleasure between your soft inviting thighs that I may suck you into me and be within you too with my tongue until I feel the joy within you take your control and have you thrash for mercy at wave upon wave of intensity you know not if it be pleasure or pain and in completeness of pleasure emit from within first a squirt to fill my mouth thence a stream of warm flowing water of love.................. My Lady love, ***** how you do drive this Knight so Sir ***** :-x PS. If I never see another image of you before the coming year it will drive me to distraction and I'll know not wether to thank you for your cruelty or hate you or give more praise to the thrill of continued exposure. My thanks are deep felt for the fingers my love and would wish to repay the compliment although less than sensual which I fear I must correct for my Queen's pleasure ................


My Lady The density of dog population conspired against us and to think we were within moments of achieving our goal only to be foiled by the presence of them and their owners at every quarter we sought. I am desolate that I was unable to give you your just deserts. If I have failed you irrevocably then please tell and I will hold my head in shame and be banished from your lands. I await your firm rebuke for not preparing our sojourn to within a micron of existence. Your failed knight of rusted armour :-(

my lord Master If my Lord has failed his Lady then so has your fair maiden failed her Knight who did charge her with the decision on the date and further to suggest a suitable venue for our mission. It seems that we were too eager to fulfil our desire for the completion of this very serious and most severe mission that we did not prepare very well the aspect of venue though I believe all other elements of our mission were in fact catered for. In so much that both parties were at fault it would neither be just or right to banish my lord from these lands within which my life is lived in as full a way as is possible under current circumstances. Indeed your Lady would wish that far from being banished her Lord could visit these lands more frequently and for extended periods however your Lady understands the situation does not lend itself for this to be practical. Your lady ***** realised when it was too late that perhaps she was remiss not to open her car door and turn herself around thereby making herself and her maidenhood more accessible to your lord to fondle and allow the passion within to result in her wetness as she came on your fingers as she most certainly would have done. Your humble Lady can only conclude that her behaviour was not worthy of all that her Lord should expect and indeed deserve. Could your Lordship find it in his kind and considerate heart to forgive his lady such unbecoming behaviour? Your Lady awaits confirmation from her Lord that not all has been lost and our quest can still be redeemed albeit in the next year. Sir ***** I am your own Lady ***** :-x :-x

My dear Lady It does me good to know you have no wroth for the episode of yesterday. We were indeed too eager to have done with the agony of retribution that was to be metered out. I am moved that my Lady should wish more frequent visitation, but as she so rightly says, the situation does not lend and besides our trysts, should we ever expedite one, are of an infrequent playful nature not imbued with too deep emotion or lasting nature but for more immediate gratification utterly free of constraint that social or individual status might dictate. In that vein then, it was me who was remiss not you. It should fall upon your Knight to command you to avail yourself of his pleasure for it is you who are the salve here, although promiscuous initiation from his Lady would always ignite a passion for it in him especially vulgarity of a Lady of elegance femininity and pose. I should have liked to have invaded your womanhood and sampled the sensual texture its dampness and would have especially enjoyed to see you ecstatically transformed to a place of pure unadulterated pleasure by my hand as I dare say was most apparent to my good Lady, but this was not the charge in hand. It was for your chastisement and not for the pleasure of either of us, but a solemn affair of great import that should not be taken so lightly as to fall foul of desire. Forgiveness you seek is not required my good Lady, and you should rest assured that when you lay in your bed this very night you should know that the fingers although part of your being are in spirit guided by me over your entire body then to rest upon the very centre of your sexual existence to conclude in a most joyous episode. Indeed my Lady, not all is lost and we shall resume the physical of this affair next year. Sir ***** knight of your maidenhood one day soon :-x

Dear sir It is indeed pleasing to know that my Lord does not lay blame on his fair maid for the debacle that was our tryst of yesterday. (she found it highly amusing) Please be assured that if my Lord has concerns that his lady may become emotionally attached he has no need to be so concerned. for his maiden has found a very strong physical attraction both of body and mind. however enjoyable this episode may be and it is with great hunger that gratification is saught your lady has no desire to become emotionally involved. Your lady has in her current life a variety of lovers who are attached, for the purpose of mutual gratification without strings. your Lady slut does involve herself in this mutual mind fuck as her Lord has captured her mind so thoroughly, on meeting this was found to be as much a physical attraction as it is the mind but the heart though surrounded by butterflies remains detached. Would it help my Lord to be furnished with the information that his lady did find herself to her suprise attending a different location with a alternative executioner for the reception of lashes by hand to her naked rear. this in no way detracts from our joint mission as this was a scene from a story not of our making. This scene though useful for the dealing with frustration whilst gratifying for that moment was a one off will not be required to be repeated. Unlike our interesting and amusing highly charged encounters. yours only for this tale of amusement and gratification Lady ***** Slut :-x

My dear slut, my Lady *****I hold you in high regard and with great respect. We are indeed most attached in mind as well as body and to find mutual indulgent gratification in one another with out strings would please me no end. It pleases me to know you have others who delight in your physicality from time to time. It would delight me to witness such encounters or perhaps allow you the pleasure of the attention of two who delight in your satisfaction. It would please me indeed to know the events of a previous meeting of an alternative executioner. To read in your words your acceptance of lashes to your naked ample buttocks would bring a modicum of relief from the frustrations that bear from being denied the delights of your wondrous sexuality. In a state of excited anticipation I have risen attentive, longing for your next missive my Lady and know it will be most gratifying to receive. *****, my vital Lady my most beautiful slut I remain your knight, thank the heavens, Sir ***** :-x

feet on the ground

my new friend feet man has been paying me compliments again!!!
If you havent already you should check out his blog....... feet on the ground

Stay tunned because I have some great pictures of the Lady in Red and some pictures from a new angel Jamie. The Lady in red is, of course, a real vixen and you will love her feet and leg pictures.

