Sunday, 31 August 2008

just a toothbrush

Ok so you may remember that I am not exactly the number one fan of my rabbit. I have perhaps used him a dozen certainly not as much as 2 dozen times in the 15 months since I got him. On the recommendation of Swinger and Cake, probably one or two others I got myself a battery operated toothbrush. Used in conjunction with lashings of lubricant I have enjoyed countless orgasms. But I wanted to try the tingle tip that Cake recommends, a smooth flat fitment that is interchangable with the head of a toothbrush (designed specifically fothe ppose of giving women pleasure).

Back in the early part of the year I ordered 3 new vibrators and a tingle tip. I waited just a couple of days until the anticipated parcel arrived. earing it open I was keen to try out my new tingle tip. But what is this?.....................damn it the toothbrush the wrong make and doesn't fit. I need to get a new toothbrush (oral B) but couldn't spare the cash at the time. So for months my tingle tip has lain in its little cloth bag in my bedside cabinet unused.

If you read my main blog you will know that a couple of weeks ago I went visiting other bloggers and thought I would finally buy myself a new electric toothbrush. ( I have never used anything but a normal toothbrush for cleaning my teeth). I found one for just £14 or so I thought, at the checkout I discovered it was £30!!!! I have never spent more than £6 on a toothbrush. After my weekend away unwrapped my new 'expensive' toothbrush and discovered that it needed an adaptor before I could plug it in to be charged up. A few days later it has been charged up, scrabble in my bedside cabinet, find what I am looking for. ....................FFS it doesn't fit!!!! I have looked at all the electric toothbrushes on the shelf in asda it is the only oral B one. So what am I to now?????

having just found a tingle tip online to get the link to paste on here I found this

* fits most Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes except 'Sonic' and 'CrossAction Power'.To use, simply remove your electric toothbrush head and replace with tingletip

of course mine is a 'sonic'.

Friday, 29 August 2008


LiR are you still in contact with that man?

what man?

The one who goes all over the world

Oh Romeo ...............oh yes very much

Hes still on the scene then

mmmmm yes he is

I didn't tell her that I am bessotted with him, that I have no intention of not being in contact with him.

I could say that he is the best looking man I have ever met.............he isn't
I could say he has the fittest body....................he doesn't
I could say he has the loveliest voice................he does
I could say he has a wonderful personality.........................he does
I could say he is the best me he is
I could say he is very considerate and kind .......................he is

To me he is everything a man should be except .................he isn't here

and just to make you jealous

I have had some great sex with the likes of Swinger and Mr Passionate etc but and it is a big but (no I don't mean mine)
The very very best orgasms I have ever ever had were the ones Romeo gave me. I am not sure what it was that he did but it was fucking wonderful.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

You disobeyed

‘You disobeyed me tonight’
‘I told you not to be gorgeous’
‘Did you? I wasn’t sure, you said wear a skirt and tights don’t be gorgeous’
‘yeah I didn’t want you to be gorgeous.’
‘I know but I came how I wanted to ..............for me.’
‘I’m not sure what it was about you that made me feel horny first........ Julie you smell gorgeous but you look lovely’.

Before Julie could reply George leaned in and kissed her lips. They had agreed to meet for a drink only, but here they were in his hotel room kissing. Perhaps it was the vodka she had consumed on an empty stomach as they had sat in the bar earlier. Perhaps this was what she really wanted to do. This stirring in her groin was doing her no good at all. She should stop kissing him and go home, instead she holds George closer to her as she kisses him ardently.
George slides his hand up her leg revelling in the feel of nylon, as Julie begins to unbutton his shirt. He pauses in mid kiss to ask
‘tights? or stockings?
Mischievously, Julie giggles
‘Um yes’

It seems this was in effect the same as throwing down a gauntlet for George. As he ran his hand up inside her skirt she slips her leg over his lap giving him the green light to fan the fire burning in her. Much to her pleasure he wastes no time finding the already wet gusset of her tights. At last they are both giving in to the desires they have both been harbouring since that fateful day last year when they had met at a family party. Both there, with their respective partners. The mutual lust simmering since that day, now Julie is wriggling on the seat offering her throbbing pussy to him silently demanding his fingers on her.

His hungry kisses returned enthusiastically by Julie, he pulls her to her feet, the anticipation building as they help each other from their clothes. Soon Julie is left with only her tights covering her modesty. Moving onto the bed inviting her to join him, George tells her.
‘Let me lick you up and down, until you say stop. Let me play with your body baby, make you real hot, let me do all the things you want me to do’
Julie lays beside him
‘I want it, I want it, all of you baby’

Kneeling between Julie’s legs he reaches towards her pussy, drawing her knees up slightly she takes a deep breath in anticipation. Pressing his thumb against her, feeling the wetness countless times over the months. He looks at her questioningly and receives her nod of approval. He doesn’t waste time before he carries out his fantasy of ripping the thin barrier between them. Crouching lower he finds his reward first caressing her now naked clitoris with his finger then to her obvious delight flicking his tongue at her.

Julie clutches the sheet in her bunched fists as she feels that first orgasm building inside her and the dribble of wetness escaping over his tongue. It has been a while since she felt a tongue down there and she fully intended to enjoy this. It wasn’t long before George experienced the gushing of her orgasm as she moaned her way through the waves of sheer pleasure. She had let him hear her moans before when they were on the phone.
‘I loved it when I heard you the other day’
‘me too’
George move back up to kiss her again giving her the taste of herself
‘mmm delicious’

Kneeling beside her, he shoots his load across her chest, kissing once more before he grabs a handful of tissues to clean her up.

They dress before she bids him goodnight and heads back to her home.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

a cock or two

Hmm well I just visited Ro's blog and read his idea about a deck of cards made up of HNT's from 52 bloggers made up in the style of pokemon or top trump cards. I think its a fabulous idea and by the time I had finished reading the post and all the many comments I even had an idea which picture I would use.

or perhaps this one which Lotto reminded me about earlier in the week

which I took whilst texting Mr passionate when I was at Mr Green's house on this occasion.

Any way you are probably wondering what this has got to do with the title of this post. Ok so now I shall tell you. By the time I got back to my own blog it occurred to me that a year ago I could have compiled my own set of cards featuring cocks. Yes thats right cocks. Since I became single again many guys have sent me pictures of thier cock. some on email or by IM but also quite a few on my phone. I did write a post about this last year. I have never asked for these pictures and to be quite honest I don't actually like looking at pictures of cocks, with perhaps the exception of the occasional picture of a cock that I have enjoyed in person, but then it is not the beauty of the picture that gets me but the memory of the pleasure I have had with the owner of that particular specimen.

When exchanging messages with Mr Passionate on the site where we met he has a picture of his cock. It always made me smile whenever I saw that picture not because I wanted to see that picture but because I adore Mr Passionate oh and also the passionate sex we always shared. At one point I had several photos of his cock on my phone and in my folders on pc but I don't think I spent a great deal of time looking at them. I also had a couple of videos he had sent me. again not something I spend hours drooling over.

So at one point I had a folder full of these pictures from a variety of men, many I had met but also a fair number that I never did get around to meeting. But I have got rid of these now remember my spring cleaning earlier in the year. Now I think I shall go and have a peek in the folders that are buried inside folders that buried inside other folders just to see if I might just have one picture left. Nope not a single one left oh apart from two of Mr Passionate but I'm not sharing.

Perhas you would like to vote for picture one or picture two in case I do decide to become one of Ro's 52 blogger HNT Cards (if he does decide to do it). Or perhaps you can think of anothe picture that you would like to see.