Friday, 23 February 2007

Walk in a country park

As usual when Jill was feeling upset she took herself off to the parish church to find solace. Jill has never been religious but she found the peace in an empty church comforting. She would just sit and think. That morning Jill’s dad had given her the sad news that her beloved dog who she had rescued from the local kennels (she had been a kennel maid there), had died. Bonnie had been poorly for a while and had been taken to the vets by dad. Jill couldn’t face it as she knew Bonnie would not be coming home. Jill made her way slowly along the high street until she reached the drive leading up to the church door. When she got there the door was locked. How could that be it is never locked. Then she noticed the sign telling parishioners that following recent thefts the church would now be kept locked unless there was a member of the church council in attendance.

In her disappointment Jill turned and retraced her steps even slower now until she reached the bridge across the river. Here she turned right and followed the path beside the river as it threaded its way through the park. Passing the ducks in the trees shading themselves from the fierce Sunday afternoon sun. Through the ornamental gardens, leaving behind the miniature railway, the tennis courts and the kids play area. Under the low pedestrian bridge that led Jill from the manicured gardens of the formal park into the wild untamed part of the park. The river was narrower here, the boats fewer the walkers fewer but the wildlife was more evident. In the open areas between the great oaks there were small herds of deer foraging. It was as Jill neared the old disused quarry that she heard the footsteps. Slowly at first then getting quicker as they neared her. Jill looked around her there was a couple with a young child coming towards her, getting closer, soon they would have gone past her, there didn’t seem to be anyone else around. Should she just keep on walking or turn around and follow the family back towards the town. Was she being silly, the footsteps probably belonged to someone quite harmless. A person minding their own business heading towards the quarry or maybe even beyond for their own reason. Why should she worry, lots of people use these paths.

The family had gone now their steps receding into the distance. Jill suddenly spotted a couple of the young deer cantering across the path, she was distracted watching them. Jill had forgotten the footsteps for a few seconds. But she soon remembered when she felt the arm drape around her shoulders.

‘There you are…….. I thought I would never catch up to you’ his voice whispered into her ear.

Jill was confused she didn’t know this young man yet he knew her. What should she do? Jill continued to walk, the young man with the dark hair that swayed and bobbed as he walked continued to walk with her, continued to keep his arm around her shoulder. She shrugged her shoulders to rid herself of the weight but he kept his arm there. If anything he became more possessive, moving his arm to bring his body closer to hers, his arm hanging now down the front of her. She tried to ignore the shapely fingers on his hand as it rested just above her right breast. Jill tried to be nonchalant and keep going but she knew her breathing was getting heavier and the heavier it got the more her breast heaved under her low cut green top. As he pulled her towards him Jill found herself staring into startling blue eyes but before she could blink her lips were being crushed by his. Still she had not managed to put forward any protest to this rather dashing young stranger who had accosted her on her wanderings in search of solace. The young man had shifted his hand now to the nape of her neck while his left hand was in the small of her back just at the point where her loose top didn’t quite meet the waist band of her short black skirt. She felt the slight pressure as his hands held her to him. His kiss which had begun suddenly but oh so softly was becoming more urgent now. Jill was a mix of uncertainty and awe as she lived through these strange sensations. His tongue was trying to push through her lips invading her mouth. This was new to Jill none of her teenaged boyfriends had ever tried to do this, she thought to herself………so this is what a French kiss feels like. Not sure how to react her body made the decision for her as her lips parted involuntarily allowing access to this stranger’s tongue which was now probing, searching her soft warm mouth. As strange as this felt Jill found that she quite liked the sensation. Before she knew what she was doing her hands were on his back pulling him to her as he was pressing her to his firm young but slightly older man. Yes he was a man, he must have been in his early 20s, very mature to her at the age of 16. Somewhere in her memory she heard the jibe from one of her class mates one evening last year as he shouted across the road to her ‘ I bet you are a virgin.’ He was right of course she had been and still was now. Why had that thought popped into her head now at this moment.

Part of her wanted to break free and run, run back to the relative safety of other people. But a stronger feeling was spreading through her body. It started from her lips that were now returning his kisses with as much passion as those she received from him. It was a warm feeling and it was coursing downward down through her neck to a tingle in her nipples where a few short moments ago his hand had rested for perhaps a second or two though it felt like a life time. The more that Jill returned these delicious kisses the deeper these alien feelings were spreading further down, down now lower than her navel, down towards that secret place where sometimes as she lay alone in her bed at night she felt strange sensations. Her mind now willing her to run to safety. Her body not moving, soaking up the feelings as odd as they were, wanting them to go on and on. But then as suddenly as the kisses began it stopped. Jill was floundering now as a loss what to do. She wanted those feelings back, to continue for ever but she didn’t dare to pull this person back into her arms. Still no words passed between the two young people since those first rushed words when he had caught up to her. He stood back a little looked at her quizzically, murmured softly
‘you seem different’.

