Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Why Romeo

When I wrote this post one of the comments from that guy that gets everywhere 'anon' simply stated that I am a

'poor delusional woman'.

I could have been upset by this but I wasn't because I knew that this person who hides behind that overused name had no idea how wrong they were. Ok I quite agree that on the face of it Romeo was stringing me along and I was a poor woman who had fallen for the sweet talk of a player. I don't expect anyone who is not privy to our conversations to understand why I was so adamant that Romeo is not a player but a very genuine man who for reasons most of us commoners would not be able to comprehend found it difficult to find time to be with me.

Anyone who has or knows someone who has their own business knows that it takes an awful lot of work and time to make that business successful. Many people who run their own business become work aholics. When that business has shifted due to customer demand to be based in another country it becomes hard to have leisure time at home especially when that work takes the business person from country to country at frighteningly regular intervals.

Had he been anyone else I would not have waited around for him for so long. He would have been kicked to the kerb months ago. But he has a gentleness about him, a genuine interest, he cares, he gives me confidence I didn't know I had. Any one who read this post about my fears may be wondering how I coped with my fears, how Romeo reacted to my figure. The truth is that from the moment I climbed into his car I forgot to worry about my figure. I didn't give it a second thought I was just so comfortable with Romeo, It felt so natural being with him. When we undressed each other I was enjoying the newness of it, of watching this gentle man carefully undoing each button on my blouse. I enjoyed watching his face as I released him first from his trousers then his briefs. We just enjoyed each other so much that there was no space in my mind to worry that I should hold in my stomach or position myself this way not let him see this part of me.

He adored playing with my nipples but took just as much pleasure from me pinching, flicking, sucking and nibbling on his nipples which if anything are more sensitive than mine. He has the most magic fingers and certainly knew how to make my juice flow and flow and flow. I think we found a new definition of 'waterbed'. I discovered over the last two years that I not only squirt but gush too. I always warn new lovers that a thick towel is an essential piece of equipment when having sex with me. With Romeo we didn't bother with towels it would have been a waste of time anyway as his fingers worked their magic both on and in my body. The only time I bothered to worry about my shape for a few fleeting seconds was when I caught sight of myself in the mirror as I checked the text I got from Bollinger Byrd.

Laying on that bed for all those hours as we played with each other was heaven, I don't just like sex I love it (N used to call me a nympho) but even so I have never experienced some of the highs I got from being with Romeo. He knows a few sexual tricks I had never heard of. I had felt for months as our conversations progressed that Romeo was on a similar sexual wavelength to me. Holding me close as he lay on his back we discussed sex at some length, what each of us has done (for me it was easy to tell him things I didn't think I would) I had never dreampt that I would tell him (not this early) that I had been involved in sex with more than one partner at one time. FFM and MMF, ok so I didn't tell him about the sixsome but hey I don't have to tell him everything at once. He told me about joining the 'mile high club' with a stewardess he had only just met. He told me about the world of light bondage that his ex had introduced him to. We talked about having sex with others but both agreed that as we have feelings for each other neither of us could contemplate sex with anyone else. Judging by what we shared on sunday and the things we talked about we have a lot of pleasure to lookforward to in the future.

Any doubts I could have had about whether the chemistry would be right when eventually we met, have been completely erradicated. I am so very happy and confident that I managed to wait for Romeo. Romeo as a lover is everything I could hope for.

Friday, 25 July 2008

his nipple

Softly playing in the background the words float across her conscience, 'hard to believe that I found you' she feels herself getting hotter and hotter the urge to plunge a finger into her throbbing pussy almost too much to resist. But resist she must, propped up on the sofa with her laptop on her knees as she works. She can't help herself as her phone vibrates in her pocket so close to her ass, startling her out of her reverie when the notes of his ring tone play, bringing the usual smile to her face.

