Friday, 16 October 2009

are you lonely

Tonight just after logging onto my laptop a chat window opened and the following conversation followed. When this man chatted to me a couple of weeks ago I made it quite clear that I didn't want to talk sex as I didn't feel we knew each other well enough. Once he realised he was not going to get anywhere if he continued trying to get me to 'stimulate' him he made his excuses and signed off. I had heard nothing more from him until tonight. Somehow I just don't think he is getting the message.

u ok
yes fine just puzzled
why huni
giu ?
mike says:
meant to have been hi fat fingers
no the hi
i got fat fingers
oh ok thought you were calling me fat fingers
no silly
you had any dates yet
no not been looking really
would you like to hold and kiss
im free and in need of cuddle
oh is that because its friday?
y u say that
because it was a friday the last time you chatted
and its the start of the weekend and weekends are very lonely if you are alone
are you lonely
not at the moment
I have been enjoying family time with my boys
would u like me to play with u
football? cards? bingo?
um i meant adult naughty games
did you
make ur clit nice and wet
do u like oral
have you been busy this week?
yes do you have a cam
no I dont
you want some sex

I dont think that is an appropriate don't know me and I don't know you

he didn't answer and after a while signed off..........................whilst I do try to give people the benefit of doubt, he has now had his second chance and has now been blocked and deleted.

Have I been too hasty?

Monday, 5 October 2009

how I told him ................'No'

I have given this much thought even before Tuesday evening when you mentioned a proposition. I know that if I were to decide to 'take the plunge' you would treat me exceptionally well and as you say we would have fun. But as you have rightly guessed this would be a path that I am not going to take. I have in the past been involved to a degree with married men as you know ie SL. But that was quite a while ago.

I learnt a few things from that, about myself as much as anything else. I learnt that the times that I feel the most lonely are weekends and holidays, the times when married men are busy with family. I also realised that being 'the other woman' is not what I want. Because I would much rather be 'The Woman' in my man's life. When I first agreed to meet a married man (I had originally said 'single men only') I managed to persuade myself that it was ok because the married man/men was/were already looking for fun anyway so why should I miss out because they are married. But my concience got the better of me. This/these man/men belonged to someone else. If I was with someone who started playing around with someone else I would be devastated (I do believe in fidelity) so I couldn't do it to someone else.

A few months ago I decided to try having an affair with a married man (a surgeon) but I only met him a few times before I had to call it off because it wasn't what I wanted. He was really sweet about it and said he wasn't suprised. I am really flattered that you want me so much even after so long. (I still don't get why me, even if I do know I am fabulous). What is it that you see in me that others don't?

Your plan as I said had at least 3 flaws that I spotted right away.

1. Yes I was busy (two boys moving out within a week)
2. Even my super powers don't help me to remember your address or how to get there (as I didn't drive there myself) after all this time.
3. Even if I was willing to make love to a married man I wouldn't do so in his marital home (his wife's home)...........last time I was mistakenly under the impression that you were seperated. (I get that it is convenient and more comfortable than an office or a car but to me it would be violating that woman's home).

I hope you can understand where I stand and why I can't take this path however tempting it would be. If I did agree to give it a try I would be letting myself down. This hasn't been a quick and easy decision, I have given it a lot of thought, weighing up the benefits against my ethics and find that I just can't break my own rules. However good it would be, it would be soured by my own inner conflict. I wouldn't be able to be completely relaxed. Furthermore it would get in the way of my ability to find 'Mr Right'. How could I look someone in the eye telling them that I believe in fidelity if I am or have been having an affair with a married man.

As you rightly say I do want our friendship to continue and I would hate to hurt your feelings, but I couldn't live with myself if I follow the path you want to take. I have a lot of respect for you, I treasure your friendship and enjoy our evenings together but I can't take it any further.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Whats got into him?

Last night to my suprise Forest began chatting online. It was a suprise because although he is single I very rarely hear from him at weekends although I did in the past get text messages on sunday evenings. He always had his children staying over at weekends.

Last night we chatted about the length of time since we last saw each other. Neither of us sure exactly when the last time was. I checked my last post about him on here (mid July) but then realised that we had seen each other a few weeks later. Anyway we both agreed that it had been too long. I told him that I had met two new men since I last saw him. I told him that I had almost settled for 'nice' (which turned out to be not so nice). But then I met Spark who reminded me what it feels like to get butterflies.