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

my challenge

last night when I was chatting online to my dear SL he set me a challenge. after a fair bit of discussion on the subject I have accepted the challenge. When I was in the shower earlier today I was about to put razor to underarm when I remembered that he wants me to stop shaving for him. He wants me to grow back the hair everywhere except I am allowed to continue shaving my legs. This really is a challenge for me to do this as I do like to keep smooth and hairless. Not only that but I know that my other lovers and prospective lovers like a shaved pussy etc.

SL as soon as you have read this I want you to text or email me to let me know, as I have decided to add my own twist to this challenge. But I wont tell you what I want you to do until you tell me you have read this.

Monday, 11 December 2006

married men

When I first started out on my current sexual adventure I had no intention what so ever of seeing any man who was not totally single.

I began talking to one man who seemed really nice, and he works locally too ( a bonus). We agreed to meet for a drink, then he asked me if I had any tabboos. Of course the first thing I said was that I will only date single men. Oh dear he then confessed to being married but his wife is quite a long way from here. He goes home at weekends. I agreed to still see him for a drink and see what happened from there. Anyway to cut a long story short, I found that I was seeing more and more men who are either married or attached. I thought about this quite a bit, how had I got into this and why. I figure that if these married /attached men are on a web site looking for sex then they are going to stray whether its with me or not. So if I like the guy I might as well enjoy some time with him. Why am I seeing guys that are attached well maybe its self protection, maybe as I know they are already taken I wont go giving them my heart and therefore Im protecting myself from hurt but still able to have fun. It isn't quite the same as having an affair with a married man, Ok there are a few I have come to care about but there is no emotional involvement between us I am not the mistress.
Where married/attached men are concerned I have given myself a couple of rules.
1. Never ever go to their place.......did it once and it was a mistake.......its so much better when we meet away from his home.
2. Never ask them questions about their life at home.......if they want to tell me thats fine but im not going to ask about their marriage......(kids, pets , hobbies are fine) but not the marriage or the wife/partner.
3. Then theres the obvious perfume etc
4. condoms

Sunday, 10 December 2006


We had been chatting for days often on web cam. We had arranged to meet for a drink, he was very local to me only about 10 minutes drive away. But shortly before our date ( I was already dressed) he postponed until tomorrow. something had come up that he couldnt get out of. Later when I was online he appeared. He was now free to chat. We both had our web cams on but were just chatting. A friend of mine rang, I always tell her where I am going and the first name of my date. She knew of a man with this name from the area I had said. She was feeding me names to ask him about. He confirmed that I had got his brother, mother and ex girlfriend's names right. MG was getting a little uncomfortable now, how did I know so much about him, we don't live in the same town or associate inthe same circles. (my friend is a neighbour of his mum). I still have never told him who my friend is although we still chat most days and that was months ago. Once I had assured him that I was not about to tell his mother what he is upto he relaxed. when he wasnt watching I moved my webcam so that it was on the level with my skirt. began to rub my stockinged leg gradually moving further up. I could see that he was getting excited which just made me carry on even more. The more excited he was getting the higher my skirt was going until it was most evident that I was wearing stockings (his favourite). his greatest desire being to have my stocking clad legs wrapped around his neck.
The next evening he had his wish when we returned to his house after our drink in a nearby pub.

We continued to chat online almost daily from that time, I had met someone I really liked and was seeing a couple of times a week until he moved away with his job. I was chatting to MG one night we were both at a loose end and were talking about doggers and their haunts. We flirted a bit and talked about meeting up for a cuppa. He suggested that I call round to his place for a cuppa.....even showed me on web cam that he had bought some more tea bags as I had had his last one. I said I would think about it and went off line. I waited half an hour before setting off...just long enough for him to wonder if I was coming over but then decide I wasn't. He was just giving up and started to watch a porn movie when his doorbell went. He told me last night while we were reminising that he had almost been asleep (it was gone midnight) but was very soon wide awake again. He still dreams of a repeat. We are now good mates and enjoy discussing our adventures.......not sure hes ever forgiven me for freaking him out about his family though. He says I can write about him so long as I dont tell his mum.............til next time MG


I would like to extend a warm thank you to feetman for his post about me on his blog and the lovely comments. this was most unexpected and I take this as a very big compliment.

Anyone who does not know feetman I have his blogg listed under the heading bloggs I read, just click on that and it will take you there.

Saturday, 9 December 2006

this order

I am still learning how to manage the different elements on this blog so until I have figured out how to link different post together I thought I would give my newer readers a clue about the ongoing saga of the lady and her tarnished knight. You really need to read these posts in cronological order to get the most out of them although I am sure that each is entertaining in its own right.
To date these post go in this order :

Naked Delight
Lady and the knight part one
part two
part three

my knight of tarnished armour
will it be raining
my disobedience must be punished
my imminent chastisement
butterflies and country lanes

fucking horny

this morning I received these text from RR who I have been chatting to for months.....we are about to meet for the first time this week

You make me so fucking horny! I have just got upto date with your blog and all the time I was reading through in my office at work I was constantly rubbing my cock! By the time I was done my cock was very fuckin hard and leaking loads of pre cum, wishing u was here to lick and suck it off! Nothing else for it, Im goin to have to sort myself out just as I did last night after chatting to you, if you read this right away u know wot im doin and who im finkin of xx

