Thursday, 29 March 2007

new HNT

not very exciting this week I'm afraid

My decision

Very late on tuesday night (wednesday morning) I sent an email to GB telling him that I was finishing it between us, that my feelings for him were too strong and all I was getting from this was hurt. We have lost the FUN. I have been feeling better in myself since I made the decision. I have also made another decision. I do not want to have any more married lovers. I have not decided yet what I want to happen about the married lovers I already see but I wont be starting to see any new men who are married. I am now at a stage where I want someone for me. Some one who will be happy to see or hear from me any time of the day or night. even at weekends.

During the late morning I rang one of my psychics just to check that I have done the right thing. she told me that he has read my email and taken on board what I have said. she then said that he wont be in touch for about 3 weeks then he will come back stronger than ever. She says he wont leave his wife although he is unhappy in his marriage and she doesnt know why he is still in it. We have never spoken about his marriage. She says that he is a very successful businessman but he is a coward. She did agree that I have done the right thing. What I need to do now is write out my order to the universe. (write down all the qualities I am looking for, who I want in my life...but I must be careful what I wish for) then I should burn it and offer it to the universe. I was going to do that tonight but have not yet.

Monday, 26 March 2007

I dont know what to make of this

I am sat here with tears pouring down my face. I have had a cold which is getting better but I have been working on switchboard today and will be again tomorrow. My throat is sore again so I am a little under the weather. Was thinking about GB on the way home. I emailed him last week that I would be working again in the same place as before for 2 days if he wanted to meet on the way home from work. We would be passing each other going in opposite directions. He has not responded. Neither has he responded to any of my text (I have been keeping them light hearted and sexy) since mid week. Not long after I got home I logged onto my pc to catch up on the day. No sooner was I online than GB appeared...I waited a few minutes then sent him a smiling face. this is what happeneed next

ladyinred says: :-D

GB says:
hello you. funny, i hardly ever visit here nowadays (1) no time (2) not much usage now. good to see a smile from you. GB x

ladyinred says:
i miss your text and calls

ladyinred says:
sometimes wonder if you like me texting you or wish i wouldnt

GB says:
just deep in all of my work. you know the rest. hope to speak sometime. GB x

ladyinred says:
yes I know ur busy .....I just dont want to be a nuisance but if you like receiveing them I will continue

then he was gone.

I had been thinking about him at lunch time and whether I should ask him to tell me if he really does want to see me again or is he just stringing me along. Although it isnt what he said, I think I just got my answer.

Sunday, 25 March 2007


Before xmas I was seeing SL regularly ...well sort of least a couple of times a month. But since then I have only seen him once which was when we met up with Mr and Mrs P back in mid january. we have planned to meet up since then but always something went wrong.

That is why today was amazing. I didnt just see SL once but twice in the same day. for the last couple of weeks we have been chatting to BA and SA about meeting them and another couple CY and Mrs CY. It was agreed we would all get together (new experience for us) but the day kept changing then on thursday it was confirmed it would be saturday. We also started getting messages from another couple at the start of the week, they dont live near us but would be staying in a local hotel over the weekend. I didnt think anything of it as we already had plans for a meet. But then SL told me that he had been in contact with them. It was agreed that we would meet at their hotel on sat lunchtime for a drink.
So today I got to spend 1 1/2 hrs with SL at lunchtime then 5 1/2 hrs with him tonight its just a pity that of all times I got a stinking cold on friday...but I was determined it wasnt going to spoil our plans. dosed myself up on friday was in bed before usually on pc until 2 or 3am. my cold wasnt too bad most of the time but has come back now that Im home again.
If we are lucky I will get to see SL again very soon as we are hoping to meet up with Mr and Mrs P again next friday evening.

