Monday, 30 April 2007

Dilemma update

I still don't know!

My head is telling me it's a big risk to a friendship that I value and have done for quite some time.

But as another online friend said to me on the subject of him meeting me although he had earlier decided not to but now does want to. He has two voices in his head the good one and the naughty one. he had listened to the good one now hes listening to the naughty one. that is kind of how I am feeling.

I have not discussed this with my friend since the original conversation although we have talked since. But throughout yesteday I found him popping into my mind. Last night when I driving to meet Oxo I was feeling as though this was perhaps not a good idea as I was not in the mood. Suddenly my friend who I shall refer to as Oliver popped into my mind (can't even remember what now) all I remember is that Oliver was in my mind and suddenly I was feeling horny. I met up with Oxo and we had a nice quiet drink in a pub thats a remnant of the 1970s before going down to the sea. Later while we were playing I suddenly found Oliver in my mind again! This time I was imagining something he had said during our conversation on saturday night. Something he wanted to do. I couldn't help it the image wouldn't go away and it was making me gush.

A big part of me is wanting to contact Oliver and say yes lets do it and the sooner the better. But the sensible part me says its a risk do I really want to take that risk.

why do they do that?

why is it that some guys have to text to ask if you are near yet. last night I got a bit lost looking for the pub I was meeting Oxo at for our second date. As I was driving towards the village I got a text which I couldn't look at as I don't have hands free so never use my phone whilst driving. When I arrived it was a text from Oxo. are you near yet? even if I had read it at the time I didn't know if I was near as I didn't know where I was!! (I was only 5 minutes late)

Another man I meet always sends me similar text messages. Once when I arrived, I had text to say I was running late. I had 4 messages waiting from him!! Where are you? how long will you be? are you near yet ? when will you get here? duh if I kept stopping to read and answer these text I would be even later!

oooopppss I left my sunglasses in his car last night and now I can't see outside :-(

Sunday, 29 April 2007

she lay sleeping

He watches the assortment of teenage boys leave the house with their cricket bats and bottles of water, envious of their youth and ability to take advantage of a beautiful morning in such a carefree way. Once they have gone he knocks, no answer, he tries the door it opens.


No answer he looks through the door on his left nothing just silence, there is a radio on upstairs. Silently he climbs the stairs the sound is coming from the first door he peeks in and there she is. He takes in the view, duvet tossed aside, her body sleeping in a half faetal position framed by the red cotton sheet under her body partly sheathed in a red satin chemise rucked up to her waist exposing the ivory skin of her delightful ass. Her hand resting lightly on her thigh an inch or two below her ass. Silently he moves around the bed to the side where the window is, the curtains half drawn allowing the sunlight to fall upon her sleeping form. He kneels beside her and gently runs a finger across her cheek. She smiles, her eyes flicker open, she looks puzzled then a flicker of recognition and she smiles again

Hello you.

Her face soft with sleep, framed with dark curls messed up from her sleep, her face is level with the bulge in his light summer trousers. She stretches her arm out to touch him. Mmmm already quite hard, he lets her slip her hand inside his waistband his hand wonders along the length of her naked leg the skin so smooth to his touch. She releases him from the confines of his trousers resting his cock in the hand of the arm she is leaning on while the other gently strokes him. He jerks in her hand as his excitement increases. His hand moves up her thigh to her ass stroking caressing. Her legs move apart as though unconsciously she is inviting him in. his hand slips from her ass cheek over the silky smooth skin over her hip down to the crevice at the pit of her abdomen. She jumps slightly as his fingers find her already wet lips.
As his fingers work into her soft folds wet and slippery she is pulling him closer. Her tongue reaching out to the tip of him. She licks, smiles sleepily and draws him closer into her mouth. The sensations of her lips and tongue on his shaft are heaven, this woman knows how to do things he has not imagined. His fingers are working on her maidenhead, in and out circling her swollen bud, he dips his head to taste her for the first time. As she draws him into her mouth her free hand wanders around the back of his leg and plays gently with his ass. Pressing him into her face, fingers caressing and pinching. He remembers that she likes to be slapped. Without warning he raises his hand to bring it back onto her naked ivory cheek in a stinging slap. She jolts and floods him with her cum. If this is the reaction he gets he slaps her again and again all the while she is gushing over his face. His excitement is no longer containable and he explodes in her mouth. She reaches up to his shoulders and pulls him down to her and kisses him softly at first then more passionately allowing the remnants of his ejaculation to spill from her lips into his own mouth. Giving him back his own pleasure.

She breaks the embrace

Now that was just the nicest way to wake up. Its really nice to meet you honey.


I have an online friend .....well I have lots of online friends (mostly men)but this particular one, we chat lots on msn, text and by phone. (that narrows it down to a dozen or so) There has never been anything between us other than friendship, never any mention that this could or would be anything other than a platonic friendship. we talk about a variety of subjects, although mostly linked to our sexual relationships with others. We give each other advice. I am not saying that I have never thought about maybe this could be more. But as far as I was concerned it was a no go, we both have rules about who we will date and for both of us these rules, rule that this won't happen.

tonight we were chatting when out of the blue

so...I was thinking
fancy a fuck?


I'm such a smooth operator

lol I'm suprised

you are so not!

I though I was 'safe'

listen, love, no woman is safe when I am around

to you not the other way around

we chatted about various scenarios but I have not answered the question

my dilemma is that although we are not local the distance is not great so it is a distinct possibility. We were going to meet anyway as he has some books he was going to lend me. If I agree to take this step will it spoil the friendship we have now. As a friend I care about him, would this become the first layer of an emotional involvement that neither of us would want. As friends could we just fuck without the friendship getting in the way. Could we just fuck without it later getting in the way of our friendship.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted but would it be worth risking our friendship for. I know I am being negative which is unlike me and I should be considering that it could make our friendship stronger. At the moment I am about 50/50 I really dont know how to react.
maybe I shall see it more clearly in the morning. It is not often I am this indecisive about whether to accept a fuck .....its normally either yes or no.

Saturday, 28 April 2007


wayne has complained that I didn't do a good enough job of descibing the fun I had with my visitor on tuesday. He says I am usually more dscriptive. I will say that the reason I had not said more is that my visitor reads my blog. I have not mentioned to anyone that we were planning to meet and we had not discussed whether we should blog about meeting. But since Wayne feels I should be more descriptive I shall try without giving away the identity of my visitor.

As I already said he arrived by train, as soon as I received his text saying he had arrived I set off to fetch him. As he walked towards my car I was amazed at how smart he looked in his black suit. He greeted me with a kiss and I drove him to my very much lived in home. We spent several minutes standing in the middle of my living room kissing before we moved to the sofa for more kissing. This was when his hand started to slide up my leg and under my skirt not that I was going to complain. After a few minutes of kissing and mutual fondling we decided we would be more comortable upstairs.

