Thursday, 22 March 2007

you know you want to

I know you are not expecting this. but if you are not busy tonight would you like to meet for a drink then you can tell me in more detail........

will you teach me?

feeling very horny and needing instructions

thats a no then is it?

we both know u want to......... you know I need to be punished.........You want to show me how to behave you want to restrain me

you want to fuck me you want me to fuck you when you cant do anything

OMG I am so horny and I want you to know how wet I am getting are you hard? are you hiding at work playing with yourself when you could be playing with me.

forget the drink I need a FUCK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I know what I need tonight and it has to be you. Are you going to pass up this chance to do what ever you want with me? I am so wet waiting to hear waht you want. Do I have to beg you to take your pleasure from me.

phone answer

have been texting him for a few hours.........not a single answer. he is into sub/dom.....we have chatted about it a few times in recent weeks. tonight I have a real need to do this. I feel so very horny as I think about it. I have been getting quite wet and fidgety. I have refused to bring myself off I want to meet him and for him to know how turned on I am by the though of him dominating me. He wants to be dominated but is happy to dominate me first to teach me the ways of sub/dom. He will restrain me and slap me he will fuck me when I have no control then i will restrain him and he will have no control while I do what ever I like to him. he though is not playing ball. Maybe it has something to do with me using a phone he does not have the number for. I am lying face down across my bed now pressing my pussy into the bed, my legs moving slowly making the crotch of my jeans rub against my soaking swollen clit. Still I get no answer. Its no good I cant wait any longer. I roll onto my back and shove my hand inside my jeans pushing aside the fabric of my thong and start to rub furiously it is very quick I was already so close to the edge, now I cum ina great gush and my legs tremble as the spasm runs through me.

next I lay against my pillow and sleep clutching my mobile phone to my breast. I dream about going to his work place to find him.


Anonymous said...

How come I don't get texts like that these days...?

Lady in red said...

then maybe you need to give your fone number to someone who will send you text like that

Lady in red said...

you can email me if you like

Lady in red said...

EmmaK said...

Whew...I'd love to get a text like that. He didn't know what he was missing out on, evidently :)

Ordinary Girl said...

I'm confused Lady. Who were you texting?