Friday, 23 March 2007

thursday night update

by 10.30pm I still had heard nothing I had been texting from 4.45pm

I went online as for once none of the kids were using the pc I chatted to a few people including SL. We are meeting two other couples on saturday night so final arrangements were made. later just when I was going to get an early night SM came online chatting. We often chat late at night. he likes to wank while hes chatting to me and looking at some pictures he has of me. As I was still feeling very horny I went to bed early and he called me once I was there so we could finish our conversation and hear each other bringing ourselves off. That is not something I make a habit of but it was very horny and I must have cum about 5 times.

maybe i shall do this more often

Thursday, 22 March 2007

you know you want to

I know you are not expecting this. but if you are not busy tonight would you like to meet for a drink then you can tell me in more detail........

will you teach me?

feeling very horny and needing instructions

thats a no then is it?

we both know u want to......... you know I need to be punished.........You want to show me how to behave you want to restrain me

you want to fuck me you want me to fuck you when you cant do anything

OMG I am so horny and I want you to know how wet I am getting are you hard? are you hiding at work playing with yourself when you could be playing with me.

forget the drink I need a FUCK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I know what I need tonight and it has to be you. Are you going to pass up this chance to do what ever you want with me? I am so wet waiting to hear waht you want. Do I have to beg you to take your pleasure from me.

phone answer

have been texting him for a few hours.........not a single answer. he is into sub/dom.....we have chatted about it a few times in recent weeks. tonight I have a real need to do this. I feel so very horny as I think about it. I have been getting quite wet and fidgety. I have refused to bring myself off I want to meet him and for him to know how turned on I am by the though of him dominating me. He wants to be dominated but is happy to dominate me first to teach me the ways of sub/dom. He will restrain me and slap me he will fuck me when I have no control then i will restrain him and he will have no control while I do what ever I like to him. he though is not playing ball. Maybe it has something to do with me using a phone he does not have the number for. I am lying face down across my bed now pressing my pussy into the bed, my legs moving slowly making the crotch of my jeans rub against my soaking swollen clit. Still I get no answer. Its no good I cant wait any longer. I roll onto my back and shove my hand inside my jeans pushing aside the fabric of my thong and start to rub furiously it is very quick I was already so close to the edge, now I cum ina great gush and my legs tremble as the spasm runs through me.

next I lay against my pillow and sleep clutching my mobile phone to my breast. I dream about going to his work place to find him.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Last night I was going to write a post about the unusual snow blizzard and the silly girls I witnessed getting excited when it snowed briefly in the afternoon while I was in town. But the first thing I do when I log on is check the blogs I read the first is Vi's.
OMG I was so shocked when I read the short post on there last night it suddenly didnt seem appropriate to write about something so trivial.

I think by now Vi you realise how much everyone feels for you whether we have met you or not. We all feel we know you so well through your blog. the emails we exchanged yesterday morning about pictures and trains seem so irrelevant in the light of your news.

There is nothing any of us can do or say to make it better but just remember this was not your fault. Be kind to yourself. When we meet next weekend I'm sure you will get all the virtual hugs for real. Be the strong woman you are and take comfort in your two little boys. cherish the few photos you still have but don't become obsessed with looking at them. sorry now I'm getting into mother mode. so I shall shut up

Friday, 16 March 2007

lady in red revealed

its not very good but best I could do on my own

in chicago's last month

Real mothers do anything for their children

Real Mothers………..

Real mothers will do anything for their children , but many will neglect their own well being for the good of their children. I learnt the hard way that one of the most important things for us mothers to do for our children is to look after ourselves. At the start of 2001 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, I had a tumour the size of an orange. I was lucky that it was caught only just in time. I was due for my 5 yearly smear (pape) test when the tumour was found.

I particularly found Fussy Bitch’s post about female incontinence funny but with a sad tinge. In spring 2000 I found that I was leaking and decided that it was down to my age and weight so I started using Tena lady towels such as in FB’s post after all isn’t that what they are for. What I should have done was visit my GP. It was 6 months before I did and that was because I figured that I had a prolapse that was pressing on my bladder. I now know that it was the tumour pressing on my bladder.

I will never know when the tumour began to grow, but I had a smear test at my ante natal appointment after the birth of #4 son. This had to be done several times as there were insufficient cells (apparently not unusual after the birth of a child). Maybe the abnormal cells should have been picked up then or maybe they hadn’t yet started to form. When you get a call from your GP, to have a smear test make sure you do go. I believe that in the USA it is normal for this to be done yearly, where I live it is every 5 years however the hospital surgeons insist it should be at least every 3 years. Anyway my tumour was found, treated and I am lucky to still be here to tell the tale. A few weeks after getting the all clear I wrote an open letter to the mothers at my children’s schools. Over the years since I have passed this on to many of my online friends in the hope that I can spread the word how important it is for our children that we keep ourselves healthy. This message is not only for women but for men to pass on to the women in their lives. If I can prevent just one woman from going through what I did I will have achieved something in my life apart from bringing 4 wonderful young men into this world.