Once in my bedroom I removed his tie which was a lovely shade of mauve (suprisingly to most my favourite colour). We both then stripped off except he kept on his cotton boxers and I kept on my black lacy skirt and black lacy thong with red flower detail. A little more kissing was followed by him going down to suck my toes with their deep chocolate brown painted nails. Very exciting! I have never had my toes sucked before. Whilst he was sucking my toes his right hand found its way to my thong which was soon pushed out of the way giving him access to my pussy. I was thoughly enjoying this attention and began to massage his cock through his boxers until I decided they really did need to come off. Around this time I also removed my soaking wet thong. By now my mystery visitor was giving me some very enjoyable action with his tongue and fingers while I was playing with his cock. I dont know how long we played like this until I couldn't take any more. My body was going into involuntary spasms where he was getting just the right spot so often and I had to give up wanking him as I just couldn't concentrate any longer. to give my quivering pussy a rest I climbed between his legs and began to give MV a taste of my version of sucking cock. I am pretty sure he was enjoying this as he kept saying 'you really are lovely' followed by other words of appreciation. next I retreived my packet of condoms that he knew I had, from reading the post about the contents of my bag. I ripped open the packet and handed him a bright green fruit flavoured condom which he expertly had in place in the blink of an eye. With MV laying flat on his back on my cream duvet his head dissapearing among my many cream and one red pillow I climbed on top of him impaling myself on his green condom sheathed hard cock. Alternately leaning forward for more kisses and leaning back allowing him room to rub my clit with his thumb whilst I was riding him. this I enjoyed immensly but wanting to try other positions I rolled us over onto our sides and pulling him onto me. We fucked in the missiory position with my legs wrapped around his back. I wasn't counting but I came so much that I knew my bed was soaking wet! By this time he hadn't come so I suggested that I would finish him off. He liked this idea. having removed the condom I resumed my position between his legs so I could again gain access to not only his cock but his balls too. MV asked me if I would suck him dry commenting that when he comes there is alot of it. I had great pleasure sucking, licking and generaly playing with his cock and from time to time his balls until MV shot his load into my mouth for me to swallow. I had already ascertained that he didn't care to be snowballed. we lay spent in each other's arms chatting before dressing and returning to the living room for a cup of tea and more chatting. mostly about computers and the course I am doing and the course he is doing. Before long it was time to get MV back to the station. Time cetainly flies when you are having fun.

I hope this satisfies you. maybe I should ask my mystery vistor to write up his version of the visit. which I could then post on here for you.

Friday, 27 April 2007


I was interested to read the post by The Man about choosing a name for his new friend. This got me thinking about the names we use for others on our blogs. some use numbers which I do for my sons. Others including me have used initials which is fine when there are only a few to remember (when using initials I never use the person's real initials but ones that mean something to me as in PL for passionate lover). I have now reached the stage where the initials were getting too confusing especially when there are some very similar ones. I have been persuaded by some of my blogger friends to begin using names. I resisted this at first as I don't have the kind of imagination to come up with names that I will remember who is who so that the name means smething to me but no one else. I am getting there gradually.

But there was a time last year when I used a name for my lover of the time which was not a name I chose. Interestingly it was my then husband who chose the name. He was still living in the house and knew I was seeing someone. For some reason he decided that the man I was seeing was called Mike. He decided that Mike was a police man and lived in one of two places,
Mike was Billy (N) who was not a police man and doesn't live anywhere near where my husband thought. He used to say things like 'I know where Mike lives and I have friends who dont like him'
or I am outside his house and we are waiting for you. My friends are going to smash up his car'
'Mike' doesnt drive!

He still even now has no idea what my lover's name is or which town/city he lives in or what he does for a living. My boys knew that their father thought I was seeing Mike (they knew his real name). But whenever any of us spoke about him in the house we used the name Mike just in case he was lurking. One night I was out with 'Mike' my ex tried to trick my youngest by asking if mum was out with Terry. But it didnt work my baby just said 'no shes with Mike' I put an old number on my mobile and called it Mike then put Billy in under his initials (which incidentally came out as a rather interesting name equating to something like prat). He tried several times with the boys to get them to spill the beans. But I am so proud of them as not once did any of them say anything. My eldest was never around much so he just said that he didnt know and that was how he liked it....if he didnt know then had nothing to say. I still don't know how he came up with the name Mike, I dont think there has ever been a Mike. I do know how he came up with the other information he thought he knew. typical man putting one and one together and reaching three. He used to listen outside my doorwhen I was in bed talking to Billy on the phone. He thought that as we spoke late at night he must work shifts. As my ex was caught drink driving soon after I met Billy he must therefore be a copper and we had got him done. It never occurred to him that the police were just watching him come out of the pub..he was 4x over the limit not clever for a lorry driver.(pub is 5 minutes walk from the house). He decided he knew where Mike lived because one morning he found a tesco bag in the kitchen. We dont have a tesco in our town. It never occurred to him that I had taken #3 son to football training in one of the cities on the way home I stopped at tesco for ingredients #2 son needed for school next day.

He thought he was being so clever....he was just being an idiot.

On the other side of things when Billy flipped the other week he thought after finding my blog that everyone who has read it will know who he is. that by using the initial N I had identified him to everyone. I have assured him that not one person reading my blog would have any idea who he is .....there is only one person who even knows which town/city he lives in. Not even those who know which town I live in would know that. suffice to say he is not local.

maye I should post his photo one day!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

my knight and me

I have been posting the email exchange between me and my knight over on kindred perverts. so far we are in december having met twice and planning a third meeting. He originally contacted me as a couple with Foxy (SL). He wanted to meet us both and said that there was a possibility he could bring along another woman for a 4 some. I began to chat with him and we very quickly began our erotic email exchange taking on the persona of a Knight in tarnished armour and his subservient Lady slut. We began our joint fantasy which neither of us could have predicted. We have both enjoyed dreaming up this fantasy and trying to bring this to reality.

Due to his personal circumstances we stopped communicating (he needed to put his energy into his situation). At Easter I sent him a brief greeting. From then on we have been in contact with our emails as prolific as before but with the added twist of including others in our fantasy. But its more than that. I feel we have moved to another level. before when we were exchanging our emails we rarely had other communication and when we did it was brief. we have only ever communicated online other than on the actual day we are meeting, then he would text and phone me. I have never tried to contact him by phone at any other time. I dont wish to cause any unnescessary problems for him. we have got into a routine of me leaving him an email late at night before I go to bed. He is always up by about 5am so he replies first thing. I get a text when his email hits my inbox.....this is usually at about 7.30am. It always puts smile on my face when I see from my mobile that I have received am email from him. Over the past week we have been chatting on msn for hours at a time. we are also exchanging emails that are not part of the knight and lady scenario. These are emails that are very personal and direct. we are expressing our feelings and desires for each other as real people. we are planning to see each other on a weekly basis with him coming to see me at my home. nothing to do with the knight and lady, just two people who are very much in lust with each other. We can be very vulgar when we chat we can say anything to each other, but when we meet we both get very nervous and shy, but the minute we meet it just feels so right.