That was when he told me that he had met a woman earlier in the day who gave him butterflies. (he had not seen a picture of her so it was a suprise to him on this blind date). He does hope to see her again. If he gets involved with her I shall be happy for him but sad for me.

Just as I was going to bed he sent me a text kiss nothing unusual in the kiss but not usual an hour after saying goodnight. Today he sent me another mid afternoon just as I was shopping. Then to my astonishment here he was chatting online again tonight. I expressed my astonishment that he was chatting two days in a row. Apparently he had been thinking about me and thought it was funny that I was shopping while he was thinking about me. Again I expressed my suprise that he had been thinking about me. (why would he be thinking about me just a day after meeting this new wonderful woman who gave him butterflies).

Something must have got into him because he even called me darling (I don't think he has ever done that before). He seems keen to see me again soon but I have told him it won't be this week, he will have to wait until October.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Reasons and propositions

What I didn't realise when I wrote my last post here was that I had already been dumped by Dylan only he was apparently taking the cowards way out and not telling me. A few days later when I had not heard from him since I had returned from my holiday (even though he had agreed to go to a party with me on the Saturday but didn't turn up) I wrote to him. I told him that I believe everyone enters our life for a reason. I told him I now knew he had come into my life to set me free (I didn't tell him what from). I also commented that his unexpected silence had hurt me and I hadn't expected him to do that. That was when he emailed me back thanking me for getting in contact. He was being a coward because he always finds it complicated when he tries to finish with a woman. After the detailed and thorough character assassination that followed I can undertand why he has a problem.

Considering that he is a trained councellor he seems to have more than a few issues of his own that he needs to get sorted but I won't be the one to tell him. I felt such a fool for thinking he was someone I could get on with. He might be good at getting people to open up to him (apparently it happens all the time) but he isn't good at listening, he also has a big issue with people who are not in full health (strange for someone who works with terminally ill patients). Anyway he is out of my life now and I am not sorry but I am glad that meeting him helped me to break free from Romeo at long last.

In less than a week I met Spark. This time it wasn't through the internet but through work. When I agreed to have lunch with a customer whose account I was trying to grow, I had no idea that meeting him would cause us both to find we couldn't stop thinking about each other. When he called me next day asking me to meet him for a drink (he actually left the England v Australia cricket match he was watching to see me). We were both experiencing butterflies every time we thought about each other. But there was one big obstacle to this becoming anything else. He already had a girlfriend. After that one evening that included a lot of kissing and cuddling (we both stayed fully dressed), there would only be the briefest of meetings a few days later when he told me that he was sorry to mess me about but he felt so guilty. This was good really because his situation was causing me problems anyway. But what I got from this brief distraction was that he reminded me how it feels when you meet someone who gives you butterflies. I had almost settled for 'nice' when I met Dylan. Spark reminded me that I mustn't settle for anything less than butterflies.

Since then I have been out for a drink with a friend I hadn't seen for ages, we also had dinner together last week. On the way home he mentioned that he would email me a proposition. He did email me, but found he couldn't bring himself to set out his proposition but came up with a plan. I won't go into what his plan was but I have since pointed out a few flaws in his plan. These flaws aside I have had to turn his plan down. You see he is married and I have explained that I can't become involved with a married man although I do treasure him as a friend and confidante.

Since starting this blog I have learnt a few things about myself. I am still struggling with my sexuality versus my upbringing. But I now know more about what I do and don't want. I do not want to be 'The Other woman' to any man, only 'The woman' in my man's life will do for me.

Even if I persuade myself that the married man was already looking for fun when he met me, I won't get involved because, if it was my man behaving in this way I would be devastated so I won't do the same to another woman. If the married man was able to persuade me to get involved with him, I would not be able to fully relax because my concience would get in the way. I know that I have not been whiter than white about all this over the recent years but now I know my own feelings better I won't be going down that path now or in the future.

I feel so much more content now that my path ahead has become clearer in my own mind.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Finally I am free

I don't know how it happened.
Back in July I made a decision to close the door on Romeo and move on with my life. I needed to delete all trace of him, emails photos text messages the lot.

It wasn't easy, neither did it stop me thinking about him. I still wanted him, I still hoped that one day he would come back and claim me as his. It meant that even though I was seeing other men I still wasn't free. My heart still belonged to him.

I don't remember when it began, those first emails, I thought he was a bit eccentric, he thought I was rather bolshy. He was going to have a word with me tell me off for my bolshyness. He didn't. More emails but with a different tone to them. I began to fret if he didn't email me. Then there was the day that our internet wasn't working, I emailed him from work giving him my mobile number. It was days before he finally rang me but when he did we chatted for an eternity, arranging to meet for a drink a few days later. By now I had come to think of him as a friend but that was all, I didn't fancy him.

