Saturday, 31 January 2009

Plutonic or not

I have been thinking about the question of whether or not men and women can be just friends.

My first reaction is yes of course we can. I have a number of friends who are men.

But then I began thinking about it a little closer.

I started thinking about the male friends I have.

After thinking about each one in turn I realised that in the case of my friends I can have male friends without there being anything sexual between us only because my male friends respect me enough not to take advantage of our friendship.

I do believe that it is perfectly possible to have close friends of the opposite sex without there being anything sexual between them. However having examined the friendships I currently have with men are perhaps only plutonic in the sense that I am not sexually attracted to them although I am well aware that they are sexually interested in me. I am also aware that they keep their sexual interest under control out of respect for me.

I was going to say that I am lucky to have friends who respect me enough not to take advantage of me but then again if they didn't have enough regard for me then we wouldn't be friends in the first place.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

stepping out

It felt so good to step out of the soft brown skirt, roll down those shimery sleek stockings, slip into soft warm cotton pyjamas, climb into bed snuggled under my warm cosy duvet laying my head upon welcoming pillows and know that it is still daylight outside. It was still another 3 hours before I should have left my desk only to get stuck in traffic on rain soaked roads and yet here I was already, home, warm and comfortable on this impromtu afternoon off from work. Armed with my radio, a book my laptop, box of tissues, cough medicine and not forgetting the elicit bar of chocolate, what more could a middle aged, single mother of four want??? .....................................

Sunday, 18 January 2009


I had a very sad email yesterday.

A fellow blogger emailed to say that he was closing down his blog. He did explain why and I am very sad for him that the one place he had to voice his feelings and frustrations has been taken from him in this way. A family member found the blog and is accusing him of things he hasn't done. I have felt priviledged to be aquainted with this man even if it is only online, we live on different continents.

I hope that one day he will be able to come back in some way, I know he gained a lot from being able to blog. I shall miss him and I am sure others will too. I learnt a lot about the way men think from this man.

I am now also thinking about other bloggers I used to read who have felt for one reason or another that they had to close their blogs. But most especially those who have been forced to close them because of someone in their real life.

Some of the bloggers I miss are La fille Mariee, Cherrie, Fex, George, Easily Aroused, Feetman, and Fatso. There are others who have come and gone, some who have opened new blogs. But each and every one has left an impression on me.