I adore him :-)

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


yesterday was also the anniversary of the day my ex husband finally left our home. He has been gone for a year now and we are all so much happier since he went. He had been refusing to go, insisting that if anyone left it should be me as I am the one who wanted to end our marriage. The court gave him until 4pm 24th april 2006 to leave. He agreed to go but later informed me that before he went he would set fire to the house. He also threatened to smash the place up before he went. I spoke to the police who were willing to attend the property on the afternoon to prevent him causing damage. When the day arrived he asked me to let him stay another week as he had nowhere to go. He had had 7 months to organise himself. But in the end he just packed his stuff and went. It was not the end of the hassle and threats I got from him. But it was a relief that he had gone. first thing I did was to rip down the curtains open the window and light lots of scented candles. I cleaned that room for a week trying get rid of all traces of his smell and the mess he had left behind. I ripped up the carpet and stripped off the wallpaper (so far I cant afford to replace them but im fine without for the moment). threw out the marital bed and bought a new one (which the kids have already broken). I have put up shelves a bit wonky but they have stayed up!
the next anniversary is 27th april, when it will be a year since my decree absolute was issued.
Last week my youngest was having emotional problems refusing to go to school sleeping and crying a lot. He says he has been thinking about when his dad lived here. he isnt sure if it is that he misses him or if its the memory of all the bad things that happened. (he witnessed more than the older boys). last year even after his father had moved out he wouldnt go to school, kept being poorly, it eventually came out (an asssistant at school got him to talk)that he was afraid to leave my side in case anything bad happened to me. He wasnt satisfied that I had a personal alarm and a panic button linked to the police station. He felt that it was only him and his older brothers (#1 & 2) who could protect me. There were times when #1 had to keep his father off me and #2 was keeping a cricket bat by his side in case he had to hit his father with it.
I am so glad those days are over and we can live normally again. they dont see their father very often even though he lives 5 minutes walk away. but he does phone them several times a week. they are happy that they have regular contact but not bothered that they dont see him. I have not said anything to remind the boys that it has been a year, feeling that it would be better for them to not make an issue of it.
maybe if I can get to the bloggers meet in blah next friday I can do my celebrating there.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

exhausted !

I had a visitor today. he was charming , smart, sexy and ever such a good kisser. We had a lovely couple of hours getting to know each other then had a look at the pc. He helped me to sort out my start settings. we also had a look at my computer course and I showed him the questions I had to answer. which was quite an interesting excercise. but all too soon it was time to take him back to the station. when I got home I chatted to JJ and my knight before I had to rush off fo the school run. It was when I was nearing the school I realised I had forgotten something. Never mind at least it wasnt windy!!!! I needed to go to the supermarket so I set off with #4 in the car. He answered my phone (#1 son) flat battery in his new car. he thinks he left the lights/wipers on. when I got there I was explaining to #1 what to do when an artic lorry pulled up. The driver wanted directions I retrieved my map book from my car and told him where to go etc. I then asked him to help me push my son's car which he was only too happy to do. We ended up pushing the damn thing up and down the road (me in flip flops) for 45 minutes before I went to buy some jump leads. we got the car started and he drove off. when he got homehe couldt lock it he tried to start it again but it was dead o we got the jump leads out again. he drove of got home same thing!! then it ocurred to me he had to take the cnnection off one of the battery terminals he dnt tighten it back up!! he will learn.

I managed to get online early and was immeditaly swamped with 8 guys trying to talk to me all at once. gradually they faded away leaving me with a more manageable 2.
Now am going to bed exhausted!!

mmmm very liberating going commando!!!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

visits and visitors

Yesterday (Friday) I went with my mother to visit her dad. We shared the driving as it was her first drive out of town since her knee operation. On the way home we took a detour to N(Billy)'s flat. It only added half an hour to our journey. I placed his precious ice bucket on his doorstep. technically it was not his but mine as it was a gift but I didn't care it was only taking up room on my kitchen shelf. I had nothing to celebrate so no reason to open the cheap champagne. We decided to take the scenic route home across country along narrow winding lanes surrounded by fields full of yellow rape seed oil plants. I had just arrived home when I got the text.

where are you why didnt you come in?

why would you want me to if you hate me?

a few more txt arrived from him asking where I am, but I don't reply. hours later I am on my pc and notice that he is online but I blocked him the other day. I think about it for a while and decide to unblock him to see what he will do now. It must have been at least an hour before the first message came up.

hi there

we exchange pleasantries. again he asks why I didnt knock when I left the ice bucket, he would have liked to see me. I tell him that I had no intention of seeing him after the other day. He seems confused, he had been upset but he still loves me, he wants me to go and see him he will give me petrol money if I cant afford it. (he hasnt mentioned the money he had demanded yet). I tell him that I will not put up with name calling and theats. He doesnt remember making threats. then he tells me that he is appalled by my behaviour and tells me that I have had X many lovers while we were together (grossly over estimated) then he tells me how awful it as been for him to have lots of men in his town telling him that they have had me. These men describe me to a tee. He finds it humilliating to be told about these men going with his ex girlfriend. He wanted to deck one man but it wasn him it was his friend. Of course this is bollocks and I tell him so. Firstly the only other man from his town I have met is GB (Jasper) and there is no way he would know anyone that knows Billy. Secondly if I had met anyone else in that town how would they know I was connected to him unless they had seen us together.

By this time we are both calling each other a liar. He again makes a demand for money. Some how we get past this and again talk civilly. He tells me that he doesn't want me to disappear frm his life. He wants us to remain friends and that I will visit him sometimes. At this point I am hearing an echo in my mind......this is reminding me of conversations I have had with someone else about the situation they find them self in. He then asks me to phone him. I tell him if he wants to talk on the phone he can call me. He is about 1.30am by now. I go to bed and we talk for about 45 minutes. He still wants me but accepts that I don't love him anymore. He apologises for his behaviour. We are friends again. I know he still wants us to be lovers, I don't. There has been no contact today. He s online but I am showing offline I don't want to talk.

Today my son bought a car (his first) much better than mine and he will let me drive it sometimes. I have talked to my mum about cars and she is willing to help me get another car as she worries about me driving the boys around in the car I have now. So I shall start looking around to see what there is. I could get a smaller car now as I rarely have more than one of the boys with me and I no longer have to cart around musical or football equipment.

Tomorrow sunday it is looking as though I shall have the house to myself or almost. #1 is bound to be out most of the day, he usually is. #2 is going with a friend to the county cricket ground for the day. #4 is staying with a friend tonight then they are going into town in the morning then to the pictures so i wont see him until tea time (my baby is growing up). All I need to do now is persuade #3 that he wants to be out and about with his friends or even his new girlfriend. Then I have to knuckle down and do some housework. spring clean the house on sunday and monday as I am expecting 2 visitors this week one who reads this blog and one who features in it. (I hate housework I never know where to start I just want it all done at once and end up dong a bit here and a bit there and end up not achieving much. Like Vi I make more mess tidying up). Part of my personality is that I am good at organising other people. I am crap at organising me.

Thursday, 19 April 2007


Mmmmm I am hungry
hungry for his touch
hungry for his lips
I want to taste him
I want to feel him
I want to see him

I want him now
He wants me now
He calls me lady
I call him Sir
He calls me scrumptious
I call him adorable

He tells me I am
a randy nymph
he calls me dirty slut
he doesnt want me to stop
he says I am
soooooo yummy

we have just spent 4 hours chatting and I adore him as much as ever. It has been far too long since we last met since we had to cease our communication.

his parting words were

Just got to tear myself away and say having your photos about my screen while working is sooooooooo yummy . I want you I want you I want every way imaginable Lol

that was the first goodbye he keeps coming back ...can't tear himself away
but the good news is we are meeting again next week. you know which of my lovers he is don't you?

the contents of my hand bag

I have been tagged by Vi to give you a list of what is in my hand bag. I have 4 bags but the one I am using currently a black cloth sack bag contains the follwing items or at least it did until I emptied it over my bed.