I read it immediately lol
looking forward to our date later this week :-)

I never know what to expect from you next! You'r amazing and cant wait to see you wednesday, thats 2 very horny wanks you have given me in as many days.........wots next tehehehehehe mmmmmmm

OMG!!! ......I've been blogged ! so glad that you did read my txt as soon as it arrived in your box, I hope the thought of me stroking and choking my hard cock as horny dirty thoughts of you race round inside my mind made you realise the affect you have on me.I so hope wednesday goes well for us both x x x

hi babes, almost done at work, going for my shower soon, will obviously be imagining its ur hands wandering all over my soapy body.......tehehehehe with obvious results. x x x x

Friday, 8 December 2006


'You are a godess and I want to meet you.'
those were the words on his message, again it was while I had no internet connection so I gave him my mobile number. He called me several times that evening, he had been working in europe for six weeks and didnt have an internet connection at his home. we chatted for over an hour, he asked me to send him a couple of pictures. an hour later he was on the phone again! he had walked for half an hour to get to internet cafe to see my pictures, he said they were well worth the walk. 2 days later he flew over to London and hired a car to drive down to see me. I met him at his hotel, he wanted to go out and see the sights, he had lived there 10 yrs ago. But first we needed a drink, he wasnt impressed with the hotel bar so we went upstairs and raided the mini bar. We sat talking for a while then he bagan stroking my legs first one then the other, gradually getting higher and higher. He wanted us to get to know each other before we go out. He undid some of my buttons on my cardigan to release my breasts for inspection. By this time my hand had been stroking him through his jeans I undid his belt and zip, I had his hard member in my hand just as he was cupping my breasts in both his large strong hands. As I began to manipulate his throbbing cock with my hands his right hand strayed down to the hem of my skirt which was quickly moved out of the way giving him easy access to my thighs again. As our mutual stroking and kissing became more ardent I felt that it would be such a waste to go out into the city now. I was willing him to take things further. I slipped out of my skirt and my top, I lay across the bed where he continues to caress my thighs above the top of my stockings. Now he bent his head and kissed my inner thighs. The night was beginning to heat up, my brassiere and thong were soon on the floor along with his shirt and jeans, he wore no underpants of any description preferring the feel of the denim against his skin. I can feel his lips and his tongue caresseing my thighs with his kisses as they get higher the temperature in the room is rising. I have my hands on his cropped hair holding him stroking willing him to give me what I want, what I need. there it is his tongue has reached its goal I arch my back as I feel the first waves of exstacy sweep over me. we wont be going out into the night now I think to myself with a smile on my face. His hands have left my thighs and crept up my body to crasp hold of my breasts. deflty he rubbs my nipples between fingers and thumbs, yes they are getting even harder now aching for hos touch to get harder, wanting to feel his teeth upon them. I grab his head on both sides and pull him away from my soaking pussy. I guide him up the bed to kiss my lips so that we can share my juices. Before pushing his head back towards my waiting nipples. He chews first one then the other oh what bliss, dont stop keep going, I wriggle round so that I can reach his cock I draw myself up onto my knees, we are both kneeling now as I bow my head to take his cock between my lips, tongue flicking and circling up and down his long shaft. Now I have one of his balls in my mouth and I suck until I hear his groans of pleasure and I move onto his other ball before licking my way back up his shaft. I swallow his helmet and take him as far down my throat as I can. We move round again so that he can lick my pussy while I am taking so much pleasure from licking and sucking his cock. Soon though this is not enough, now I want to feel him inside me. I know I shall feel him his cock is in keeping with his stature at 6'4". After several shifts in position whilst he is inside me fucking me like he really means it we both come to a crashing orgasm almost together, but me slightly before him. We lay together spent, its nice laying with my head on his chest as we chat. He tells me his life history but I dont mind. After what seems like an age, it was now 2am he wants to go get a taxi and see the city. we begin to dress he takes a picture of me. then together we decide to take another. I put my cardigan on without my bra, only do the bottom few buttons up and wrap my arms around my body lifting up my breasts as I lift my face to his and laugh at the sensation that having these photos taken gives me. A good few of you will know exactly which photo I mean. Once we are dressed we stroll out of the hotel to his car. we must look like the odd couple, he 6'4" me only 5' 0".he drives around slowly showing me the places he remembers and we talk about all the changes of the last 10 years. Finally after he has found a place to get a burger at 3.30am we drive back to the hotel where we kiss again and I get into my car and drive home. I am 5 minutes from home when I get his text. 'I am well hard and need a blow job'. I am not turning round and going back now besides he has to be up at 6am to drive back across the country to be in Ipswich by 11am.

Thursday, 7 December 2006

sexy feet or not

I found his message asking to meet me, who was he I had not come across him before? He said he loved my pictures, I replied that they dont tell the whole story and I dont have the flat stomach he probably likes I have had 4 children after all. he assures me that is all the better. we exchange mobile numbers as I had been borrowing my mum's pc my internet being down for a few weeks. During the evening he sent me a barrage of texts asking to see me. He seems to suddenly have a thing about my feet, my nails in particular. He says tat he didnt have a thing about feet until he saw pics of mine.

'Fresh nail varnish....Oh yes fantastic....and yes I think its so sexy, especially those pics on your site. If you ahve anymore SEND THEM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! its a real turn on for me.'