'caught up in meetings'

his text had told her after lunch. She thought that would be all she would hear from him for hours, but that was ok as she was really starting to get stuck into the project she was working on. But his question about her sensitive nipples caught her off guard. suddenly she became aware of body parts that had not been on her mind until then. More text messages tormenting her as she shifted in her seat not quite concentrating on spreadsheets and figures to the same dergree as earlier. Not to be alone in her torment she demanded to know if he was sitting comfortably, guessing that as he tormented her he would himself be feeling aroused. she tells him he should come and get her, even as she types notes about customer accounts her whole body is alive with longing for this man who promises delights for her hard sensitive nipples. It is more than just her nipples that are alive right now. Later as she walks towards her door she hears the beep that indicates a missed text,

'how sensitive is my nipple? xx'

ah so now he thinks my nipple is his property she smiles secretly to herself. he tells her next, as she is in the garden hanging scraps of pink cotton and lace on the line to dry, that her melting will begin from her nipple.

Hands immersed in hot soapy water it is more than just her hands that are dripping as he tells her that she will melt when she can think of nothing else but him inside her. Does he not realise she has been imagining him inside her time and time again for months. Those tugging sensations emanating from her swollen clitoris as she thinks of him not just inside her but over and under her too.

Chores completed, dinner slowly cooking she sits down to catch up on her emails enjoying the silence that fills the house if only for a short time. Before the peace is shattered she selects some music to listen to as she gets back to work on her customer spreadsheets. Just as her music begins she is startled by his kisses vibrating on her ass to another rendition of his ringtone, just slightly ahead of the the one she had put on. He might not have anything to say to her but it is enough for her to know that he is thinking about her, although she knows now it is only her nipple he wants, still she feels that stirring in her knickers, but nolonger alone she can't do anything about this. Instead she enjoys the intense feelings this gives her, knowing that later she will use her middle finger to finish what he has started.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

friends who used to fuck

I was just reading a comment on catz blog, saying that in time she and S will become 'friends who used to fuck'. This got me thinking about Forest.

I am not sure how I would feel if I were to find myself in the same place as Forest but we are friends again so I guess that we are now 'friends who used to fuck'. From time to time we chat on IM just like we did before we met. One evening last week he was online before me. But before he signed out he said hello to me.

'hi, I couldn't sign out without saying hi'

Which I thought was very sweet of him. We chatted for a while which was good. In about 10 days time it will be a year since I last saw Forest although it was over a month later when we had our bust up. I will never forget that last time we were together.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Romeo Romeo where fore art thou

In the beginning I was waxing lyrical about Romeo a lot, but gradually this dwindled. You might be forgiven for thinking that things had cooled down between us. I am sure you think my feelings for him and vice versa have lessened during the intervening months. But on the contrary we both feel as strongly as ever that we want to meet.

In the first few months I found it very hard when I didn't hear from Romeo for a week or so, as I had become used to receiving text messages emails and phone calls almost every day. Soon we were chatting nightly on msn, but there were times when these texts and chats were absent from my day. I struggled some of the time wondering where he was, telling myself not to worry because I knew that I would hear from him as soon as he was able. Then each time when I was beginning to despair, I would get a text apologising, he had just returned from wherever.

Each time he went away it got a little easier to believe that I would hear from him again. Each time he came back my belief in him grew. I am certain that in all these months his belief and trust in me has been total. As the weeks passed we were becoming closer and closer although we were both frustrated that we were not getting any nearer meeting. He never seemed to get the chance to be at home. whenever he was in the UK it seemed to be between flights.

Then at the end of April I didn't hear from him for a week at which time I got a text apologising but he was ill. It was another week before I got another text from him again apolgising and saying it was the first time his head had begun to clear. Another week later he finally text that he was starting to get better. Now during this time my belief in him did waver, after all if I was ill I would have wanted contact with the person I had feelings for, if for no other reason than to cheer me up a little. I found his lack of communication during this time hard to comprehend.