We sat and chatted until we were turned out of the pub 3.5 hrs later. Days later we met up for a walk along the beach, again we chatted for hours, holding hands, kissing goodnight at the end of a long day. I'm not sure if it was before or after our 3rd date that I realised that something had happened. I definitely knew before the end of that date that I liked him, this could be the start of something good. Somewhere along the way I noticed that Romeo had gone, he had slipped out of my mind without me noticing.

While I was on holiday I hardly thought about Romeo and when I did it was nolonger with a sense of loss. I really enjoyed my holiday but was looking forward to getting home because more than anything I wanted to see Dylan. I don't know how things will work out for us, it might only last a very short time, it might last longer, at this stage its anyone's guess. But whatever happens I will be grateful that he has helped me to let go of Romeo.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

New Forest tales

Do you want to come over tonight? xx

do you have a teleporter? x

no why? xx

because I can't afford the petrol to get there xx

if you can get here I will give you petrol money.............
is that classed as paying for sex? xx

nooooooooooo ........................if I was charging you it would be a lot more than the cost of petrol x

I know I wouldn't be able to afford you xx

what time? x

9pm xx battery is dying x

that was the last conversation on my motorola before it died.
So punctual as ever I arrived at his place at 9.20pm, he was waiting at the open door with the kettle behind him hissing as he bent down to greet me with a slow kiss before turning to pour two mugs of tea. Tea that went cold while we kissed for an eternity on his two seater settee. Torchwood on the tv in the corner hardly noticed. Finally breaking free during what must have been the 10 O'clock news we left the tea untouched and made our way up the stairs to his bed with its fur cover. This time I waited for him to remove my clothes (just a dress bra and knickers), once he had removed his own t shirt and jeans. Leading me to his bed he laid me down as he knelt on the edge of the bed between my thighs nudging my clit with the slippery head of his penis. But before I could get used to the feel of him there he slid down onto the floor his face lapping up my wetness whilst his left hand played with my nipple.

It didn't take him long to have me writhing on his bed in pure delight as his tongue together with the fingers of his right hand took me to the height of my first leg trembling orgasm. Involuntary spasms shook my whole body as his tongue worked its magic on me. Until I could take no more , he lay beside me on the bed then, letting my fingures trace patterns on his skin.

His cock twitching against his slight belly (there is more of that than there was 2 years go) he asks me

what do you want to do with that?

what do you want me to do?

whatever you like

(probably the first words spoken by either of us in an hour) I don't need any other encouragement before I am crawling down the bed to kneel between his knees nibbling, licking and sucking on his delicious cock, it feels so great yet at the same time awkward when his cock hits the back of my mouth making me gag slightly. It has been a very long time since I felt those sensations. I am enjoying myself immensely with this man who was my lover before and is again now.

Adjusting my position I move myself back towards the head of the bed climbing on top of his prone body impaling myself on his erection. slowly moving against his thrusts my breasts hanging between us he catches them in his gentle hands pinching and caressing my nipples. Leaning forward I kiss his hungry mouth, I break away to whisper in his ear

we have not been very chatty tonight have we?

he laughs

no we haven't

back to the kissing and grinding I am now laying along his length lking down on his serious face while he thrusts deep into me.

You almost smiled

His face breaking into a big grin he reaches up to bring my face down to his for more kissing. We keep kissing and thrusting until his knee starts to play him up (an old footballing injury). As I roll onto the bed beside him one word escapes his lips


This makes me smile to myself so it had been as good for him as it was for me.

It felt good to have a cock inside me

deep inside you too


We lay companionably together cuddling and kissing as we enjoyed our post coital conversation. I think we have good sex partly because we have known each other for 2 1/2 years, we know each other fairly well, neither of us are expecting a relationship out of this so we are relaxed with no pressure. We like each other as people in addition to having a sexual attraction. I believe we have become the perfect 'friends with benefits'

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shivers down my spine

It wasn't fair

I was trying to get on with my work but my mind kept going back to those kisses. Every time I thought about his kisses a shiver went through me. Every time I thought about the feel of his hand as it held mine I felt weak. Remembering his touch as his hand slid inside my jacket first to my waist then moving up to hold my breast.

Throughout the time we had been sitting chatting in his car he had made no move to try and touch or even kiss me. It was only when I was ready to go home to my lonely bed that he made his unexpected move.