'just looked at ur pics again, lovely tits, lovely legs & sexy feet, dont know why but its really erotic & a real turn on :-)'

he continued to text me for a few days until I finally relented and went to see him. He was fascinated by my feet especially my red nail varnish.
A few days later another of my admirers admitted that he finds my feet sexy and would like me to wank him with my stockinged feet.

frustration relieved

It was with a mixture of dismay and amusement that I returned to my humble abode following our fruitless drive through wet and muddy lanes and tracks. (my car is now thoroughy muddy). I made a light lunch and went to my computer. I get a message from a friend of a friend on AFF, we have spoken a few times recently, he wants to take some proffesional photos for me as my friend has told him that I dont have many pictures save the ones I took myself. he asks if I would like to meet this afternoon for an hour, we agree that I shall go to his place, we exchange mobile numbers, then shortly after he calls to cancel. Never mind I have things to do. Then I get a call his meeting is cancelled come round now!!. wear something sexy...I still have on the short pink skirt and black stockings of this morning together with sheer white sleeveless blouse over white lacy brassiere. Within 2 minutes of my arrival he has his hard cock out on display for me. Wow I have never seen anything so big, we chat over our cups of tea for a few minutes before he has my breasts out exclaiming how magnificent they are. I am stroking his huge shaft as he fingers my wetness, he wants to take me now!!!! we discuss whether I like anal......something I have only recently been introduced. there is no way that thing is going to go into my ass !!!!!!! He spreads a towel on the floor, he enters my vagina from behind and begins to fondle my breasts alternating with my clit, he offers me his wet fingers to lick my juices from. then he slaps my arse, before muttering that he ahsnt even asked me if I like to be slapped. I tell him that I ahve learnt that I do and he slaps me more first on one side then the other. he slaps harder but still he hasnt slapped as much as I feel I would like. I am worrying by now that it is almost time for me to collect my child from school. I turn around and he comes all over my waiting breasts. we both dress hurriedly and I depart for the school run. I feel gratified that my frustration has been dealt with and I most certainly know that I have been fucked, however it is not an experience I wish to repeat.
these lashes have served merely to remind myself of what I should ahve received earlier and that when issued by my lord these lashes will indeeed be more satisfactory as they are born of our joint fantasy.

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

no desire at all

I had been very hurt by the way things had turned out with C. I loved him so much, I went through so much pain because of that. When I had vowed that enough was enough and I would never see him again I made the decision that I never wanted to be in love again. Some months later I met SF. He was drinking in the pub across the road from my home, we chatted and at the end of the evening I gave him and his friend a lift back to the next town where they lived. First I dropped off his friend then went back with SF to his flat where he offered me a cup of tea. Whilst I was drinking my tea he serenaded me with his guitar. No one had ever done anything like that for me before. He asked me to stay and we ended up in his bed, I was feeling frustrated as I hadn't got a boyfriend at that time and still had a healthy appetite for sex. The next day he phoned me at work to make sure I was alright. Over the next weeks he got into the habit of phoning me in the evening asking if I had eaten and inviting me over for a curry or other meal he was cooking.
Gradually over the next few months I was spending more time at his flat than at my home, not because we were boy/girlfriends but because we had both recently had our hearts broken and wanted someone to come home to each day. It seemed to make sense for me to move in with SF. We spent a lot of time in the pub, I began to drink orange juice most of the time, even then I think I had begun to realise that he drank enough for both of us. Just before Easter I had a miscarriage, by this time we had begun to argue and were not getting on so I went back home to my parents. A week later I returned for a chat, I got more than I bargained for, we ended up sleeping together again!!! I decided that I would not move back in with SF but I did rent a bedsit in the same building. this became more like an expensive dressig room as I kept all my clothes there but spent most of my time at SF's flat or in the pub. 2 months later I discovered that I was pregnant again. I told SF and he told me to get rid of the baby.......I couldnt do that and vowed to bring up my baby by myself. At around this time my parents moved to a different area. Over the next few months my relationship with SF was very up and down, I had no idea whether he would be with me after the baby was born. My baby was due in the winter and I went to stay with my parents while i had the baby, SF came to visit and found himself a job ( he had recently been made redundant). we found a place to live and moved in with our baby. A few years and two children down the line we got married, very low key wedding then home for fish and chips with the kids. I wasnt in love and never had been with SF ( I never wanted to be in love again then I couldnt get hurt). As time passed I found it harder to cope with the amount he drank, he would prefer to be waiting for the pub to open than get there 5 minutes late. If we were short of money the first priority was his drink before the bills. after our second child was born our sex life became almost non existent. we had both put on weight and I had no desire for him at all. It also became more and more apparent that his personal hygeine had slipped, he explained that having a shower more often than every 3 weeks washes away the natural oils and isnt good for you grrrrr. I dont think it has ever occurred to him to wonder if this might have had an adverse effect on his sex life. Try as he might to persuade me I would not give him oral sex. He would be horrified if he only knew what I get upto now. During our marriage I was ridiculed at every opportunity, not allowed to wear nice clothes or make up, I couldnt go out on my own with friends, as I was stuck at home with the children while he was out drinking. After I had recovered from my cancer I got involved with a local youth football club our boys played for (we had 4 by then). I became the club secretary 2 yrs ago having been on the committe for a few years. I spent a lot of time at the club and on the phone or texting club members. SF started accusing me of affairs. I got very upset he should have known that I totally believed in monogamy. 2 yrs ago he accused me of an affair with the manager of my 2nd sons team. This man became the club chairman, we worked well together. My husband made many threats towards him, eventually going to his home to tell his wife that we had been having an affair (not true). I had to quit the club as it became impossible for us to work together. 15 months ago I started divorcing him. He refused to move out of the house for 7 months which was horrendous.
he was fine with the boys but became vicious when ever he saw me.......I had to call the police afew times. finally he moved out on court orders 3 days before we got the absolute. But the harrassment conyinued and the threats got worse. After he went I changed the locks and my fone numbers. He would phone the boys instead and demand to speak to me even at 3am. Until the night he phoned and threatened to kill me. An hour later he was pretending to be the cat wanting to be let in, I was on phone to police at the time and they were here in 5 minutes he was hiding in my shed when he was arrested. he finally pleaded guilty and accepted a restraining order to stay away.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

