Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 and beyond

Its been a while since I wrote anything here. Suddenly I find myself fired up to write, perhaps its the extended holiday and feeling relaxed but once this post is complete (I still don't know what this post will be about) I will have written a post on each and every one of my blogs except the diet one which I have forgotten how to access.

I guess part of the reason I have not been writing very much in recent months has been a lack of new interesting things to write. I still have financial difficulties but for the most part my life is anxt free. I am more relaxed, have enjoyed more family time, less adventures and tales of wantoness (is that a word?).

Maybe that sounds as though my life is all family and nothing else but that isn't the case. There is no special man in my life but there are 4 men who feature in my life more than others. These four musketeers are all dear friends who I enjoy spending time with. Forest has been in my life for more than three years, first as a friend then lover before being relegated back to friend status. However he asked to be upgraded back to lover back in the spring of 2009. (its odd to think it is now 2010). I refer to him as my occassional indulgence because that is exactly what he has become. We indulge in mutual satisfaction from time to time probably on average about once every 2 months although it can be twice in one month or once in 3 months.

He is a wonderful lover but we also enjoy non sexual conversations too. I suprise myself at some of the topics we discuss. Of the four he is the one I have known longest. Next is Mr Green, we are friends, we mostly communicate via text or email. Every few months we have a flurry of text/emails along the vein of are you whats been going on in your life. This leads to mutual agreement that we must meet up soon for a drink. Sometimes this happens but often life gets in the way. He has been like a mentor for me, giving me advice on work, men and life. He listens to my thoughts feelings and opinions without making me feel either stupid or inferior. There was a bit of a glitch a few months ago when his crush on me took over his good sense but once I made it clear that ours is purely a platonic friendship we settled back into just that.

During the first half of 2008 I became friends with LV, we spend occassional afternoons having lunch together and recently visited the German Market in Southampton. The nice thing about being friends with LV is that we can keep each other company and prevent each of us becoming reclusive in our own little worlds. We care about each other's welfare. He has had a tough time in the last 6 months. I try to brighten his world a little but not sure how much good I can do for him. He is a very generous friend who likes to help those he cares about, but feels let down by those who should care about him. I wish I could do more to cheer him up.

Most recently I met Plumber in the early part of 2009. This was a very passionate affair in the early months but by the summer had dwindled to infrequent conversations and evenings together. Partly due to my quest to meet someone on a less casual basis than he wants but also our inability to mate successfully. During the time he has been in my life he has been very good to/for me. Not least of all obtaining and fitting my dishwasher, but lovely meals out showing me the range of venues our county has to offer. Moonlit evenings watching the boats passing along our local coast or up on a hill listening for sheep and owls under starry skies encircled in his arms.

Like I said there is no special man in my life right now. I don't mind that as I am happy in myself right now. I feel that there will be new love in my life when the time is right. I am not trying to force that to happen but shall be ready when it does. In the mean time I shall be embarking on new ventures (although I am not currently 100% sure what those will be). I intend that 2010 will be a year of action rather than non action.