If anyone had told me earlier in the evening that I would be meeting him there after midnight I would have laughed. It had been about 3 months since we had met that first time, we had tried to meet again a month ago but it didn't happen so why now.

When he had mentioned that he would be passing that way at midnight on his return from running an errand, he said he would look out for my car. We hadn't made a definite arrangement to meet it was more a case of if we are both there at the same time sort of thing. Of course I had no reason to be up there on my favourite hill top at that time of night.

After he had signed out of messenger he text me asking what car I drive, so I knew he thought I would be there. That almost stopped me from going. How dare he be so confident that I would venture out at that time to meet him on the off chance. I ummed and aahhed for a while, should I go or should I stay? Another friend came online and told me to go for it. Trying not to drive too fast I sped along the crest of the hill until I reached the car park I had mentioned (knowing that out of all the carparks along that stretch of road it would be the quietest).

When I arrived there was no sign of him but he had text me that he was disappointed, well he had said midnight and it was now 10 past. I replied something about him not being there. Within 2 minutes he drove up and parked alongside my car. The next hour was very odd yet easy at the same time. Indulging in my hobby of checking out the city lights below to see which landmarks we could identify. Before succuming to the chill breeze and getting into his Jag to keep warm, where we managed to chat amiably for 45 minutes prior to that first kiss.

We talked about meeting again for a drink soon, I hope we do.

Friday, 22 May 2009

If I said

A few days ago I sent this to a few of my male friends past and prospective to see what they thought.

If I said
If I said I want you, would you come to me?
If I said I need you, do you need me too?
If I said I am hungry for you, would you satisfy me?
If I wanted to see you would you stand naked before me?
If I wanted to feel you, would you place my hands on you?
If I wanted to smell you, would you kneel before me so I could drink in the scent of you?
If I wanted to taste you would you feed me your hard cock?
If I asked would you to fuck me please, would you make me beg?

Here is the reply I got from Thomas aka my Knight

If you said you want me, I would come to you.
If you said you need me, I'd need you too.
If you said you were hungry for me, I'd hunger for you too.
If you wanted to see me, I'd stand rampant before you.
If you wanted to feel me, I'd place your hands upon my manhood.
If you wanted to smell me, I'd relish you drinking in the sent of me.
If you wanted to taste me, I'd feed you my cock.
Drink of me and dribble my spunk from your mouth to mine.
If you asked me to fuck you, I'd make you beg.
If you wanted me deep inside your cunt, I'd scissor with you and feel your warmth
If you wanted me up your arse, I'd joyfully have you sit upon me and relish the sight of your curves and the feel of your vulgar tightness.
Suck me my angel, I want to see you abandon any propriety.
Fuck me hard and wantonly, I need to see the sweat upon your curves. Drench me in your womanly cum and scream your joy for it.

You lovely rude and vulgar lady.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Poker face

Listening to the radio I heard them play Lady Gaga's song Poker face. When I first heard this song I wasn't over keen on it but it has grown on me particularly since I saw the interview she did on Jonathon Ross's show a few weeks ago explaining what the song is about.

Poker Face

Listening to this song reminds me of when I am out with Plumber. If you don't know what the song is about I shall do my best to explain. It about not letting the person you are with realise that you are actually thinking about another person/s. They believe that you are completely into them which isn't necessarily the case.

When I am with Plumber I do get into being with him, he is a very nice guy and very sexual which of course suits me down to the ground or bed or where ever. But even though I am enjoying him I am also probably thinking I wish he was Romeo. Don't get me wrong I do like him and on the few occasions we have had sex it has been very hot and very mmmmmm but he just doesn't blow me away in the way that Romeo did. So when I get asked about how things are with Plumber I am quite vague because although I do like him and we get on well I just don't feel that this could ever become a long term relationship.

Yet whilst I am saying this he has confessed to liking me very much (he thinks I am very special) and that he thinks I like him as much as he likes me. This leads me to believe that perhaps I am not as cool towards him as I think I am and he actually believes that I am hot for him. Of course I am not going to dissillusion him by putting him straight because I do like him, just not as much as Romeo. If he thinks I do like him that much then that can only be good.

Have you ever been with one person whilst thinking about someone different?
If so did the person you were with realise?