butterflies and country lanes

9.55am I am all excited now, I am dressed and ready to meet my Lord to receive my punishment. he calls me he is running late we need to put the time back by half an hour. no problem, I set off a little later than expected, driving down flooded country lanes praying that my car wont get stuck in the middle of a flood. my wipers are working hard, thank goodness I had wanted the rain and that is exactly what im getting. Finally I arrive safe 5 mins early, slip off my flat driving shoes and put on my high heel ankle boots to complete my outfit of black stockings, barbie pink short skirt and white blouse. I can see the road from where I am parked so I shall see him before he sees me. I dont have long to wait, hes here the butterflies in my stomach jolt, I hadn't expected that. His car stops next to mine, we drive off towards our destination. In just a few minutes we are there, the rain is easing off and there are several cars already in the car park. Dog walkers milling around, we park side by side and wind down our windows. Perhaps this is not such a good idea!!! it would have been good if we could have got there not seeing anyone, made our way to a suitable spot knowing that there were other people around but they are oblivious of our presence unless they stumble across us by accident. but not like this. He has an idea, we drive off down the same lanes I had already traversed. We then spend the next half an hour driving along winding lanes and tracks until finally we give up we dont have the time for this. We pull up at the end of our final lane, he leaves his car and crouches by the side of my door, those butterflies are there again. we agree to wait now until after the new year when he has more time. This will give me more time to investigate more thoroughly a suitable venue for my punishment. he leans in through my window and we kiss, my heart melts just as it did a few short days ago at the end of our first meeting which didnt go to plan either. I suggest that had we managed to find a suitable place after all this I would probably been laughing too much to take my punishment with suitable decorum. I long for his kisses to continue and his touch on my skin. My hero puts his arm through my window touching my naked thigh just above the top of my stockings, I feel his fingers searching for my maidenhood, I wriggle in my seat to make it easier finally he finds the right spot but it is awkward. It only occurs to me when it is too late and he has driven away, I should have opened my door and swung my legs around so that I was facing my master. I could have shuffled forward until I was perched on the edge of my seat giving my master an easier access to his prize. I drive home feeling frustrated and a little dismayed, but I shall enjoy the build up of anticipation until I can meet with my Lord. In the meantime we will be continuing our email communication as well as chatting by msn etc.

Monday, 4 December 2006

my imminent chastisement

Sweet sir *****, master of my desires
It is with relief that I find myself at a time where I can now impart to you my most delicious master of my very being, my words to describe my giving of myself to you, this being before the deadline of sabbath end as set by yourself.I would have my Lord lead your very own lady ***** to the chamber of your choice where having secured the entrance against untimely intrusion, we would taste fully for the first time the very breath that lives within our bodies as our mouths meet for lingering exploration. Before your lady would serve you dutifully removing all covering garments from your body that she may feast her hungry eyes whilst being led to the bedside. where my lord I would beg you to sit facing your maiden with your hands upon her shoulders guiding her onto those knees you worship so much in order that her face would then be of a height with your waiting sword. with your hands holding her head to direct her mouth towards this sword of yours for gentle exploration by tongue along its length and width. It would please your lady to have the opportunity to take each of your balls one at a time into her mouth to be sucked for your satisfaction before using her tongue as before along the shaft of your sword until reaching its very head to be taken within and swallowed as far down its shaft towards the hilt until hitting the very back of her throat thus making your lady gag. your lady will willingly continue to pleasure her master in this way until instructed to stand that her master may remove her garments revealing her shapely breasts for full inspection before inserting the nipples alternately into his mouth for stimulation. your lady would then wish you to move a little further back onto the bed still sitting upright that it be possible for her to place first one knee then the other on either side of your thighs as she climbs onto the bed with you imapling herself upon your hard erectile sword before you lean back bringing your lady with you. slowly at first then with more pace our bodies joined as one we begin to dance rhymically to the song in our hearts as we grind together for the first time. from this time on the tune to be danced will be the call of my master, having first danced to the tune of his lady's soul.
your Lady ***** Slut of the highest order does now await confirmation from her honourable Knight Lord of her destiny and soul whether these words do describe to his satisfaction her proposed actions for the time yet to be set.