Pink Motorola mobile phone
Black Samsung mobile phone
Pink mp3 player
Jackie Collins book (a little light reading)
Note book
Reading glasses and case (never remember to wear them)
Black purse – debit card
Driving license
RAC membership card
Credit card with no credit
12 bank receipts + 5 electricity receipts
£17 plus coppers and a few silver coins
ASDA receipt from this morning (food plus a new dress and a top) it was my birthday money
Argos receipt from this morning (mini stepper)
National Trust brochure
New box of extra spearmint gum
Cheque book (only one cheque left)
Wad of car insurance quotes
Pack of condoms
Pack of pain relief tablets
Diary (not much in it as can never find it)
Ferry brochure
02 mobile phone top up card
tube of lubricating jelly (well used)
wad of tissues
assorted receipts
stick of 4head (headache relief)
pair of cuff links in a box (my grandad’s) been there for months
digital camera (flat battery)
T mobile top up card
Party invitation for last Friday (#4 son)
6 loose wrapped humbugs
dead AAA battery
3 lipsticks ( 1x red 1x pale pink 1x bright pink)
nail varnish (pale pink) thought the red one was there too but don’t know where that is now
3 dead maltesers (#4 son put box in my bag on easter Sunday)
1 pen
5 loose mints

well I hate to think what that lot tells you about me.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Update on stupid man

I have just checked to see if I had a reply from the man who mistakenly thought I had given him someone else's msn address.

this was what I had said to him

I think that you may possibly have made a mistake when typing in my address> > > > I gather there is a lady in N ireland with a very similar address.............months ago a friend of hers found me by mistake and he often chats to me. but this has never happened before when I have given my address to anyone they always find me.> > > > maybe you should apologise to the lady for your mistake when typing in my address as hers. I do not know what her actual address is only that it is similar. The friend of hers who found me was looking for her using his memory not the actual address.> > I have nothing to be ashamed of other than giving my address to someone who puts one and one together and comes up with three. did it not occur to you that maybe it was your mistake not mine> > > > was it you who sent me an email containing my profile I did think that was a very odd thing to do and such a huge file

here is his reply

well i dont know how to say to this, but yes i did think it might have been my mistake. i also checked the details i had and could not see what i had done wrong.> yes it was my fault entirly, i have appologised to the other person. incedently she has had this happed before and thought it was an ex of hers. anyway she now knows it was just a stupid mistake maed by an idiot of a bloke. i hope she acceprts my appology.> > that only leaves one more thing to do. that is to appologise to you. i do humbly appologise for and upset i have caused. i feel very bad about all of tihs.> i hope you will accept my appology too.> > i guess it means we wont be chatting now.> but once again i am truly sorry.

I have now replied to him

apology accepted and I also accept that I may have been a tad harsh on you. I was as you guess not best pleased to have aspersions cast against my good character when I had done nothing wrong. I am glad that the matter has been cleared up. Now that you have apologised I wont old a grudge

I am glad that got cleared up .......... that was three attacks on my online in three days. I hope that there wont be anymore at least for a while.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

why my blog is now invite only

I have changed my blog to invite only at the moment as my former boyfriend has managed to find my blog and is not happy about what I have written. He is now making treats and demanding money from me which he wont get!

I could have closed down or moved my blog but I decided to make it invite only that way I shall find out who really wants to read my blog other than those few who leave comments. I know I have a lot of lurkers.

stupid man!!!!

I have just logged onto my account on AFF (adult friend finder ) to check my mail. I dont check it every day. This morning there was a message from a guy who I have exchanged a fair number of messages with. My last message gave him my msn address. Last night I received an email from him. It was odd it just said here is the requested profile and attached a very large file. I wasn't sure but I opened it because I thought it was from the guy I had been chatting to. It soon became apparent that it was my profile on AFF. I closed it down and went back to doing other things. didnt think any more other than that it was an odd thing to do.

Now I understand why he was sending my profile, only he thought he was sending it to another lady.

This is the message he had left for me on AFF

i have just had a conversation with a lady in northern ireland with the address you have she is very unhappy that you are giving out her address. i really do hope it was a mistake.she was such a nice lady but is really not too happy with you. if it was not a mistake then that was a disgracfull thing to do and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Now he has two unhappy women to contend with !!

I have replied and basically told him that the only mistake I have made was to give my address to someone who obviously typed in the wrong address when he contacted her and then put one and one together and came up with three. I have told him to apologise to her for his mistake. I have never had any problems with anyone else like this. Further as I received his email he obviously has got my address correctly somewhere.

I shall now wait and see what he has to say for himself


I've had a sleepy day. After getting to bed at 3.30am then reading for about 10 minutes I was up again at 6.30am to get boys roused for school/work. drove #1 son to work in my crappy car. came home to see #2 & 3 setting off for school. To my annoyance #2 had got #4 to get up. (I had hoped he would sleep in this morning he goes back to school tomorrow). I went online to check mail/bloggs/bank etc. Internet was playing up so it took longer to do what I wanted than I had anticipated. I really wanted to get back to bed for an hour or so. I left #4 playing cricket on computer while I went back to bed. I picked up my book and began to feel aroused to I had a play but before I could get too carried away I picked up my mobile dialled the number and held my mobile with one hand while the other got busy rubbing and flicking between my very wet lips. I heard the phone at the other end of the line go to voice mail. This was the first time he hadnt answered but I knew he was working days this week so I carried on anyway knowing that when he picked up his messages he would still get to hear me cum. At the end of the call I was still feeling naughty and dialled a different number I wasnt sure if I should do this he would be at work and could have customers with him. but he wouldnt have to say anything. I had never phoned him before only text and IM. I heard him answer but I didnt speak just allowed myself to get lost in the moment as my fingers worked and I felt myself gushing again for the second time. after I hung up I text him ......was that ok? He called me back. It was the first time I had heard his voice. Yes it was good, he was at home with youngest child and had gone into another room when he realised what the call was. Later he text me that he was watching a woman play on web cam. I asked if it was better seeing or hearing. A couple of hours later he replied that it had been better hearing me and he had instantly become hard for me. I had about 45 minutes sleep before I showered and got on with my day. red v necked top and short redskrt (see Wayne it isnt only my car that is red). this evening I had an appointment (my first) with my master I had yet to let him know what time I could get away. But after dinner I had an overwhelming desire to sleep. I lay down for a few minutes and woke up at 9.45pm. I text my master to apologise but he was tired too.