My boys all reacted differenty to my illness. #1 had just turned 13, he kept out of the house as much as possible. He didn’t know how to face me but his friends told me how worried he was. #2 was just 10 he wanted to be my rock, making sure I was comfortable, bringing me cups of tea and making sure his younger brothers were ready for school each morning, even making the lunchboxes up. I didn’t have the strength. #3 looked at me as though I had grown an extra head. But otherwise kept out of the way he was 9. my baby was 5 and just started school. He would just say mummy has a bad tummy then headbutt me in the tummy. A few years later we were discussing how two of my boys get ill more than the other two when #4 chimed in…….mummy you don’t get ill do you? You just get cancer!........He is not afraid of the word cancer because although he didn’t know what it was he knew mummy had cancer but she is well now.

This is the open letter that I mentioned earlier.

October , 2001

Dear Mothers:

Some of you will know me but many of you won’t. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have just recently been given the all clear, I am now cured. However I wanted to write to you to ask you to do your best to make sure that your children don’t have to go through what my children did.

There has never been any history of cancer in my family I don’t smoke and I am only in my thirties and have never missed a routine smear test. I had no reason to believe that I would get cancer especially not at this age. But I did, I have been very positive all through my treatment and have now come through it with a clean bill of health. When I told my boys that the cancer has all gone away they were all very pleased especially Elliot who announced to everyone within earshot, “I have got my normal mummy back.”

Hearing my son saying this has confirmed what I already knew, it was not only my life that has been put on hold for the last 8 months, but my whole family. We have had a lot of support from a lot of people including the staff at school. Some of you will also be aware that I have made it my aim to make sure that as many women as possible are made aware of just how very important it is that we all keep healthy. It is especially important to check your breasts regularly for lumps and go for regular smear tests. From asking around I have discovered that the general rule at Dr’s surgeries in this area is to call women for a smear test every five years. However the specialists at the hospital are adamant that we should be all tested every three years. If you don’t want to go to your own doctor’s you can get a smear test done at your local pharmacy. Just ask for an appointment although you will have to pay a small fee. It is not important where you go as long as you do get tested at least every five years, but every three years would be better. I know having a smear test is not pleasant, but it is nothing compared to the treatment for cancer.

If you have a smear test that shows abnormal cells you can be treated and like me get better.

For the sake of your children please, please look after yourselves.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

my mother

Recently I have mentioned my mother a few times. I have decided to reveal what a wonderful woman she is and a great help to me.

My mother is an incredible woman. By the time she was 21 my mother had 2 children with a third on the way. I was the eldest with two younger brothers. As soon as I started school aged 5 my mother went back out to work (not the norm in those days). My father was an intelligent man but had no ambition. He also had no direction and wondered from one job to another. I have no idea how many different jobs he had during my early years. To make ends meet my mother worked as a secretary. When I was 7 my mother went to work as a secretary for a local government solicitor. Not long after this she went back to college part time took more A levels to add to those she had gained at Brentwood Girls Grammar School. Her boss was very encouraging and she then began to study Law and became a Legal Executive. 5 years of studying followed this doing a sandwich coursein Law. This was just prior to the system changed and all Law students had to be University graduates. By this time my parent’s marriage had changed, I don’t know how open my parents were with each other, it was never discussed with us children obviously. But I was sure my father was having affairs. My mother had male friends some of whom I met over the years. But it never occurred to me at the time that these men were my mother’s boyfriends.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my mother had begun a long term affair with her college professor. This lasted 10 years until he died of a heart attack. My mother later explained to me that these relationships had given her the strength to remain in the marriage with my father. In 1976 my mother qualified as a solicitor. We were all in our teens by then so it couldn’t have been easy for her to work and study whilst bringing up 3 teenagers.

