Thursday, 30 November 2006

garage love

I have decided to sort out my garage....only I need someone strong to help me move the heavier things!!

Ok I take the hint I will help you.

I had only met him once and that was for a cuppa in town
but we had exchanged some hot text since.

monday morning he phones where are you ? I am at your door theres no answer....... Im already in the garage ( in a block behind the row of terraced houses). I go and find him and bring him to see what he has let himself in for. I had hoped that after our first meeting we would be able to get a bit more intimate....but to my horror my son had come home on friday beaming from ear to ear as they had a day off from school on monday. we worked hard emptying the garage then repacking it in a bit more order....yipee I can now get in there!!!
he thinks im crazy as I take a picture to prove that we had got it done!
we go into my kitchen for a cuppa he stands behind me I feel his hands on my shoulders then my breasts I turn my head and we kiss.....softly at first then more passionately. I turn in his arms he worries that the neighbours might see us through the window...but I know we are safe and if anyone did see Im in my own home and single.
we take our mugs of tea into the sittingroom. my son is upstairs....I go to make sure he is ok...hes playing a computer game and not interested in anyone else...I make him some lunch ( actually allowing him to eat in his room). I go back to my hero we sit very close together kissing ardently, hands going everywhere, after a while I climb into his lap and sit straddling him whilst still out lips are meshed together with tongues flicking and twisting. I am getting not just damp but very very wet, he slides his hand inside my jeans and I return the favour. By now my jeans are soaked and I am making his damp too. I slide out of my jeans and impale myself on his rock hard manhood. we writhe together in complete unison neither of us completly believing that we are doing this with a 10 yr old in the house. when we are done I twist around so that I am now sat on the sofa and he slides to his knees between my slippery thighs and lowers his head the anticipation get s too much for me and Im gushing again. his mouth finds my wetness and his tongue is soon working with silky smoothness caressing, probing licking me until I have cum so hard I can take no more. we have to bring things to an end which neither of us want.....he has to get ready for work and I need a change of clothes before my other sons arrive home from school. I cant wait for tomorrow when he will be back and we can get down to some serious lovemaking......he has wetted my appetite now and I want more .......much more. this is the start of a beautiful series of liasons with my passionate Lover (PL)

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