Monday, 16 April 2007

my car

This morning I got up after only a few hours sleep (2 1/2) drove #1 son to work. This was the first time I have driven my heap of red metal for 3 months as I have had the luxury of driving my mother's car while she has been on crutches. Yesterday she took repossession of her car and I have now repossessed my car from my son. OUch I hurt. I had forgotten just how hard work it is driving it. No power steering, No electric windows. I strained my neck just turning the car around. It feels really awful to drive and going the few miles to where my son is working today felt like a hundred miles. My thigh hurts from the extra pressure I needed to put on the throttle. MY CAR IS A HEAP OF JUNK !!!!!
I came on here at about 10.30pm thinking I could check the blogs I read and then do a new post on here. As soon as I came online I had 8 conversations going including

one blogger,

mr booty call, inviting me round.

Billy trying to get me to go see him again.

snake trying to talk to me about meeting him tomorrow,

dark master wants to see my boobs on cam

another online friend I have not spoken to for about 6 weeks may be more.

the man I dated last night ( we had already spoken on the phone for two hours as well as texting before that)

then one of my online friends who has fixed my pc a few times for me. Only when I began to chat to him I quickly realised it wasnt him. It was his wife trying to find out where I am and anything else she could find out. Only she picked on the wrong person if she thinks we have been having an affair. I think she now understands that we have not. one of the first things she asked me was .....what do I think of him (strange question from him) then I considerate for using a condom? ( now I really thought this was odd) why would he wear a condom to fix my computer? then she was asking me to remind her where we met? when I said this was not ***** she said yes it is im pissed. Now if that had been true he would still have known that we have not had a sexual relationship even if he had forgotten where we met.

We chatted a for some time......I told her she could ask anything she likes I have nothing to hide but i refused to give her any idea where I live.

I think that really bugged her.

I asked her if she loves find out if she is trying to save her marriage or if she is tryingt o get evidence to break it up. she said of course as they have been to gether x many yrs. I told her that I think he is happy in his marriage not that we have discussed it much. from what I have gathered he isnt getting much sex from anywhere. She told me he thinks hes not good enough for her as she has her own business. I dont believe he is not good enough for her he has a good job and from what he told me she only opened her business since I first met him.

she kept asking me not to tell him she had contacted me. I have no intention of contacting him but if he contacts me I wont lie if he asks.

anyway last night I met Oxo. we had a couple of drinks then we went to his camper van closed the curtains and got very friendly. Then the boy racers started driving up and down. Oxo just closed the curtains tighter and we started to explore each other. Mmmmm very nice even if he does have some facial hair which tickled my nose when he kissed me. finally the boy racers had gone but another car pulled up square to us with lights full on. It did take the edge of our mutual enjoyment but only a little. After the car had gone Oxo took me back to my mum's car (which I had to give back to her today...I'm back to my crappy escort again now).

today after a lie in (its sunday YESSSS) got woken up by a text from a certain blogger who then called me while on his coffee break from work. I did 3 lots of washing and my neighbour decided to have a bbq !!!! I exchanged text with Dark master and JJ. while I was trying to cook dinner for the boys (they are getting used to charcoal now) I started to get text messages from Oxo. everytime I tried to reply to a text from another blogger i got a call from Oxo. In the end we were on the phone for over 2 hours before we said good night. But when I came back from the bathroom I had just missed another call from him saying good night again!! we are meeting again midweek.........only this time we are going to forgo the pub and have our own entertainment in his camper van. DVD drinks popcorn maybe a few kisses maybe a bit more!!

Its now 2.15am and I have spent an hour trying to write this post while talking to snake and now Mr Sorry too. keep forgetting what I was trying to write.

Oh yes Vi has tagged me to write out the contents of my handbag. I am going to do this ...good time to clear out the rubbish. think perhaps I will do all four of my bags.

I have been chatting to JJ quite a lot since he called off our date. We have talked about dark Master. I did call DM at 3.30am the other night so he could hear my orgasm (did the same this morning woke him up apperently) as a reward he has bought me a gift which he sent me a picture of last night.
Now JJ wants me to phone him too so he can hear.

Saturday, 14 April 2007


I don't really know what to say at the moment. blogland seems to have gone mad this week....all sorts of dramas blogs closing down new blogs being started.
my own life has been a bit odd this week.
There are new single men on the horizon. I have done lots of chatting with both new and not so new guys. last night (thursday I was chatting to Mr Passionate by text we had not done that for ages). He is very keen to see me again soon, although he says he has been behaving himself and been a good boy. he knows that he never fails to satisfy. we talked about my need to find a single local guy who is good in bed and can satisfy me. Before I went to bed I emailed him that Yessssss I had found out my date a few weeks ago with Lotto had gone better than I realised. We had met for lunch but I had a really bad headache. I had been confused by his body language. he was turned towards me but was moving further and further away. We called an end to our lunchtime drink by mutual agreement. A very quick kiss that was over before I realised it had happened and he was gone. I had seen him online a few times but kept quiet thinking he hadnt been keen. Lotto left me a new message saying he was still enjoying my pictures so I IM'd him. he thought it had been obvious that he really fancied me and had wanted to do loads more than give me just a quick kiss. As I liked him too and had been willing him to take me in his arms and kiss me passionately I am really pleased. We are going to try to see each other again soon :-).
tonight I have been chatting to two new men that I had been exchanging messages with. Oxo wants to give me a full aromatherapy massage and of course a lot more. snake just wants to fuck me hard and deep asap.
Apart from these men I am really happy. On sunday I sent a short email to my knight wishing him a good easter. To my utter suprise and pleasure he replied with a very long and explicit email. I am in his mind he cannot sleep without desire for me filling him. He has got back in to the routine of sending me very long emails full of his thoughts of arousal. What he would like to do to and with me. there is a slight twist to the previous emails in that now there are others included in his fantasies. I have fallen in love with his words again. He has made me long for his touch for his gentle lips and bright eyes. there are promises of a meeting for us soon. After several months without contact I had resigned myself that our fantasies had ended without being fully satisfied. I was grateful for what we had but now I long for what we can still have.
I have also had lots of contact with several bloggers both by text and IM.
I have also been in contact with Dark master, we were to meet today but I had to cancel due to my domestic duties. I am now going to bed and shall call him up so he can hear me have an orgasm before I sleep. he has been waiting for this since 00.38am it is now 3am

Thursday, 12 April 2007

my birthday

What a strange day. I thought I would be depressed today. turning 45 with no one special to share my day with. I was expecting that I would feel desperately in need of sexual gratification and that I would have to text some one to come and get me if I wasnt getting any offers. But I could never have predicted the day I had. I wasnt expecting any presents from my boys as I know they have no money at the moment. I was also fretting about my bills and having to take more paperwork into the council offices.