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hot for him

There is a man
we have met just once
we chat often on IM
we discuss many subjects
he makes me hot
he makes me fidget
he makes me smile
when he is not there I miss him
when he arrives I am happy
when he argues I am wet

This man is not attractive in the normal sense
This man is not gentle and sensitive
This man is opinionated
This man does not suffer fools
This man thrills me
This man makes me want him
This man makes me aroused
This man can be distant
This man is interesting
This man is interested in me

As soon as we chat I feel that familiar tug
As soon as we chat the battle begins
As soon as we chat the swords are drawn
As soon as we chat I know
As soon as we chat I want to be with him
As soon as we chat I yearn for his hands
As soon as we chat I long to feel him
As soon as we chat I need to taste him

This man who is so wrong for me is the one who causes the heat between my legs. He is the one I can't stop wanting. He is the one I have to caress with my hands and tongue. He is the one I want to be tied down by as he fucks me senseless. I want him to take me until I beg him to stop. I want him to make me his, to take what he wants. I want him to leave me in a heap of weak limbs unable to move. As I press my fingers onto my wet swollen clit I long for his tongue to torture my desire.

I just can't help it I am hot for him!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

All dressed up

On thursday evening it was parents evening at college again. This time I was accompanied by OJ. As expected all his tutors are pleased with him and he already has 4 A's in the bag even before he takes his final exams. Between appointments we were discussing his choice of University. He still feels that he would like to go to Warwick as he knows it has a very good reputation and he did like it there, but he thinks he will probably go to Surrey. Surrey offers scholarships and if certain grades are reached the scholarships are doubled. As he knows he has already exceeded the required grades he believes that financially he will be better off going there. As my mum said when I told her this today.......'OJ always has the £ at the front of his mind'. He also said that as Surrey is closer to London he would be able to watch his favourite football team West Ham Utd. Personally I don't think this is a good reason as if he was at Warwick he could watch them at all the teams they play in the Midlands (and probably cheaper).

Tonight I had decided that I would suprise Plumber and go to a gig he was working at. He had told me last night that he would like me to go as he would like to see me. I only said I would think about it. But just as I was ready to go he came online asking if I had got his text. I then realised I had left my phone in my car earlier. It turns out that the gig was cancelled as the drummer injured his back last week and although they thought he would be able to play tonight his back is worse than they thought he might not be able to play again poor man.

I asked Plumber if he fancied meeting for a drink instead. But he has decided to have an early night as he has been working today. I noticed that one of the other guys I chat to was online, he said he wants to go to our view point on Monday eve but hes too tired tonight. Men!!! they have no stamina.

So here I am on a Saturday evening all dressed up with nowhere to go. I have messaged Golf asking him where he is when a girl needs to be rescued. I did consider asking Kama if he wants to meet up but by the time I thought about it I decided it was too late in the evening. Unlike Golf he doesn't seem to like spontaneous plans.

I think I shall do some work on my project instead.

Earlier I bought a few things to help get my garden project started. DC has promised to help me tomorrow. I have already sprayed the nettles with weed killer. I have a new hedge trimmer so that should sort out the brambles as well as the hedge in the front garden. I also have a shiny new spade for when we are ready to start digging up the garden. I also had a look at paving slabs and gravel I think that is the way I shall go.

Lady in red: Room with a view#links#links

Lady in red: Room with a view#links#links

wanting and promiscuous

LiR My love
Are you free Thursday eve?
Would you like to meet early eve?
Lust you always

Dearest Darling

I would dearly love to meet you on Thursday evening but as fate would have it the only evening I can't make this week is Thursday as I have to attend parents evening at College. If I could arrange to get my son to meet me there I could possibly manage to meet you for an hour depending on the earliest appointment (currently 7.30)

LiR my love,
Shall we tease ourselves with just an hour? I can't say no! I don't have the will power not to see your beautiful curves displayed before me. I want to feast my eyes upon your femininity and your womanhood and have you enjoy my manhood. I'm so aroused by the prospect. Lusting you dreadfully. Shall we do something promiscuous and dirty? A brief sexual encounter to keep our lust for one another fresh as it always has been. or put our thirst for it to a better longer time together?

Where? How? When? Before or after 7.30?
Yours wanting and promiscuous.

I have persuaded my son to meet me at the college, our earliest appointment is now 6.50pm. what time would you be able to meet? I finish work about 5pm. DO you know any of the pubs in the area? I think with the limited time it will have to be a drink but I am sure we won't be able to keep our hands and lips to ourselves.

I look forward to hearing from you

I don't know if you'll see this befor you go to work, but I was thinking you could come up to ******, but it will take you 20 minutes and back, that's 40 leaving us ± an hour to ..........................