My mother stayed in local government and moved up through sheer hard work and determination until she became ‘The Solicitor’ to the council. Whilst managing to maintain such a demanding role she also studied at the open university achieving a BA in the history of Art.

A few years ago she took a well deserved retirement. But that wasn’t the end of all her hard work. She worked as a councillor for the Citizens Advice Bureau a couple of days a week. She joined the committee for the women’s refuge. Joined her local church and a Women’s Institute group, of which she is an active member. She is also a member of the local Rotary Club. Whilst doing all this she was making regular trips to visit her aged father who was caring for his partner who had back problems coupled with alzheimers and diabetes. They lived some 40 miles away. Until 2 ½ years ago when My grandfather’s partner was taken into hospital dying from cancer. I took my turns at taking him to visit her in hospital. After she died my mother spent far more time with her father often staying over night once or twice a week. All this is very commendable for anyone but on top of this my mother was diagnosed 17 years ago with multiple sclerosis. She has been lucky that she has not had many instances of ill health the worst being after the early death of my father 12 yrs ago when she had to deal with his funeral and the disposal of his business.

She was my rock (along with my children) when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2001. Even though she was devastated at the thought of possibly losing her daughter, she was there for me. She took turns with my husband in taking me to hospital for my daily treatment of radiotherapy, even though she was working full time in such a responsible position.

Through out my divorce she was there for me, she never once encouraged me to get divorced, more the opposite. But once she knew that I was determined she helped me as much as she could. When I lost my job a year ago she helped me as much as she could with food petrol and bills until my benefits were sorted out which took 3 months !!! At the same time she was helping both my brothers to buy decent cars for their families. Its funny how both of them are quite happy to hold their hands out and ask her for money. Where she is more than happy to help me and my boys I would rather stand on my own two feet and only accept her help when I have to.

For years my mum has had problems with her right leg partly down to the MS but also as she had a crooked knee. Her leg went to one side instead of being straight. In January this year she was admitted to hospital to have a knee replacement operation, they also straightened and re-seated her knee cap. Whilst she has been on crutches I have had the use of her car (yippee it has power steering and central locking unlike my car which my son has been driving). In return for keeping her car running for her, I have been doing all her fetching and carrying for the last couple of months. Carrying things up or down the stairs for her, picking up the many things she has managed to drop on the floor.

I have got a problem I need you to sort out….I have dropped rice on my kitchen floor.

There has also been ….cherry stones, grapes, blueberries, raisins, various tissues and bits of paper, potatoes…..I’m sure she does it on purpose.

At the weekend after I had been round once (we live on opposite sides of the town) she phoned me.

I need your help urgently can you come now please…….the outside drain has got blocked there is water everywhere.

Over the last week she has become depressed as she doesn’t feel that she has made the progress she should be making. Her knee is not as painful as it has been for years but she cannot walk on it. Many people at this stage are on one crutch if not none. She still needs both. Today I took her to see her consultant for her post op appointment. He has now assured her that there is nothing to worry about she has had far more work done on her knee than other people have. Plus where she has had problems with her leg for years her muscles have to learn how to walk again. I have managed to get her booked in for physiotherapy from next week to help her.

I love my mother and we have always been very close but she can also be very annoying. I know I am intelligent but at the same time I know my limitations and I know I am not as clever as my mum. For years I felt guilty for not aspiring to her level of achievement. I always felt that I had let her down by not being a career woman. My mother is a very kind and gentle woman but if she has something to say she says it or at least to me she does. We have never had a history of fights and have only ever fallen out once (when I crashed her car not long after I passed my test 20+ years ago). But there are times I have felt resentful of the things she has criticised me for. Like at the age of 25 she kept insisting that I was too old for long hair. Now she tells me that she doesn’t like my clothes, I shouldn’t put colour in my hair. I shouldn’t date men. She has a habit of making these remarks then she worries about trying to run my life for me and I’m a grown up now and she should keep quiet. Now I just say what I always did anyway. I listen to what she says then I do what ever I want to do. Whether, she would approve or not.
Last week I mentioned to her that I intend to meet some other bloggers (she knows I do one but not what is on it), in London at the end of March. She has been very vocal about that. She feels that London has changed since the days when I worked there, it is a dangerous place and I shouldn’t go. How would she cope with my boys if I get myself killed. I am sure she knows that although I take on board what she says ….I shall go anyway.

