Sunday, 29 April 2007

she lay sleeping

He watches the assortment of teenage boys leave the house with their cricket bats and bottles of water, envious of their youth and ability to take advantage of a beautiful morning in such a carefree way. Once they have gone he knocks, no answer, he tries the door it opens.


No answer he looks through the door on his left nothing just silence, there is a radio on upstairs. Silently he climbs the stairs the sound is coming from the first door he peeks in and there she is. He takes in the view, duvet tossed aside, her body sleeping in a half faetal position framed by the red cotton sheet under her body partly sheathed in a red satin chemise rucked up to her waist exposing the ivory skin of her delightful ass. Her hand resting lightly on her thigh an inch or two below her ass. Silently he moves around the bed to the side where the window is, the curtains half drawn allowing the sunlight to fall upon her sleeping form. He kneels beside her and gently runs a finger across her cheek. She smiles, her eyes flicker open, she looks puzzled then a flicker of recognition and she smiles again

Hello you.

Her face soft with sleep, framed with dark curls messed up from her sleep, her face is level with the bulge in his light summer trousers. She stretches her arm out to touch him. Mmmm already quite hard, he lets her slip her hand inside his waistband his hand wonders along the length of her naked leg the skin so smooth to his touch. She releases him from the confines of his trousers resting his cock in the hand of the arm she is leaning on while the other gently strokes him. He jerks in her hand as his excitement increases. His hand moves up her thigh to her ass stroking caressing. Her legs move apart as though unconsciously she is inviting him in. his hand slips from her ass cheek over the silky smooth skin over her hip down to the crevice at the pit of her abdomen. She jumps slightly as his fingers find her already wet lips.
As his fingers work into her soft folds wet and slippery she is pulling him closer. Her tongue reaching out to the tip of him. She licks, smiles sleepily and draws him closer into her mouth. The sensations of her lips and tongue on his shaft are heaven, this woman knows how to do things he has not imagined. His fingers are working on her maidenhead, in and out circling her swollen bud, he dips his head to taste her for the first time. As she draws him into her mouth her free hand wanders around the back of his leg and plays gently with his ass. Pressing him into her face, fingers caressing and pinching. He remembers that she likes to be slapped. Without warning he raises his hand to bring it back onto her naked ivory cheek in a stinging slap. She jolts and floods him with her cum. If this is the reaction he gets he slaps her again and again all the while she is gushing over his face. His excitement is no longer containable and he explodes in her mouth. She reaches up to his shoulders and pulls him down to her and kisses him softly at first then more passionately allowing the remnants of his ejaculation to spill from her lips into his own mouth. Giving him back his own pleasure.

She breaks the embrace

Now that was just the nicest way to wake up. Its really nice to meet you honey.


Ordinary Girl said...

That certainly would be a nice way to wake up!!

PS. What has happened to Innocent? I think you are in communication with him outside Blogland? His blog is gone :-(

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Ahh, the best way to wake up!