I managed to leave work a little early, called him to get directions to the place we would be meeting. 20 minutes later I was parked outside his converted listed building at the end of a lane perched on the edge of woodland. On the inside his home is beautiful as it should be for someone of his talents. After nervously drinking tea in the breakfast room overlooking a wonderful garden that just blends so superbly with the surrounding woods we moved into the richly furnished livingroom. Whilst I perched on a fabulous sofa he sat on a low coffee table facing me. Still we continues the small talk, I wasn't sure if this new awkwardness would remain for long but as I crossed my legs he became excited at the prospect of seeing the lace top of my stockings. He had apparently already caught a glimpse as I alighted from my car. He lept across the space between us to slide a hand inside my skirt caressing my outer thigh above the lace. As he did so we shared our first kiss of the afternoon.

It didn't take long before we were both topless, between kissing passionately (we do have 2 years of kisses to catch up on) we took it in turns to nibble and suck each other's nipples. But we couldn't stop there, not now! Not after all this time when we have been lusting after each other for so long. With my skirt in a heap along with the rest of his clothes we lay on our sides as he watched me squirt from the attention his fingers were giving to my aching cunt. (I don't often use that word but I know how much he loves it when I do). Knowing that he was loving what he was doing and witnessing I was able to finally grasp his lovely cock and taste him for the first time since our afternoon together so long ago. His murmuring that he had forgotten just how good I am with my mouth only served to intensify my enjoyment.

The polished floorboards beneath my hot back were unyielding as we tried with great difficulty to make love in the missionary position but swapping places so that I was sat astride my beautiful champion I was able to ride him, just slow small movements at first but graduating into bigger faster movements as we both felt the tightness of my vagina loosen up a little until I collapsed beside him for more kisses and cuddles.

All too soon it was time for me to start making a move to leave. As I started to get up from the floor I found myself on my knees with my love stood before me. How could I resist kissing his belly once again? His upper thighs too were very inviting, kissing his soft warm skin could only lead to one more suck on his delicious cock. But as I held him to me, hands gripping his firm arse my lips around his manhood sucking with such pleasure, he could not help but cum in my mouth. Thinking back I can't remember the last time I was able to do this. This time around I swallowed every drop, I wasn't going to share with him this time. But once I had swallowed all he had, making sure he was completely finished, I stood up, threw my arms around his neck kissing him so that he could share the taste in my mouth.

He giggled.

'I thought you were going'

'how could I go while you were cumming?'

realising the time we quickly dressed, luckily I noticed straight away that I had out my top on inside out.............that would have been a clear give away!!

Clothes readjusted we walked out to my car together as we said goodbye.

I just hope it won't be another two years before we can be together again!!

I adored him before, but I adore him even more now. My lovely sweet, dirty minded Thomas aka my knight in Tarnished Armour

Friday, 27 March 2009

The truth about dating Plumber

Over on Lady in Red I posted a brief account of my second date with Plumber. I have been accused of not giving enough details. I know there are some who read that blog who would prefer not to read the details so I made the decision to keep my posts on there very vague. Anyone wishing to read more will have to come here.

The truth is that after our saucy encounter in his car in the pub car park we both knew that we needed more space and comfortable surroundings for our next date. Plumber did try to book a hotel room but was not immediately successful. He had been asked to house sit for a week so we agreed to meet at his house. I wasn't sure about this at first but as there was no other solution it was either meet at his house or wait indefinitely.

During our first passionate clinch in his car Plumber discovered just how wet I get, so this time he was prepared with a mattress protector and towels. We sat chatting and drinking red wine for quite a while then the kissing started. It was quite odd to think that I was fully dressed whilst he was only wearing a towel around his waist. I was beginning to get aroused now which became quite evident when I got up to use the bathroom,(leaving a wet patch on the sofa). It was time to go upstairs. Plumber undressed me, liking what he saw. We climbed onto the bed and continued kissing and exploring. Plumber took great delight in my breasts (anyone would think he had died and gone to heaven).

I told him it was time to lose the towel and believe it or not he agreed with me. Lots of foreplay followed, there was lots of licking and sucking from each of us. It felt very good to have a man working my labia with his fingers and tongue mmmmmmmm that was very good and even better every now and then he went back for more!!. Between bouts of cunilingus I gave him head. He has a very nice cock except that the head is rather large and it isn't easy for my mouth to stretch wide enough to get it all in but, get it into my mouth I did although there is no chance I can deep throat him. However he loved my attention on his manhood. We were both having a great time.