Although we are very close I don’t think my mother knows me as well as I know her. But when all is said and done I wouldn’t be without her I just don’t need her to know everything I do.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Testimonials on my profile

What a chatty, smiley girl 'lady in red ' is. 'Busty'! Certainly! A boob man's dream! ;) Outside the bedroom 'lady' is warm, laid back, chatty and smiley. And what a charming smile too! Really good company. Inside the bedroom she has a shy innocents that just makes you want her more. Receptive, warm and very, very wet! Hmmm! ;) I spent a very enjoyable evening both outside as well as inside the bedroom with 'lady' and hope to repeat the experience again soon! Let me bathe in your rivers again sometime! ;) xx


She is a beautiful lady to look at, with a fantastic body and great legs. I would love to meet her, I'm sure we would have a fantastic time! She is a credit to womankind, if you need a friend lady, you know where I am!! Love n kisses to you.


Lady is a lovely person to chat to. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet but hope we can remedy that soon. XX

(yes we have remedied that) Xxxx

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'t wait to play with you in person..........Light Blue




What a bueatifull sexxxxy lady I would love to meet her


Lovely lady, very passionate, knows her way around a mans body. A real pleasure to be with, and is just as nice when you wake up in the morning. Stay in touch. A xx


what a lovely pair of legs! I'd love to see them for real!


Some of these men I have met but others I have not.


We drove down to the New Forest to visit my grandfather (92 ) in the care home where he has lived since september last year. It was the first time I had visited him there without my mother. When we arrived they were all in the dining room just coming to the end of a quiz. My grandfather (CC) was just by the door, I signed in a knelt by his side to say hello. His face lit up when he realised who it was. The last time I had seen him a few weeks ago he was in hospital with pneumonia. We moved into the communal sitting room. We couldn’t use the conservatory where CC is usually found …..he likes that room very spacious, light and peaceful. I have never seen more than three of them in there, CC, Alice who apparently is no longer there and Harry who chats to CC but CC says he talks too much and should learn to shut up.

Anyway we found a group of armchairs which CC thought would be suitable for his granddaughter and her friend who I introduced to him (N). CC instantly decided that he recognised his other visitor and my hasn’t he grown up!! He thought it was my eldest son (19). Cheers granddad N is 5 weeks older than me !!!!!!
We had the usual chat about how he is, how I am and how the boys are getting on. I told him how my mum is and that I would bring her to see him soon and we will take him out for lunch. Mum is on crutches and couldn’t face the slope that leads up to the entrance of the Care Home. After a while I went up to his room to hang up the new trousers I had brought him along with supply of paper hankies and chocolate bars. Before we left I stopped to tell the manager that I had hung his trousers in his wardrobe for him. She asked after my mother, then we talked about my grandad, it seems he has a girlfriend. I assumed they meant the lady who befriended him after his partner died 2 years ago, she now works in the care home. But they meant one of the other residents. They wanted our family to know that he might complain that he keeps getting told off by the staff. He has to be separated from Gloria. She holds hands with everyone who sits next to her, but he has on several occasions put her hand on his crotch. Gloria doesn’t mind but it isn’t nice for the other residents. He has also been seen to put his hand on her breast. The staff have been having to separated the pair which upsets CC, they have explained the reason to him. I’m not sure how much he understands about this. In the main he still has most of his mind in tact but there are some hazy areas. I now have visions of CC being thrown out of the home for sexual harassment, his bungalow has recently been sold so he would have to live with my mother……….she wont be happy………..I just hope he starts to behave

Sunday, 11 March 2007

check this out

check this out

this guy is compiling a book for rednoseday ...funny tales from uk bloggers

Thursday, 8 March 2007

blowing my own trumpet

I have been spending my whole morning helping a friend. We chat on msn from time to time. He comes round here and helps me when I have computer problems. We met on AFF (just for a change) had coffee together in town back in october chatted and he is lovely and very very sexy. we had brief kiss as we parted. Since then we have chatted and like I said he fixes my computers for me. I told him a while back that I owe him a kiss the reply was that he would love a bj. he has been closeted in my bedroom with me on three different occasions now but has never even made a move to kiss me. I was beginning to think that he doesnt fancy me after all. he says he doesnt liek to be too pushy. But when we chat on msn he seems to want to meet me for some fun. while we were chatting this morning I asked him how his sex life is woman ever wants to get past the chatting. He asked me to do him a testimonial to see if that would help. so I did he was really pleased with it.