My lady *****
Forgive my lateness in reply but event out of my control have conspired to derail my intent toward you. Your self assessed punishment is fair my maiden, but for one thing, It is not your place to provide me with mitigating circumstances. You appear to have forgotten you place. Your master sees all and would have provided you with mitigating circumstances himself if you had not so eagerly sought to maneuver your punishment thus. It is a cruel world and unjust perhaps, but you must understand that it is with heavy heart that I find myself unable to take alternative course, but to double the punishment you justly deserve. From our place of meeting a carriage will transport us to a remote and private spot where I dare say the elements will contrive to make you aware of the severity of the moment. You shall be lead, hands bound behind your back as all condemned are so delivered. There will be no word spoken in order to enhance the solemnity of actions to be taken. At the given spot you will be stood before me and reaching under your skirt my hands will glide over your feminine knees and trembling thighs and encircle you ample buttock as a measure of what is to be revealed. From your hips my fingers will slip into the band of your thong and slide round and over you ample buttocks, slipping the garment from your body down your thighs and over your knees to your ankles where upon you will dutifully step out of the garment thus rendering yourself inappropriately naked from the waist down but for the modesty of your outer skirt. Reaching under and behind your top to the clasp of the garment controlling the fluidity of your ample bosom, I shall release it and let your womanly pendulous breasts fall in order that when I lay you over my knee each breast will cascade earthwards beside my left thigh pendulously within reach as I mete out your punishment so that in my of punishing my Lady I might take a little solace from my duty within the touch of her soft heavy flesh. It is now your duty to see fit as to whether this punishment be born of the morning of Tuesday 5 December where upon said punishment will be all that there be time for, as your Lord and master has duties of a commercial nature requiring his attention come lunch time. Failing this the said deed will have to be put off until the new year when time is less pressing. I await your resolve my Lady and remain your good Knight Sir ***** >:-x

my Lord
I am grateful to you for your judgement and accept my punishment as described. Having considered the information that I may accept my punishment on the morning of tuesday 5th December else have my agony prolonged until our lords year 2007. your lady would be available for the acceptance of her sentence on the morning of tuesday 5th december at any time after 9.30am if only my master would furnish myself with a time and place where she must await her master. I fear that the elements will have conspired to add to the punishment to be handed out at this time, however I feel that this will serve only to make this punishment the more sweet to receive from the hands of my hero my master Sir *****, knight of tarnished armour.

My Lady, my kind sweet slut, You would do for me a great honour to please me thus. I would enjoy most favorably your removal of my garments and to enjoy the expression of your face as you greet the first revelation of my manhood. Guiding my Lady to her pretty elegant hosierred knees in a stance of adulation would fill me with great anticipation feeling her breath upon my sword. With my hand to your head I would gently press your sweet face to my crotch that I might feel it on my stiffening resolve to honour you. To feel you explore me with tongue and lips and to place an orb on your mouth whilst holding my sword would be a moment to treasure and I shall relish the sight of your sensual lips envelop my helmet. Look into my eyes as you swallow my Lady and let me see their smile and sparkle in them as slowly sensually erotically take the length of me into your throat Continue my Lady for as long as it pleases you for this I can enjoy for hours at a time. I would like to request a great favour of my Lady, that if she has in her possession garments of a feminine and arousing nature to attire herself in, it would please me at this point undress her to the point of their revelation. I would wish to savour the moment and ingest the joy of your womanly countenance and so enjoying would release your ample bosom from the captivity of garments and so doing slide my wetting helmet over each of your nipples so as when I suck one after the other I can taste my lust for her on them as I lick and suck and massage them in my moth so as to give you great glee from it. I shall from this moment be your slave my Lady for to sit astride me will make it you to take pleasure in my sword and to witness the vision of your wetting sex lowered over it will fill me with great pride to know you have such freedom of desire to use me thus. I shall feast on you my lovely as you ride me, taking your pleasure form it, but also seeing the joy in my eyes as you indulge. I shall rise up and meet you half way as you take the length of me deep into you and listen to the music of our noises together for the first time. I shall pull you to me and kiss your mouth with passion as we ride together into the storm of delight...................... This indeed my Lady will give me great satisfaction and I would hope for my Lady too for it is not my desired for the sake my own satisfaction that I wish to conjoin with you but for yours as far more import, thus will I be satisfied. From this moment I can inform as to how we might continue our feast of each other if my Lady so wishes. I await your tidings to my revealed pleasure at your proposed dance together. Lady ***** my own sweet slave whom I wish to take in so many more ways, Sir ***** :-x

*****, Lady of my heart How sweet it is to know that you stand proud in acceptance of your punishment for early delivery. It shows good character and I enjoy you more for it. However the agony may well have to be endured into the year 2007 in the event of not finding a suitable venue for delivering and receiving such punishment. I have no immediate knowledge of the locality over the hill adjacent to your abode and so am unable to give you direction in this matter. If you have intimate knowledge then this might come in good stead. I await to hear what news you may have. Sir *****, Knight of the tarnished armour :-x

***** my Lady It was good to chat to you and find you in such good spirits the eve before you meet your punishment. It is a brave woman who goes to the gallows with pride and self respect. Neither of us has been here before and it is uncharted territory, but I am looking to it being a highly charged affair for you and one you can look back on with wonderment and joy. I am nervous my Lady, that I should not match the high regard you have of my abilities to deliver to your ample naked buttocks the punishment you feel you so deserve. I shall be distraught madam, if my regard for you and your well being should interfere with my resolve to excel in my duties toward you and pray I need not beg your forgiveness for being over zealous or worse expect a reprisal of similar nature at you very own hand should I fail you either way. It is in the hands of the gods my Lady and I await the hour of 10am and 30 minutes tomorrow the 5 of December. Your liege, Sir ***** :-x