We decided that as great as the foreplay was we had reached the time for the real action that we had both been missing from our lives. He knelt between my thighs nudging my clit with his penis. He began to push forward, but all that happened was he slid off his target while I winced in pain. We tried several times in a variety of positions including doggy style but there was no way that his large head was going to get inside my tight cunt (even with extra lubrication). Unfortunately I had managed to cut myself shaving which was adding to the difficulties with the size. Obviously lack of use has had an adverse effect on my cunt. We gave up trying to fuck and just enjoyed being together.

It was lovely sleeping together, for both of us it was the first time for at least 18 months that we had slept with someone. The feel of a body curled up with mine through out the night was good. Neither of us slept particularly well but it felt good. In the morning we kissed and cuddled for a while then to my astonishment he dived under the covers to lick me out again. What a great way to start a new day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to repay him as the alarms we had both set were now going off and I had to drive the short distance home to get ready for work!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Do you?

Looking into your pale eyes
As they sparkle with your smile,
Our faces just inches apart as we laugh and chat.
Do you read what is written in my eyes
Do you see the hidden desire

The need to reach out
To touch your face
To taste your breath
As together we allow
Our lips to meet

The light touch of your hand
About my waist
So brief yet indelibly
Burnt into my memory
To cherish until next time

Do you have any idea
Of the calm turmoil
You create within
Your touch, your smile
These things I crave so much

Do you want it too
A time and a place
Where we can share
Much more than
A simple kiss

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Trouble with Garfield

As I stood leaning over the 4ft barrier he slipped his hand inside my blouse, when I didn't object too much his fingers ventured further. Sliding his hand inside my bra grabbing a handful of warm flesh. All the time talking dirty, making me laugh. My high visibility bomber jacket whilst too small for me was still enough to hide his actions from those within sight.

I could and perhaps should have not only objected to him touching me up in this way, but put in a formal complaint. I did neither. Whilst I didn't actively encourage him neither did I forcibly discourage him which makes me as guilty as he. The line though was firmly drawn when he made to undo the zip on my trousers. Bad enough that I had allowed him (much to my own astonishment) to fondle my breast, I was not going to allow him inside my trousers. Perhaps if we had not been at my work place things may have been different but I doubt it.

This man who I refer to among my colleagues as 'the dirty old man'. He calls me up at times for no other reason than just to talk dirty. He talks the same way to my colleagues but mostly to me. He knows I have my naughty side and he tries to draw me into being naughty. He is single he is local he is very well off (in comparison to me that is). He is extremely cheeky. He is a an important contact. I cannot afford to upset him, however this is not why I allowed him to molest me. Thinking about it as I strode back towards my office I realised that I have actually become a little fond of the naughty man.

I was also a little warm after the experience which was not really unpleasant. I realise that I actually enjoyed being handled, probably because it has been so long since I was touched like this.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

When a joke isn't taken that way

I don't know what to do.....
should I be early or late
should I drink alcohol or not
should I greet with a kiss or
shake hands should I wear jeans or skirt
should I cover up or wear low cut neck
should I bring my mum or my son
should I wear make up or be natural
all these questions
and thats before I even know .........................
when or where
to get my car MOT done

it was meant to make him laugh but this is what I got back

1.I don't know what to do.....I'm still thinking about it. Read line 12
2.should I be early or late We should organise a meeting point or I pick you up at yours.
3.should I drink alcohol or not I should, why not. I'm driving so I'll only have a couple of drinks
4.should I greet with a kiss or shake hands Both
5.should I wear jeans or skirt Whatever your comfortable in. I'll be in black jeans cause I've ben in trousers all week.
6.should I cover up or wear low cut neck same as 5 above
7.should I bring my mum or my son errr, no!
8.should I wear make up or be natural Same as 5 above
9.all these questions...Yep..!
10.and thats before I even know .........................
11.when or where Saturday, TBC
12.Drive out for a drink and dinner......what you think..OK?
to get my car MOT done Good luck. Hope it all goes well.

So now I know .........................giggles


Having another blonde moment I left my phone at home today. On my return I had a couple of text from The Man aka Kama (as of now). I also had about 5 emails, one of which said that he had missed hearing from me. Another was a fantasy/nightmare that he had written for me. To check it out go here.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Benefits of ICE

Yesterday the lovely FireByrd sent me an email about ICE

Message from the Ambulance Service

We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory.. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency) Campaign.