Mar 8, 2007I have met S**** a few times and he is such a lovely man. He has become a very good friend. Charming,sexy, never pushy. Always suprises me how much he is happy to do with little reward. Spike you will be well rewarded. Just ASK !

(he really is very sexy )
He especially likes the just ask bit. any way we carried on chatting and I said I would see if I could suggest some women for him to contact by looking at the women on the profiles of men in my friends network. I
gave him a couple of suggestions even emailed one woman who I know asking her to contact him. then I asked what he says on his messages he showed me so I have put him right and told him how to change it. he now thinks I should set myself up as an agony aunt.
I have even gone to the trouble of finding him the profile of a lady I have been in contact with recently. told him what she has on there that he should pick up on and the comments he should make. then looked at his profile and from what I know of him wrote out what he should say about hiumself.......then even wrote out an entire message for him as an example. even giving him the title for the message.
I think hes right I should set myself up teaching men how to approach women on dating sites to get them a positive response.
It will be interesting to see if he actually follows my advice and what response he gets. hes away next week but has promised to come over the following week to see what he can do with my computers.
He has also helped me in that he makes me feel guilty when I dont spend enough time on my studying. thanx SP (theres another set of initials for you VI)

Result !!

Today I had an unexpected result. when I say unexpected it was until late yesterday afternoon when I got the phone call.
I rent my home from a housing association. Normally they have been pretty good on the rare occassions I have reported a fault that needed to be repaired. But this was rediculous!!!

I spoke to the association representative and reported 3 things that need to be fixed.

1) my living room door need to be re hung. I had taken it off its hinge as, where the kids had hung on the door handle when they were small, over the years we had needed to tighten the screws in the top hinge every now and then. Now the wood had split and the hinge came loose.
2) my livingroom light switch (dimmer) had broken, the knob came off and I couldnt switch the light on.
3) hotwater tap in kitchen needed new washer. It was getting harder and harder to turn off.

A few days later I had a call from a lady who worked for the association. She had a record of the repairs required. she asked me about the door as they thought it was a case of tennant damage. It was wear and tear. She wanted to visit to see for herself. I was out with SL at the time. She came a few weeks later I showed her the door she was satisfied that it was wear and tear. she also said that my kitchen cupboard under the sink was beyond repair and should be replaced. That afternoon a carpenter arrived and fixed my door within 10 mins he had completed the job.
As for the light switch I waited and waited but no one came. every time I spoke to anyone they checked and the repairs were on record to be done. A couple of weeks ago my brother visited for an afternoon. I got him to have a look at the switch as he had trained as an electrician. He had it fixed in minutes. yesterday morning I got a call from the electrician asking if I would be home so he could fix my light switch. I told him it was done a few weeks ago.
Then later I got a call the plumber would be here today to fix my tap. He arrived mid morning and took an hour and a half to sort out my tap. In the end he fitted 2 new taps. The hard water in this area had caused the taps to need replacing.
Ok so what is the big deal I got my repairs done, well not all yet but I can switch on my light and turn off my tap. The big deal is that it has taken 6 months. the plumber showed me the paperwork. repairs reported 12/9/06 date received by contractor to carry out work 06/03/07 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The meeting of two bloggers

