Friday, 27 March 2009

The truth about dating Plumber

Over on Lady in Red I posted a brief account of my second date with Plumber. I have been accused of not giving enough details. I know there are some who read that blog who would prefer not to read the details so I made the decision to keep my posts on there very vague. Anyone wishing to read more will have to come here.

The truth is that after our saucy encounter in his car in the pub car park we both knew that we needed more space and comfortable surroundings for our next date. Plumber did try to book a hotel room but was not immediately successful. He had been asked to house sit for a week so we agreed to meet at his house. I wasn't sure about this at first but as there was no other solution it was either meet at his house or wait indefinitely.

During our first passionate clinch in his car Plumber discovered just how wet I get, so this time he was prepared with a mattress protector and towels. We sat chatting and drinking red wine for quite a while then the kissing started. It was quite odd to think that I was fully dressed whilst he was only wearing a towel around his waist. I was beginning to get aroused now which became quite evident when I got up to use the bathroom,(leaving a wet patch on the sofa). It was time to go upstairs. Plumber undressed me, liking what he saw. We climbed onto the bed and continued kissing and exploring. Plumber took great delight in my breasts (anyone would think he had died and gone to heaven).

I told him it was time to lose the towel and believe it or not he agreed with me. Lots of foreplay followed, there was lots of licking and sucking from each of us. It felt very good to have a man working my labia with his fingers and tongue mmmmmmmm that was very good and even better every now and then he went back for more!!. Between bouts of cunilingus I gave him head. He has a very nice cock except that the head is rather large and it isn't easy for my mouth to stretch wide enough to get it all in but, get it into my mouth I did although there is no chance I can deep throat him. However he loved my attention on his manhood. We were both having a great time.

We decided that as great as the foreplay was we had reached the time for the real action that we had both been missing from our lives. He knelt between my thighs nudging my clit with his penis. He began to push forward, but all that happened was he slid off his target while I winced in pain. We tried several times in a variety of positions including doggy style but there was no way that his large head was going to get inside my tight cunt (even with extra lubrication). Unfortunately I had managed to cut myself shaving which was adding to the difficulties with the size. Obviously lack of use has had an adverse effect on my cunt. We gave up trying to fuck and just enjoyed being together.

It was lovely sleeping together, for both of us it was the first time for at least 18 months that we had slept with someone. The feel of a body curled up with mine through out the night was good. Neither of us slept particularly well but it felt good. In the morning we kissed and cuddled for a while then to my astonishment he dived under the covers to lick me out again. What a great way to start a new day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to repay him as the alarms we had both set were now going off and I had to drive the short distance home to get ready for work!