Thursday, 25 September 2008

pussies unveiled

A few of you who were around this time last year might remember that another blogger Jackie Adshead who is an artist (her work includes erotic art) wrote a post requesting women bloggers send her a close up photo of their fanny, pussy whatever you want to call it. Here is her follow up post where she describes how she wants to do this. I did send her a photo but at this point that is as much as I am telling you until you have visited her blog to have a look at the results of her work. her paintings are shown in this post here. Please go and see how very talented Jackie is and I am sure that while you are there you will see something you like.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Its tough

Sometimes its tough being the one left at home

If you have been reading me in the last 6 months you will be aware that I am so in love with my Romeo.

I know most of you are amazed after my history over the last couple of years especially since I began this blog, that I am determined to be faithful to Romeo.

I never said it would be easy.

Sometimes I find it so frustrating that he is away for such prolonged periods.

I am after all a red blooded sexual woman.

I have my sexual needs and they just are not being met.

This does not mean that I am giving up on Romeo.

Don't get me wrong, sexually Romeo is everything I could ask.

Just because I am in love with him it doesn't follow that he is the best lover I ever had.

I was prepared for him to be a good but not necesarily a fantastic lover.

He is amazing, the best sex I have ever ever had, and I have had some great sex

The problem is not the quality of the sex we share but the infrequency of it.

That is where I begin to struggle.

I can go weeks without being bothered

But then I get aroused (it can be anything that sparks that off)

Then I crave the male attention I had become accustomed to.

Shameless in my flirtation

It could be an exchange of emails, text messages or IM

The more the flirting goes on the more aroused I become which then leads to finding any way I can to find a release from my torment.

Scouring the more sexual blogs looking for stimulation

The throbbing in my pussy becomes more urgent

I need more attention more flirting

I begin to think about more than flirting

Can I do something about this

Can I seduce any of the men I flirt with into satisfying me in the way I need

I know I need to keep a rein on my needs

I know I can't give in to my carnal needs

If only I knew for sure when Romeo will be in my arms again.

My body aches for the touch of a man

The taste of a man who wants me

If he takes too long my determination might break down

Am I being unfaithful if I indulge in sexual exchanges by text, IM or email, if I don't actually meet the other person?

Am I being unfailthful if I meet another man for sex but we don't fuck?

Have you ever been unfaithful to your partner?
If so was it with just one person or a variety?
If you have never been unfaithful have you ever considered it?
would you be unfaithful if you were confident you would not get caught out?
What reasons do you have for being unfaithful?
Is it because sex at home is unsatisfactory or non exiestent?
Is it because you are a man and men are made that way?
Or is it because you met someone you just could not resist?

Friday, 12 September 2008

short but hot email

After the funeral I was feeling tired but thought I should check my main email account as I have neglected it a little in the last few days. To my surprise I had a delicious email from the sexy Thomas. (Formerly my knight)He had emailed me a few days ago about some invites he was getting from 'fan box' from me. I told him I hadn't sent them and rewarded him with kisses (he always loves to get some of my kisses). This is what I found today

Oooooo, those rewards :-) No, don't stop............... More more.................................. all over mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that'ts it..................... mmmmmmmmmmmmm......................... OH!, now that's dirty, but don't stop!...................... Oh God, you're blissfully vulgar........................ Now that's naughty, speaking with your mouth full.................................. come and sit this way round, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...................... What a perfect sight................... what a wonderful womanly scent........................... what a heavenly taste................................... But don't drown me, you know I can't swim so well.............................. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm warm and gushing and spent....... how I'd adore you in my arms right now kissing your mouth a satiated sex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So, It's out with the Vick rub then is it.
Let me know if you need any help. I'll put a tincy wincy bit on your nipples and pussy. That'll warm you up !!!!!

Your effect on me! God if only you knew :-) Bless you.

I'm serious about the vick rub.

Thomas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Don't you think he has a wonderful imagination, it was that and his way with words that caught my attention almost 2 years ago and we are still in lust after all this time. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

just a little flirting

Last night I was feeling quite low but I found myself getting involved in a spot of email flirting that went on until the early hours. It wasn't Romeo unfortunately, it wasn't even sexual, but at some point after midnight I did find myself feeling aroused, probably due to the unexpected attention. Yes I did have a little play which was very satisfying and by 1am I was becoming sleepy, to his disgust I fell asleep before I could read his last email telling me that he was going to bed.

Please don't tell him that he had got me aroused enough to break my abstinence from playing. can we keep that as our little secret please. Oh but you can tell him I did enjoy flirting with him.