The concept of 'ICE' is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As mobile phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name 'ICE' ( In Case Of Emergency). The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents there were always mobile phones with patients but they didn't know which number to call.

He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognised name for this purpose.

In an emergency situation, Emergency Service personnel and hospital Staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialling the number you have stored as 'ICE'. Please forward this. It won't take too many 'forwards' before everybody will know about this. It really could save your life, or put a loved one's mind at rest.

For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc


Being the good blogger/friend/citizen that I am I emailed this to people on my contact list for the email account I had received it on. I will get around to sending it to people on my other contact lists soon. In the mean time here it is for anyone who has not seen it.

This afternoon I went to the gym then visited my mum. On my return home I checked my emails and was just about to delete all the ones I don't need when I realised there was one from GB aka Jasper in reply to my ICE email. I really hadn't expected to hear from him. It has been a long time since we last had any contact. It was only a very brief email, clearly he has not forgotten me although it is now two years since we were having our brief fling.

It was in my days on AFF (adult friend finder) Jasper was one of the men I met. He was married had never played away from home. His innocence made me laugh. He was such a sweetie. A successful businessman from a local City. His business is in the luxury end of the leisure industry. To my amazement when we first chatted he was not keen on the idea of meeting in hotels (that would be too sordid for his taste). He wanted to buy a house in my town which would be our love nest. At the time I was having trouble with cluster headaches some of which were caused by my car (not only no powersteering but very stiff wind down window which jarred my neck). He wanted to buy me a new car!!

I did manage to persuade him that he was being impractical.

When we met for the first time it was for a coffee in town. Jasper has the most delicious cheeky grin. I couldn't help getting swept up in his infectious enthusiasm. His gentlemanly charm, the efficient businessman and the gentle naive man that I knew him to be were all part of the attraction for me.

After several attempts to spend more time together we finally managed to be together in a hotel dangerously close to his home. Our time together was so special that we both felt elated for the next 24 hours until the guilt of his betrayal hit him. A few days of soul searching later he wanted to continue to see me but keep me at arms length so to speak as he couldn't afford to become too attached to me. It was then that I felt I had to let him go even though it was so hard to do.

Whilst writing this post I received a further email from him. I have not replied, as much as I would love to renew his aquaintance I do not think it would be wise.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Plutonic or not

I have been thinking about the question of whether or not men and women can be just friends.

My first reaction is yes of course we can. I have a number of friends who are men.

But then I began thinking about it a little closer.

I started thinking about the male friends I have.

After thinking about each one in turn I realised that in the case of my friends I can have male friends without there being anything sexual between us only because my male friends respect me enough not to take advantage of our friendship.

I do believe that it is perfectly possible to have close friends of the opposite sex without there being anything sexual between them. However having examined the friendships I currently have with men are perhaps only plutonic in the sense that I am not sexually attracted to them although I am well aware that they are sexually interested in me. I am also aware that they keep their sexual interest under control out of respect for me.

I was going to say that I am lucky to have friends who respect me enough not to take advantage of me but then again if they didn't have enough regard for me then we wouldn't be friends in the first place.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

stepping out

It felt so good to step out of the soft brown skirt, roll down those shimery sleek stockings, slip into soft warm cotton pyjamas, climb into bed snuggled under my warm cosy duvet laying my head upon welcoming pillows and know that it is still daylight outside. It was still another 3 hours before I should have left my desk only to get stuck in traffic on rain soaked roads and yet here I was already, home, warm and comfortable on this impromtu afternoon off from work. Armed with my radio, a book my laptop, box of tissues, cough medicine and not forgetting the elicit bar of chocolate, what more could a middle aged, single mother of four want??? .....................................

Sunday, 18 January 2009


I had a very sad email yesterday.

A fellow blogger emailed to say that he was closing down his blog. He did explain why and I am very sad for him that the one place he had to voice his feelings and frustrations has been taken from him in this way. A family member found the blog and is accusing him of things he hasn't done. I have felt priviledged to be aquainted with this man even if it is only online, we live on different continents.

I hope that one day he will be able to come back in some way, I know he gained a lot from being able to blog. I shall miss him and I am sure others will too. I learnt a lot about the way men think from this man.

I am now also thinking about other bloggers I used to read who have felt for one reason or another that they had to close their blogs. But most especially those who have been forced to close them because of someone in their real life.

Some of the bloggers I miss are La fille Mariee, Cherrie, Fex, George, Easily Aroused, Feetman, and Fatso. There are others who have come and gone, some who have opened new blogs. But each and every one has left an impression on me.