I guess there is no getting away from it, this is something I have to do. I did after all set myself up for it foolish as that was.
Yes we met, HMU text me that he was at the hotel and I should text him when I was arriving and he would meet me in reception. I dropped the boys off at the cricket ground, text HMU that I was just arriving and swung the car around. slipped it into gear and slid down the slope to the hotel car park. I left my overnight bag in the car as I went to meet HMU. As I approached reception I could see him there waiting although there were other men there loitering some on mobiles calling home or whereever. But I could see HMU and couldnt stop from grinning as I approached him, I tried to compose myself but I felt good. I was greeted with a very nice kiss. We made the joint decision to collect my bag and take it up to the room before we had dinner.
Once we were in the room we kissed some more and it felt really nice when HMU began to stroke my chest and unbutton my top. we stood kissing for quite some time before deciding to move to the bed to be more relaxed.
But the problem was that neither of us were fully relaxed. HMU is a very nice man and I am glad we met but neither of us felt the same chemistry we had had during our conversations etc leading up to this meeting. We were both ok about this. Chemistry is not something that can be guaranteed. We both readjusted our clothing and went down to the restaurant where we had a drink and chatted for ages. We had a very nice but very basic dinner. but the food was not important. HMU is a fascinating man with so many interesting tales and interests. It was amazing the amount of areas in his life that have gone along the same directions as mine only in his case in a far greater way. From involvement in Politics to education we have both been the chairperson of organisations. We are both people who get involved in life. we discussed blogging of course. we also chatted about our various daliances with members of the opposite sex. I felt very comfortable in his presence. We chatted about my intention to investigate the possibility of taking my writing to another level and possibly earning some small income from what I write. The time flew by probably because we just did not stop talking but I could see that HMU was becoming tired he had after all had a long day. I knew I was talking too much but I suggested it was time for me to leave. We returned to his room to collect my coat and bag. Thank goodness I had brought a coat. It had been such a gloriously sunny day but now it was raining. HMU walked me back to my car and we kissed good night. When I got home I text him thankyou for dinner and a lovely evening. his reply

I enjoyed the evening as well. Shame it wasn't what we expected!

I dont expect we will continue the same amount of communication but I shall certainly be pleased to call HMU a friend. Thank you HMU :-)

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

He was there

During the day we had been walking up one of the mountains close to mt Snowdon. Before dinner I had been looking around the grounds of the youth hostel. As I climbed the stairs leading to the dormitories I got to the landing where the stairs changed direction he was there waiting for me. I don’t think we had ever exchanged a single word in the year or so since he had arrived from Rhodesia. I found myself staring straight into his blues eyes in a face framed with very fair hair. He was short too, not much taller than me. He didn’t speak just took hold of me and kissed me. I was so dumb struck, I had fancied him from the very first day he had arrived. Here I was on the hostel stairs praying no one would appear to bring the kiss to an end. I could feel my face burning, I must have gone bright red, not sure if it was from embarrassment or pleasure, maybe a touch of both. I just couldn’t believe that this dream boat was kissing me with one hand on my boob and the other between my legs rubbing at the denim of my jeans. I had fantasied about kissing him for a long time and now here I was being kissed by him. That night I was one very happy 16 year old. That was our first and last kiss. Even when we returned to school the next week Mike still never spoke to me but I had my memory to keep me warm at night. That was one of the highlights of my geography field trip to Wales.

How long has it been?

I am not sure though it would be easy to find out. It has been a few weeks 3, 4 or 5 maybe but not much more I know. First I found his blog through a comment he had left on another that I read. I left a comment on his blog. Soon we were leaving comments for each other, then he emailed me and we began to chat on msn. Then he went on holiday for a week. Already though we hardly knew each other, that week took more than 7 days to my mind. I enjoyed chatting and exchanging views. When he returned we chatted some more, then we began giving each other ideas to write about on our blogs. A long very late night phone call followed as well as hundreds of text messages sometimes thoughout the day and evening.

Then he started talking about meeting. I suggested we meet at the bloggers meet in London at the end of March. But he can’t make it, so we decided that we would meet the day before instead. Then he felt he would like to meet before that and as he would be working less than an hour drive from my home on Tuesday 6th March we agreed that he would book a room at a hotel in a town not far from where I live.

It will be strange for me going to that hotel. It is the only hotel where I have stayed over night with a lover. I stayed there twice with SS before he vanished into thin air never to be seen or heard from again. Knowing that I am going there has got me thinking about SS again wondering how he is and if he is safe. (His work took him into dangerous areas). Had his work not taken him abroad suddenly I could have seen myself falling for SS big style. We were seeing each other at least twice a week which is far more than I have seen any other man apart from N during the year since I ended my marriage.