my disobedience must be punished

my dear sir ******, knight of tarnished armour, lord of my very being, master of the very senses that make up my body and soul
I was sorely bereft at not being able to fully enjoy our time together and that we had to cut short our enjoyment of each others company due to my incapacity. I was so upset that I had to be so ill today of all days, I must admit that I very nearly did cancel but I did everything I could to ensure that I could at least meet with you for as long or as short a time as I could manage.It was indeed a very odd mixture of feelings that I experienced throughout our union of minds. From the very instant I was in your company I just wanted to kiss you, I was a little disappointed when you chose to sit across the table from me rather than by my side. But perhaps you made the right choice. Had you been sat beside me I would have found it hard to keep a modest show of decorum I so wanted to taste your lips and feel your body so close to mine. But all the while I was having these delicious but frustrated feelings I was also on the verge of wanting to run to the nearest water closet and introduce it to the remains of my stomach contents. I think my desire to be in your company for as long as I could manage, overrode the desire to run. I did indeed put myself to my bed the moment I returned home. I lay there in my suffering wishing that I was covered not by my duvet but by your body, your arms and mouth caressing me until the bad feelings had dissipated. My mind rerunning all of our short time together loving th feel of your hands and not wanting to withdraw from you when you had my hand between both yours caressing both my palm and the back of my hand simultaneously willing you to keep hold of my hand for as long as possible but also wishing you would lean across the table and plant a kiss on my waiting lips. When you walked me to my car my heart was sinking that our time together had not been as we both had been longing it to be. I know I must be patient and wait until you are free from your duties so that we may indulge ourselves further and come to know the pleasures that I now know I sorely long for with every fibre of my being. When we kissed I was well aware that our passion was being witnessed by the arrival of a car loaded with passengers just a few feet from where we were stood however I did not care what they might think, all I cared for was the feel of your lips and the gentle probing of your tongue, accompanied by the feel of your hands on my body, so gentle, so sensuous. the memory of your hands and lips stayed with me all the while I was in my sickbed. When I received the text alerting me to your email I was frustrated that I couldnt rush to my pc and read what you had written, please god let it be a favourable account of your wishes. When I got the second text alerting me to your next email I was most disturbed. All that I could read was :My down fall ......I pray for your forgiveness for I have What had you done ? I was beside myself what on earth could it be? had you done something which had caused the discovery of our meeting...was this to be an untimely end to our union?I forced myself out of bed to read your email and was much relieved and assured when I had read your email in its entirety.I wait with the certainty that our next encounter can only be better than this our first. I wait with bated breath for my body to be ravaged by you my kind hearted master, lord knight of my world. Please I beg of you do not keep me waiting unduly for your words of acceptance of my wishes to give myself utterly and comletely to your will and the satisfaction of your desires.
I leave you now until the next time my sweet lord of my desiresyour lady slut *****

My Lady my joy my fair concubine
From the bottom of my heart I truly wish that this finds you bettered and risen from your sick bed and I thank you for your determination in reaching our rendezvous. It was, although brief a joy as now I am able to see you as you are in my mind and soak you into my subconscious. I am sad to have sat opposed to you in the hostelry of our meeting for it would have be joyous to experience a loss of decorum from you, but sadly and rightly you conducted yourself with the utmost grace. Although we ate nothing, I had a veritable feast sitting as I did in front of you instead of beside. My eyes searched your lovely kind face and devoured it. I wanted to kiss your sweet eyes your throat your lips and had I not sat as I did I would not have enjoyed your beautiful ample cleavage which I dearly desired to see more of and kiss and caress its soft fluidity. I could have lunged across the table to dive into its glorious crease to drown in your soft depths. I wished to suck your fingers, your painted nails like a harlot, bright fiery red. I wanted to feel your elegant sensual thumb in my mouth and slide my tongue over its well shaped sharp hard nail. Holding your hand was consolation for the desires I had for you. I wanted to have you on the table curvaceously naked and eat you all up with my hop scented mouth. Every inch of you I would have reached and damn the consequences of on lookers as they in turn would have become aroused at the passion in my feasting. I appear to have undone you my Lady, insomuch as you offer yourself up to me utterly, relinquishing all vestiges of self into my control. I do so humbly accept you body and soul my Lady, and am honoured indeed to have your favour and wait for a time when you might give yourself so completely to the satisfaction of my desires and wishes. When we meet again I should like you to be unreservedly provocative. I should like to see the slut in you let off the leash. Show me a side of you that in polite circumstances would be held silent in your mind. Tell me now how you might honour your promise to your master. Tell me now how you would wish a meeting of our minds and bodies to resolve itself. Tell me how you would serve you Liege dutifully and how you would wish to commune with him. Tell me how you might adorn your lovely ample mature body to show yourself off to your liege, your Knight who stands erect in the proud knowledge he has won his fair maiden. Expose yourself more deeply and reveal the depth of your desire to be my Lady *****. my perfect Queen, my unreserved slut. I wish to see you in all your sexual colours, elegant, sexual, deprave, beautiful and totally desirable to your Sir ***** :-x

