Saturday, 14 August 2010

I am a bad girl

I just clicked on here on my way to LIR and realised how long it has been since I last posted on here. I have been such a bad girl.

I shouldn't have neglected this blog for so long ............actually in truth I have thought about it many times but just couldn't summon enough enthusiasm to conjure up a post that was good enough.

For months now work has been hectic leaving me very tired, too tired to keep this blog upto date. I have felt a tinge of guilt but not enough to rouse myself into doing anything about it.

Noticing that my last post was about the party I attended at the swingers club reminds me of all the naughty things I have not told you about.

I was going to make this post about all the naughty things I have got upto but thinking about it that would not be fair, I would either have to make this post intolerably long or not do justice to all my various adventures.

Instead I am going to bullet post them and you can let me know which you most want to read about in which order. I hope that is fair.

  1. group social with approx 20 people from the swingers site ......ending up in gay bar
  2. private party for 7 in a haunted hotel
  3. second party at swingers club ~ meeting crazy guy
  4. second party at haunted hotel this time for 12 (inc both plumber and sailor)
  5. first foursome with plumber (should actually be No. 2 if doing this cronologically)
Let me know which of these you most want to read about and I will do my best to satisfy you.