I woke up at 7.30am when I heard a text hit my mobile. It was an email alert. My dearest knight of the tarnished armour had sent me another lovely sexy email. We had not been in contact since late January. But I had sent him a short email on sunday wishing him a good easter. In reply I had a very long very sexy email and so our exchange has begun again although with a slight twist to the original thread. I decided to go downstairs and read his email before the boys got up. But it was another hour and a half before I read his email. As soon as I logged online there were a couple of offline messages waiting for me. One from my dark master and one from a friend who was very upset. We spent the next hour talking about his problems. Although I felt upset for him it did make me feel good. I always find it good to help others with their problems, apart from the warm glow from knowing that I have helped another person, even if all I have done is listen. It always helps to forget my own problems. Once we had finished chatting I read my emails and a few blogs. By now the boys were getting up and giving me cards, wishing me a happy birthday and complaining that they couldnt give me breakfast in bed if I was already up. #2 son made me a cup of tea while I had my shower. Then I set off to visit my mother. I took her to the local superstores where she bought me an expensive new vacuum cleaner. She had already given me a card with two cheques one from her and one from her dad. Most of the money will go on bills but I have promised myself I will buy a cross trainer as they dont take up much room and I want something that will help me to excercise. Even though I lost a lot of weight through stress during my divorce I have started to put it back on and where I threw out all my clothes that were too big I am now finding it hard to find anything that fits. I can't diet properly because my radiotherapy has affected my bladder and my bowels so I can't eat much fibre therefore have to be careful not to eat large amounts of fruit and veg.
Once my new vacuum was safely stowed in the boot of my mum's car we went to a local garden centre and bought a tub of spring flowers for my doorstep. On the way back to her place I took my mum to the football club I used to be involved with. She drove around the carpark then tentatively along the road. Once she felt confident enough she drove us back to her home which is quite close by. This was the first time she has tried to drive since mid January when she had her knee op. I now have her car until sunday evening when she wants it back :-( it has been much nicer to drive than my own car. We had a cup of tea and a chat . I finally told her that I have been writing erotic stories and I am trying to write a book. We discussed this and she has given me some advice (she also dabbles with writing short stories although not erotic). She has suggested I get advice from her writing class teacher.
when I got home I answered some of the text messages I had been getting all morning from various people. then I had a long chat on the phone with my friend who was still upset. Quite understandably so. By the time we finished the computer was free so I spent an hour reading and commenting on blogs. Before getting phone numbers for delivery services. #1 son had ordered a laptop through ebay and the tracking system told him there had been an attempted delivery but we couldnt find out where it was now. After several calls including one long one to US post we finally tracked it down. So I took him along with the cash to pay the import tax to collect his new toy. we hadn't been home long when he got a call from the bank he had applied to for a loan. He will get his money on friday so hes now looking for a car of his own to buy.
When I was online earlier I got a booty call but I turned it down because I was feeling good just being home with my boys and suprisingly wasn't feeling the slightest bit horny.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Meme interview from Vi

The rules for playing are: You WILL update your journal/blog thing/whatever with the answers to the questions (please don't leave your answers in my comments). You will also include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in your post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions (not necessarily the same as mine). You will also leave a comment saying, "Interview me." Others can then ask you questions.

VI said...
Lady, your questions (sorry if I repeat)

1. Tell us about losing your virginity.

I was just turned 17 he was 20 (my first serious boyfriend) it was in my parents bed while they were away. I loved it and from then on I couldn’t wait to do it again. Mostly though we had to resort to country lanes in the back of his mini. Good thing we were both short. 6 months later we split up because he felt we were getting too serious because HIS friends kept asking when we were going to get engaged. Funny I was talking to my mum about him on Friday she had forgotten about him until then but says he was cute (he was). Every now and again I wonder what happened to him we kept in touch for a few years. I always hoped we would get back together.

2. What is your biggest regret in life?

That I allowed myself to marry a man I didn’t love just so that I wouldn’t get hurt again. All those wasted years with no love or affection. But I cant really regret it completely otherwise I wouldn’t have my 4 lovely sons who I adore.

3. If your last meal on earth was chocolate or a bag of hot chips, what would you choose?

Bag of hot chips. I do love chocolate but it makes me feel sick if I have more than just a bit. I probably have chocolate more often than chips anyway so that would be a treat. (when my son has a bar of chocolate he usually gives me a piece saves me having a whole bar).

4. How many sexual partners have you had?

Until last summer including relationships and a couple of one nights with guys from the pub (both with same name very odd that) 9 but now I have stopped counting. In the past year probably 15 give or take. Again some one nighters and others more than that about 50/50

5. Are you looking for a relationship right now?

Yes and no. I am still looking for fun but want something a bit more regular than I have been having. Ultimately I would like to find a serious relationship but I think I am still in the transitional stage. Somewhere in between casual and full on.

Monday, 9 April 2007

what I have been missing

Oh wow

I have been chatting with chief for a few weeks now he is a good few years younger than me. We have not chatted very much as we never seem to be online at the same time for very long. But this afternoon he started chatting and the chat got quite sexy. We were both getting turned on so we agreed to meet up. I was about 10 minutes late arriving at our agreed meeting place, I had been so hot and bothered from chatting to him that I had just had to have a play with myself to relieve the tension before I set off. My mobile was ringing as I came around the corner to the car park. I drove to the end of the car park looking for his car couldn’t see it but then saw in my rear view mirror that he was behind me. We both pulled into spaces by the hedge which skirts the edge of the car park. Chief came and got into the passenger seat of my car. We sat chatting for about ten minutes. I can’t believe how girly and giggly I was. He said I wasn’t at all. He smelt devine, he has a lovely face much better in person than on web cam. He thought it was a real turn on that I had been playing before I came out. He admitted that he had too.

He asked me to demonstrate how I had played with myself but as there was not much room in the driver’s seat with the steering wheel in the way, we transferred to his car. Once in his car, chief leant over slid his hand inside my skirt found my thong, pulled it to one side inserting his finger into my clit rubbing quite hard, I had to tell him to be a little softer. Then I took over playing with my clit while he played with my nipples, he is also the most delicious kisser. Soon I was coming to a climax as I felt his fingers squeezing my nipples and I imagined that it was his tongue inside me. My juice gushed over my fingers as I lay back in the seat. I kissed him then brought my fingers up to his lips for him to taste. He told me how much he wanted to fuck me now but he had been called into the workshop where he works in his spare time. I agreed to go with him as he wouldn’t be long. When we got there the place was locked up. We were alone, he pulled his car into the garage and closed the big double doors. Chief came around to my side of the car and helped me out. We stood by the car kissing then he moved me around so that I could sit upon the bonnet of his car. Hitching up my skirt so he could bury his face between my thighs where I was still wet from a few minutes earlier. Mmmm his fingers and tongue were as magic as I knew they would be. I reached forward and unfastened the brown leather belt around his tight blue jeans. Pulling down the zipper his penis sprang out, he was commando. Hmmm better than I could have hoped for. I took hold of his shaft and began to stroke him but this was an almost impossible angle for me. I had to get my back at almost right angle to reach his cock with my right hand while my left had grabbed onto his dark blue t-shirt. It was only his body which was keeping me from sliding off the bonnet.