My own trusted master of my soul
truly I am grateful to you for rescuing your maiden from this life of promiscuity to be the very center of your desires and wishes. It heartens my very soul to read your words that do describe your feelings of desire for the woman who was sat opposing you whilst you drank from your vessel that which caused your soft lips to taste of hops. Had I indeed known of your desire to have my digits with bright red painted tallons sucked and licked whilst we devoured the very sight of each other in this place where there were others who were oblivious then not only would my hand have found its way to your face first to caress and learn the softness and contours of your skin before sliding within your adorable and endearing lips but whilst doing so I should most certainly have felt the dampness between my thighs turn to a certain wetness whilst feeling the shudder of desire increase and turn to a trembling only to result in the cumming of great flooding. Wishing with my heart and soul that you had in fact been sat beside me whilst our bodies were turned towards eachother in that we would be facing one another at very close proximity without the barrier being that of wooden table between us. I could then have guided your hand towards my maidenhead where you would have been without doubt acquainted with the evidence of my desire for yourself my lord, my knight of my honour.It is my wish that I could turn back time to the hour of our meeting so that we could have again our expected feast whilst my health was in its current state of wellbeing. However I do believe that I would still have found that eating food offered up by our host to be highly indegestible as I would surely have wanted to feast upon my master in preference to any feast offered upon the pages that were placed upon the table for our perusal. In my state of ill health I was so touched and aroused by the presence of my knight my lord that had I been in possession of good health I am most certain I should have had great desire to vacate our table to find a more suitable or at least appealing venue for the feasting of our bodies one to the other in our desire to become one at least in part.Had I been in good health I would most certainly have been attired more in the manner to which I had intended for our first meeting. My intention had been for you to be able to inspect my shapley patella sheathed in black stockings below a loose flowing red skirt which when standing reaches a little above those patella for which you have expressed your admiration on several occasions, most notable the very first missive to catch my attention before we had become aquainted as we did through written have requested my description of my intentions for our next meeting. This my lord and master shall be given to you in detail but not I fear on this occasion. first I wish to spend some delicous time speculating and dreaming of our next rendevouz before imparting the details to yourself. If it does please yourself good master to allow me the luxury of time to let my imagination do the work which will result in a more fluid description than if I was to voice my feeling for our devouring of each other without that luxry.
until I have learnt from your written word to me that I have your premission to take some time to allow my imagination the lisence it requires to be able to offer upto you such words as I may find to descibe my desires for our fulfillment. If my master does please, you may set a timetable by which I must stick to bring to your attention my words. please be firm with me as I feel I must be punished for falling short in my ability to give you the satisfaction that you had deserved from our first rendevouz. It is entirely the fault of your lady slut that we neither of us were able to take leave of the other feeling fully sated from our wishes and desire for that time. for this reason you must state what my punishment must be so that it may be known to any of the public who have born witness to our fantastic and ongoing mind fuck that we are both of a mind to not only continue this communion of word but to bring our appetite for feasting upon eachother to a crescendo of sensations in our coming together at a time and place decreed by my master, lord holder of my desires to be completely within your control.
your very own maiden, lady ***** Slut of the highest order

My Lady ***** ( I do adore that name)
Your permission is easily sought My Lady, as I hold you in great regard and trust your judgment in knowing that your words once gestated with your creative mind will flow with the most eloquent sensuality. You have until the end of the Sabbath day that I may rise with the dawn of the new week and devour your mind from the page. As for your perception that punishment is due to you for your failing to do yourself justice and to honour me in the attire that I desired of you for our meeting, I shall meter out as many lashings of my hand upon your ample buttock as you lay across my knee as you believe you deserve for your failing. If I disagree with the number so chosen I may be forced to double it and leave you with a deserved glow upon your being. However if you feel this punishment insufficient for the disgrace befallen of you you must inform me that I may look to my soul and see what in addition I may meter out. I shall not write again until you have done your duty. I await your words Lady and woe betide you fail me. Sir ***** your master to be obeyed :-x

Sir *****, master of my destiny, lord of my maidenhood
Your lady having returned from being abroad fulfilling my duties to my immediate relatives is most gratified to find evidence of your judgement of myself. I accept thy punishment and suggest that perhaps 6 may be an appropriate number of lashings as whilst I feel that I was in the wrong for not completing my duty to yourself there were indeed mitigating circumstances why this was so. however if my lord feels that mitigating circumstances or no there were no excuses for being so remiss of my duty to satisfy your eyes with my elegant but provacative appearance. then I accept your decision that you must apply the rule of double punishment upon my soft ivory buttocks that they may be changed to glowing pink hue with a stinging which would remind myself for sometime to come how remiss I had been in order to merit such punishment. I am my lord your servant and therefore under your control and judgement. I know with a certainty from witnessing the kindness of your countenance that you would only subject your lady to a punishment that you feel is warranted by the severity of my failing in my duty to you.
I shall now go and give my attention to the details of our next meeting, would it please my master to give me an idea of when this might likely take place. I am impatient for to feast my eyes upon your countenace and allow my fingers the pleasure of touching you in places that will burn from the heat of the exchange. would our meeting again be during the meal time set for the middle of the daylight hours or perhaps later in the day when we could perhaps have more time to enjoy the sharing of our passion. Or perhaps it would please my lord to meet earlier and continue later. I have a fancy to meet for an alfresco snack before going onto somewhere a little warmer and comfortable for the main course of our repast.
I shall await further instruction whilst I continue with my musings which will be revealed to you in their entirety before the conclusion of the sabbath. If however I fail to fulfill this instruction I am sure that I shall be called forth to recieve sentence for my punishment for my disobedience. I must now rearrange my clothing following the gushing flood caused by my constant images of yourself which do invade my mind quite unbidden but most particularly whilst I am in communication with you my lord, master owner of my body and soul.
I am glad you have expressed adoration of the name given to me........maybe I was named after some of the great ladies in history. I may not be worthy of the name as much as they, save for in the heart and soul of my master
your lady slut ***** in shame lest my obedience not be satisfactory to yourself

Sweet lord master of my humble existence
It is with alarm that I have realised. whilst mulling over the contents of my most recent offering for your consumption, I found that I had been neglectful. how could this have been? How could I have missed the mention that I would be fully understanding that my punishment would only be complete if you felt that it important for my part to remain mute throughout from the very moment of our meeting until you were fully satisfied that I had undergone my punishment to your complete and full satisfaction. I shall follow your instructions without dispute or murmur. whilst it hit me that I must with immediate effect put this omission right it then occurred to your lady that the tap which had begun to trickle and then gush was in no way connected to the kitchen sink at which your lady was standing at that time.
please forgive this release of moisture without your permission to do so.
I remain your lady, mistress of your complete pleasure in waiting