Once he recovered from his illness which had not only left him very week but also depressed, he was playing catch up with his work. He was soon jetting off to places as far apart as Malasia and Iceland. I requested that he tell me where he was going rather than where he had been. This he has been doing since then. But still his communication was limited in the most part to just one text at a time. I was not the least bit worried that he didn't have feelings towards me, but I was feeling neglected. This was not the kind of relationship I had envisaged having. I felt that I was giving everything but receiving little. I do understand how hard he works and how tired he gets but this was not enough for me.

I had to do something, I had to make a decision, I could not carry on indefinitely like this. I could say, this is it, end of the line, good bye. But I didn't, what I did do was to send him an email telling him how neglected I feel and that I am going to allow myself to accept dates with other men whilst I am waiting for him.

Much to my surprise since then I have heard from him at least once everyday even though he went to Thailand on Tuesday. He text me then phoned on Monday (the first phone call for what seems like months). During that phone call we both said a lot of things, but he made it very clear that he doesn't want to lose me. He isn't interested in even exchanging emails with any other woman, it is me he wants by his side. After this trip he doesn't have any more long trips in his diary at the moment. (I told him to hide his diary). He is hoping that we will finally manage to spend some time together in the next couple of weeks. Whilst he has been away he has emailed me every day and even text me whilst I was at the Festival on Friday.

So no my feelings for Romeo have not waned. I am as besotted with this man, who I have never met in person, as I was in the beginning, and I know he feels the same.

'A thought to cherish and know the reality will exceed all expectations and desires.'

So I am afraid you will still be reading about Romeo for a while longer.

Monday, 7 July 2008


why do they do this?

Hi how are you? still having fun?


Do you remember me?

were you from *****?

yep but now *******

oh ok

remember now

drink then drive to airport hotel carpark then home

yes dont need room at hotel now ..................if you fancy it

lol I gave all that up last year

thats a pity

I found someone who means a lot to me

good for you


if you change your mind

just feeling horny

lol isn't that normal for most men

yes .......anyway it was this year we met......................Cowes week

last year



I decided it was time to settle down

you don't fancy a one off then

I had met this man once, we had a drink, then drove to a hotel, had a kiss in the car park then went our different ways. I didn't hear from him again until yesterday,thats 11 months!!!



how are you?


up all night shagging?

ha ha

thats a yes then

not even in my dreams

shame I wasn't there

wouldn't have done you any good


I couldn't stay awake

this young man used to write a blog but gave up last year. since then we have been chatting on and off mostly at weekends. I have been giving him advice on his relationship with the girl of his dreams who he is very much in love with but has never had sex as she is not ready.Slowly but surely he is making progress. Every now and then he gets suggestive in his chat I find that a little off putting as he is 20 years younger than me.

06/07/2008 @ 23:36 the match wrote:
Hi I loved reading your profile you sound really interesting and fun. I would love to find out more about you! You're a beautiful woman and you look very sexy, I would love to hear from you again! xx

this was a message from a young man of 32 on one of the dating sites that 4 months ago I left this message on my profile.

not looking at the moment as I have found someone who makes my heart sing.

Now tell me he read my profile.

multi tasking


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Adam and Eve

How Adam Got Eve -- Priceless

Adam was hanging around the garden of Eden feeling very lonely.
So, God asked him, "What's wrong with you?"

Adam said he didn't have anyone to talk to.

God said that He was going to make Adam a companion

and that it would be a woman.

He said, "This pretty lady will gather food for you, she will cook for you,

and when you discover clothing, she will wash it for you

She will always agree with every decision you make and she will not nag you,

and will always be the first to admit she was wrong when you've had a disagreement.

She will praise you!

She will bear your children.

and never ask you to get up in the middle of the night to take care of them.

"She will NEVER have a headache and will freely give you love and
passion whenever you need it."

Adam asked God, "What will a woman like this cost?"

God replied, "An arm and a leg."

Then Adam asked, "What can I get for a rib?"

Of course the rest is history............!!!!