Chief murmured that my hand on his cock felt good but now he wanted to see how it felt to be inside my wet pussy. He stood up and slid his circumsized manhood inside me. I couldn’t help giggling at first, at the thought of someone coming into the garage. The first thing they would see was his bare ass in the air as he pumped me as I slid across the bonnet holding onto him for dear life. It has been a long time since I had such a good laugh and a good seeing to at the same time. Mmmmmm that was a really good feeling and another different experience I had told him while we chatted that I wanted to experience sex in different situations. Chief is game for that he says he will do anything I want. Mmmmm even better a fit (very fit), good looking willing young man who knows what he is doing. Why hadn’t I met up with him earlier. I can tell we are going to have some fun. We both now have each other’s mobile numbers. We both want to meet up again for more fun. I shall look forward to that. He slipped his jeans back over his bare ass as he wandered in to the office space at the rear of the workshop. A few minutes later he was back and we settled into his car. This time it was me who leaned across to his still undone jeans. I took him in my mouth mmmm the taste of me still on him. I pleasured his cock teasing it with my tongue in the only way I know how to do. The same way I was describing last night on msn to the married couple from my 6some the other weekend. They had had a 3some on saturday with CY the other man who had told them about the awesome blowjob I had given him. When I had taken him to completion and he had was breathing normally again he drove me back to my car with the promise to meet up again soon. Now I know that I should have taken more notice of these fit younger men who have hit on me in recent months. Especially,if they were anything like Chief. MMMMM if you are reading this hun yes please more, more, more and yes you will do & Yes you are certainly good enough. You should have pushed me harder for a date before this.

Sunday, 8 April 2007


OhMiBod just took a peek at chris's blog
and now I know what I want for my birthday in a few days

I love my mp3 player but to have a vibrator attached to it sounds devine :-D


Today I was weak, I gave in. All week I have noticed Jasper sign into msn. During our last conversation he said he doesnt have time to check msn anymore. All week he has been online for maybe 5 minutes at a time. Each time I have been tempted to say hi. I miss him I miss our chats. Today he was online already when I signed in. I did my usual check the emails and go through the blogs I read whilst keeping my messenger up so I could see how long Jasper was online. After about an hour of wanting to tell him I miss him so much I gave in. I sent him an email. I didnt tell him I still want him, I didnt tell him how much I miss our chats, how much I long for the feel of his hands and his lips, the sight of his smile or the sound of his voice. it was merely a hope you have a good easter with your children. then I emailed a few of my friends a very similar message before sending the same text to others. It didnt take him long to reply

and you too xx

that was this morning before I went out for a family lunch soon after. Tonight I saw him sign in again but this time it was only for about 10 mins. I managed to resist the temptation to tell him how much I still want him. Oh and I know I was supposed to be out tonight but if you hadnt already realised my date cancelled......It seems he suddenly remembers he has a girlfriend and doesnt want to mis use her trust. We must have been chatting for 5 or 6 months and this is the first time he has mentioned he is seeing anyone!!!


Why do I always say …….Thats ok no worries

I get the text or the phone call maybe its an email
Or a message on msn
Sorry baby I can’t make it
Sorry baby it’s work
Sorry baby it’s my children
Sorry baby it’s my car

Always I say that’s ok no worries
Why do I say that
Clearly it does matter
Clearly I am saddened
Clearly I am hurt
Clearly it is disappointing

I am all excited
I have decided what I shall wear
Which skirt with stockings under
I have chosen the shoes
To match my clothes
My makeup is ready
Mascara, lipstick maybe some blusher

Then I get the message the date is off
What a downer this is
Who can I turn to
For comfort and reassurance
Do I chat to my friends
Or sleep away my disappointment

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Domination and submission

This week began with me going out to meet Gordon for a walk in the woods at a well known beauty spot. very sexy feeling exposed skin and fresh air knowing that other people are also in the woods not far away. The feel of our bodies together with nothing but fresh air coming between us was as exciting as the knowledge that we could be found at any moment. Unfortunately the beauty spot where we were is rather steep therefore not very condusive to laying on the ground. We found a fallen tree to use as a seat but this was too precarious for anything too energetic.

tuesday evening I was out having a companionable drink with FF while we chatted about our previous encounter and others that we have had both as solo and couples. I was also receiving text messages from JJ and Sailor. Later when I got home I chatted to Dark Master who began giving me instructions to begin my journey as his slave. (I'm still in two minds about this). To me it seems that there are two types of Dom/sub relationships. There are those where one partner is submissive to the other during sex sessions, as part of a whole range of sexual experiences. Then there are the kind where the Dominant partner controls the submissive one in many aspects of life. More or less 24/7. The submissive partner has to always call the dominant one master. She (it is often but not always the woman who is submissive) has to ask permission to do many things and must obey every instruction for fear of punishment which could be anything from administration of pain to the withdrawl of contact or maybe refusal to give permission to the sub to have an orgasm.
My first task which I missed as the instructions were on msn as an offline message which I didnt read until late evening. when I awoke I was to pleasure myself then as I was reaching orgasm to phone my Dark master....not say a word but hold my phone so that he could hear me cum. then I was to take a picture of my swollen clit and send this to him. the next day I had not complied with these instructions. (It is not easy when there are children in the house). My dark master gave me an extension allowing me until midnight to obey his instruction. I continued with my usual family life until 23.55hrs when I locked myself in the bathroom. (youngest was asleep on my bed alonside the cat.) Worked myself up and called my Dark master allowing him to hear me cum. Later I was congratulated on the fulfilling of my duty. My next mission being that I should find another slut whom I could film licking and sucking my clit. As this will take time to organise I have an interim task which is to meet with my Dark master for one hour during the weekend I will suck his cock and drink his cream. I have not heard from him since.

On wednesday I visited Sailor but we were unable to complete our very nice session as he became wracked with pain due to a recent operation. However we were able to give each other oral and have a good fuck before his pain cut short our pleasure.

friday evening I was sat at my computer playing spider (my pc is not online) I was bored so I text JJ telling him I was bored. he replied that he was also bored watching a DVD with his children. we spent several hours then exchanging text about how we were feeling and what we would like to do about it. The upshot being that we are going to meet on sunday evening for a drink and a chat and see where we go from there. He is booking a hotel room for us. This afternoon we continued our text conversation while he was out and about shopping for things which includes some new rope. I have been thinking quite a bit about the situation with both JJ and Dark Master. It has become quite obvious to me that Dark master is the kind of Dom/sub who lives the lifestyle 24/7 whereas JJ likes the Dom/sub as part of roll play as a part of his sexual range rather than as a lifestyle. My gut instinct therefore is that I will be far better to explore this side of myself with JJ not with Dark master.

Friday, 6 April 2007

Meme from Hornymaleuk

The rules for playing are: You WILL update your journal/blog thing/whatever with the answers to the questions (please don't leave your answers in my comments). You will also include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in your post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions (not necessarily the same as mine). You will also leave a comment saying, "Interview me." Others can then ask you questions.

1. If there is one thing you could change about your life, what would it be?

I would have made more effort at school and since to improve my qualifications so that I could have a career giving me enough money to do all the things I want to do. Give my children the life they deserve, be able to take them away on holiday and buy them clothes when they need them. Be in a position where I can help out my friends

2. What is your favourite sexual activity?

Actually having some sex is always a good start. I love oral both giving and receiving

3. Have you ever participated in "water sports"?

If you mean like waterskiing no. If you mean in a sexual context. I have never intentionally done it and don’t fancy the idea of being on the receiving end of it either. However I get very wet when aroused and am a squirter. I don’t do this on demand more as a reaction to my partner and his prowess.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Anywhere that is near water. I love to be near water. The sea, a lake or river it doesn’t matter so long as I can be near it when ever I chose.