Before Jill could think of a response he had replaced his arm across her shoulder and was leading her forward along the path towards the quarry. There didn’t seem to be anyone else around but Jill didn’t care, not if she could stay with this incredible creature. She studied his profile as they walked, still in silence, just the sounds of the birds in the trees and a dog barking somewhere in the distance. Her heart was thumping beneath her flimsy top, her mouth dry with anticipation, where was he taking her, would he stop and kiss her again. ……..Omg please let him kiss me again please! I would give anything to be kissed by this man with almost black hair, blue eyes and tanned complexion at least one more time.

Jill didn’t have to wait long before they reached the quarry. A few years ago the quarry had been flooded and was now used by families for water sports. Gently he guided her to the left, a little further along the path were the boat sheds.
That voice again murmuring in her ear
‘my uncle owns one of the sheds, I have the key, we wont be disturbed in there.’
Warning bells began to ring telling Jill to run, but Jill ignored them, she began to hum softly to herself to drown out the bells. She caught him glancing at her with that quizzical look of his again. They reached the third shed, he pulled a key from his pocket and motioned her inside. It was larger than she had imagined, racks of canoes on one side with shelves of water ski equipment on the other along with a wooden bench and a couple of old battered sofas. There were windows on either side of the door with lace curtains letting in a little sunlight. There was a burst of light as all the overhead light came to life, a flick of a few switches and only the one over the sofas remained on. Taking Jill’s hand he led her to the nearest sofa and sat down pulling Jill down beside him. Taking her other hand in his he muttered
‘there is something different about you’.
Before Jill could reply his lips were on hers again and Jill lost herself in the moment. His hands were moving, one moment caressing her back, ten stroking her cheek. But all the while lips locked together on hers, his tongue probing. She drank in every breath the smell of him slightly tinged with sweat. His hands moved down her back and under her top, his right hand now sliding up unfastening her bra, so easily not like the fumblings of her latest boyfriend. Excitement was mounting inside Jill as she waited for his hands to move around and cup her breasts as she knew they would. All the stories in her magazines told her this. She wasn’t kept waiting long then to her dismay he stopped kissing her, but as he pulled away, all the time watching her face he lifted her top over her head and let it drop behind her. But crumbs she hadn’t expected this , he didn’t just have her breasts in his hands but had taken them one at a time in his mouth. She could feel his tongue swirling, licking and sucking on her now hard nipples. She wasn’t prepared for this and was taken by surprise when she felt the invisible link between her nipples and her labia.,as though he was tugging on a length of cotton tied between the two. The more he sucked on her nipple the greater the sensation between her legs and to her shock she felt like she was about to wet herself.
……….Oh no please don’t let me wet myself in front of this gorgeous man.
Her mind was swirling now in the mists of sensations. As she concentrated on his lips tugging her breasts her hands were holding his head, clasping him to her bossom afraid to let go in case he stopped!! She didn’t want him to stop……….Oh no her worst fear was about to happen. He would surely notice that she was wetting herself from the pleasure, his hand was now under her skirt stroking her inner thigh creeping, creeping closer to her damp thong. Too late!! He had felt her wetness but instead of treating her with distain he seemed to be pleased. His finger found its way past the fabric until it was inside her probing her wetness just as his tongue had probed her mouth. ………Oh but now this was something else, she was dying, she must be, she felt like she was floating up to heaven. His other hand had now taken hers and was guiding it to the bulge in his jeans. She knew at that moment that she must have died, how else could she have ended up in this place surrounded by angels singing and butterflies stroking her everywhere that gave her such pleasure.

But what was that? She could hear a voice, a voice very much like her own. But it wasn’t her, she knew it wasn’t her voice. In the distance a girl was calling a name over and over.

‘Jasper, Jasper, where are you Jasper.’

The man sat bolt upright looked as though he had had an electric shock, looked at Jill and ran to the window, peering through the curtain. Shot another look at Jill, wrenched the door open and called out
‘Sarah, Sarah over here.’
Turning back to Jill he said
‘If you are not Sarah who are you?’

Just then Sarah stepped through the door looked at Jill,
‘Oh Jill there you are, mum and dad have been looking for you’
‘Jasper! What are you doing with my sister?’


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Didn't go anywhere near where I thought it was going. Set where???

Lady in red said...

it was set in my home town where i grew up in uk

VI said...

Good story, Lady. I guessed the ending. Fab!

Lonely Gal said...

wow! that was great! you are an excellent writer.