5. What's the sexiest thing you have ever done at your place of work?

At my work place it would be wearing a skirt and stockings. But at someone else’s work place I have had full sex

Thursday, 5 April 2007

From today

from today I shall be concentrating on this blog. I am not going to be running sexy vixen's Kindred Perverts in the same way as I have been doing for the last few months. Instead I am going to use it to post one or maybe two emails per day in the series of mind fuck emails The Lady and the Knight

Its HNT again

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

update on you know you want to

yesterday I was chatting to my prospective lover (dark master) who got me thinking about my lady and the knight emails. It transpired during our online chat that he likes blindfolds, bondage and mild cp. I told him about my text messages to JJ who had not replied. dark master said he would like to take the place of JJ and be my dom. We exchanged mobile numbers, and as he said he loves to read erotic writing I emailed him the full version of lady and her knight. Late last night I got text messages from dark master asking about my afternoon adventure. He then went on to say he was deciding if I need to be punished.

This afternoon I was online when I noticed that JJ was there. I said hello to him and we began chatting. He said he had been away. I mentioned my text messages to him. At first he wasnt sure what messages I meant then the penny dropped. He said he hadn't known who was sending them and was too embarrassed to ask. He was very flattered and very horny reading them. He really wanted to know who it was. Now he knows it was me he wishes he had done something about it. we chatted for a while before I had to go out. We are definitely on to do this now. both of us were getting horny just thinking about it.

Later while I was out I got a text from dark master informing me that he had liked my story. this was followed by more text

Like the style, so you wish to be a slut of servitude to the dark master. X

It would be an honour for me to have your dark side to play with. X

How could a humble slut refuse

tonight, well tomorrow morning dark master will begin your journey. Obey his wishes as none compliance will lead to punishment. X

Not long after this I was in the pub with FF when I began getting text messages from 2 men.
one was JJ the other was sailor who is another new prospective lover. I may see him in the next couple of days.

Hi, hope your evening is going well, was just wondering how you would look and feel with your wrists bound behind your back and blindfolded? X JJ

I guess I would be drinking through a straw

Is there anything in particular you like?

Is that in general or have you moved onto the bedroom already?

Both if thats ok.

Anything that doesnt involve pain.
am I sure about that?

I love to give oral very good with my tongue

I would give you a drink if you asked. that is when im not fucking your mouth!

Is that in the pub or after?

drink in the pub, drink and extras after !

sounds good extras!!

yes you know, the bit where you get tied up and used, thats if you want to be that is?

I think that after a very quiet couple of months the action might be hotting up again.

Oh and during this I got a couple of text from Innocent but im not divulging what they said or my reply.........all I will say is that he sure took me by suprise.

I shall possibly see Sailor on thursday. I think I shall also see either or maybe both JJ and dark master very soon too. I had agreed that I would see Innocent for a coffee so that may well be next week now as I am running out of days this week. FF kept telling me that I have great legs and tits, I'm a great kisser and good company and he can't forget that wednesday night which was so wonderful. He really fancies me and wants to make love again. I did say yes. So FF if you are still not sure . I said yes! Somewhere along the line I need to find time to meet Forest who I have been chatting to for about 5 months but not yet met, but I do feel that day is approaching I know he has wanted to all along.


My mother is ill today so we are not doing the rounds of relatives I had expected. Instead I am just going off to see Sailor.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The knight and his lady

While chatting on msn to a prospective new lover he got me thinking about my erotic exchange of emails a few months ago with my knight of tarnished armour. I wanted to show him a part of this but there is so much of it and not all in the right order for reading in sequence. I have decided to put it all into the correct order and post it so that new readers can read it if they choose. But I am not sure how to do this should I set it up as a separate blog connected to Lady in red. Having copied and paste it onto word there is so much of it 40+ pages that it would not be suitable to do as one post. I am not proficient at making links as yet. If anyone has any ideas or advice on this please help. These emails were the best mind fuck I have ever had.

Monday, 2 April 2007


here is my April offering for you girls

bloggers night out

I have posted my description of last night's events over on my other blog.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

return ticket

I had a lovely and fun time in london with group of fellow bloggers. But I had to leave early to catch the last train home which would take a couple of hours. This journey began quite uneventfully as the train pulled out of the station it was quite full. I text HMU that I was on the train going home but there was nothing exciting to look at. It only took half an hour before we had to leave our train and board a coach for the remainder of the journey. None of the coaches had signs saying where they were going. Eventually I reached the coach at the top of the rank. No driver in sight......someone asked the passengers already on board where the coach was going. Glasgow they said. finally a south west rail employee appeared he confirmed that this coach was going to the right place. But he had no idea where the driver was. There was a group of around a dozen men in their early to mid twenties, who kept getting on and off the coach with cans of beer in hand. Finally we have a driver and we set off in the general direction of home. By this time it was 12.25am, had I been driving I could have been home from there by about 1.15am. we had not been travelling much more than five minutes before I heard the driver cursing (I was only about 3 rows back). He slammed on the brakes and we skidded to a halt. he was angry that there was an argument going on at the rear of the coach. He called out that he wanted all the group at the back off his coach or he would call the police. The group at the back made it clear that it was just one guy who was causing a nuisance to the rest of them. He ordered them to get rid of their beer cans. One guy came down to the front and threw 2 cans out onto the grass verge. I knew there were other beer cans asI had seen them earleir. the fraccas at the back settles down and we are off again. but not for long. Another screech of brakes and this time someone had lit a cigarette. We move off again so presumably the offending cigarette has been exstinguished. Next we pull into a petrol station. The driver orders all those at the back to get off his coach or he will call the police. One man comes down to the front reiterating that it is just one man. either he has to get off the coach or they all do. the lads all get off but begin fighting each other as the driver walks away mobile in hand. the fighting lads manage to persuade their mate that he needs the police to get him home. Once the police have arrive the driver returns to take us the rest of the way. The next part of our journey was fairly quiet compared to the start of itself. We reach the next station where I ahd expected to catch another train but there were no other trains the coach would take us the rest of the way. there was some confusion as there were two coaches one going directt o the end of the line and the one I was on which would be stopping. There was some toing and froing as peopel got on the right coach, while this was happening the driver was talking a to the police who were waiting at the station when we arrived. there had been trouble on both coaches. When at last everything has settled down we set off again. We have gone perhaps 2 minutes down the road when we find we are in the tesco carpark (driver got lost). More heckling but nothing major. another mile or so and we stop again!! Someone at the back has lit a cigarette and is odered to leave the coach. He doesnt want any burn marks or any of his passengers injured. A man sitting across the aisle from me probably in his late 50s suggests that maybe the driver could have a little patience and just get the guy to put the cigarette out as it has been a long night and wea ll just want to get home. This sparks an argument between driver and this passenger who is not happy he has been working since 3pm and had to clean up sick as well as having a fight on his coach. By now it was nearly 2pm. The argument lasts a few minutes then he simmers down and we continue our journey in peace. Finnally I get to my station and make my way home it was 2.45am when I walked though my door. I suspect that by that time the rest of the bloggers I had spent the evening with were fast asleep. I was wide awake so logged onto pc. I had been online about 5 minutes if that when my mentor - The man with a secret came online we chatted for a while. He is very sad which makes me feel bad for him, I try to be supportive and hopefully make him feel a little better.