Anyway back to tomorrow. We have been texting on and off since I got my early morning text at 7.30. then this evening the texts increased for a couple of hours. Its gone quiet now for a while but I’m sure will start up again before bed time. I have started to think about tomorrow night and how it will be. I know we will get on well. I know he doesn’t have any desire to own me just have some fun together. It would be nice if the chemistry is there when we meet face to face, I suspect that it will be. We have both said that we would like this to be on going fun, nothing serious but not just one off either. I am thinking now about what I shall wear. I know I shall wear a skirt and stockings but that is as far as I have got. (no that does not mean I shall be topless).

Am I nervous? A little but not overly. When we meet will we indulge in small talk or get straight into an embrace that gives an indication of the passion to come later. Will we sit in the bar drinking for ages before going to his room or will we have a quick drink before getting in the lift. Will we keep our hands to ourselves whilst in public. I know that he enjoys being secretly intimate in public. This turns me on too.

It is now almost 11pm and I know that in under 24 hours I shall be with Hornymaleuk. I’m not sure why this meeting feels different to the others I have maybe it is because we are both bloggers and we are expected to give an account of our night. Will we both write favourable accounts. Certainly it will be interesting to read what a fellow blogger thinks of me in real life. I have had written accounts before when a few of the men I have met on AFF have written testimonials on my profile. Maybe I shall post them one day.
I think I had best have an early night tonight as I expect it will be a long night when we meet tomorrow.

Update as I knew there would be we exchanged more text before bed. with a promise of more tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

meeting HMU

Ok so anyone who has been reading this lately will know that I am meeting with HMU on tuesday evening. We have chatted loads and loads in the last few weeks online and by text and telephone. goro has said that she looks forward to reading about this on both our blogs. We were discussing this tonight. Will we meet then both go away and write what we thought of each other and whatever does or does not happen between us. Or will we write a combined post which we both put on our blogs or will we both go away write our own bits then merge them together. You will have to wait and see what we decide to do. However we did discuss whether we should take any pictures to post on our blogs. We wont be posting faces but does anyone have any preferences as to the pictures we take and maybe post on here. We have chosen one possibility but are open to suggestions.

my own preference is something that suggests intimacy but leaves plenty to the imagination.

Friday, 2 March 2007

The new receptionist part 2

‘Oh there you are Valerie, I was looking for you earlier. Have you been out?’

‘No Marcus, I have been here all the time either at my desk or about my work.’

‘That’s very odd, I wanted you to book a taxi for me, but I couldn’t find you anywhere. I looked everywhere except the boardroom. Cora said Conrad was in conference in there and mustn’t be disturbed.’

‘I bet you didn’t look in the ladies did you? Anyway you have found me now. When and where do you want this taxi to take you?’

‘Can you please book it for 12.15 to go from here to the Gladstonian. Conrad and I are entertaining clients. Oh and can you please phone them and make sure they have the booking for 10 people at 1pm if possible a table over looking the sea.’

Later Cartwright and Davies stop by reception. Cartwright leans across her desk and invites Valerie to join them and a few others for lunch at The Frog and Bucket, they will fill her in on the office gossip. This will be the easiest way for Valerie to find out who’s who in the office.
As Valerie munches on her Chicken Ceasar baguette and sips her fruit juice, she learns quite a lot about the office and all its employees. Before they return to the office Valerie mentions that most people have been very nice to her so far but Cora looks and speaks to her with an air of suspicion. David Cartwright assures her that she has nothing to worry about, Cora is behaving this way, because she is convinced that Marcus has his eye on Valerie. Richard Davies backs him up saying that Marcus who has only been widowed a few months ago has his eye on Valerie’s gorgeous bazookas. He looks her straight in the eye as he tells her this and Valerie can feel the heat rising in her face as she blushes. Richard goes on saying that Cora is a good sort and has been with the company since Marcus was a junior surveyor. She has mothered him since & Conrad too since he took over his father’s place in the company. She knows everything there is to know about both men. Their work and home lives. They only have to cough and she knows about it. Apparently she was worried Conrad was risking his marriage a few months ago but she has told Marcus that she has sorted it for him now. She is worried now about Marcus and his roving eye and it has only been 8 months since his dear Ruth died and at such a young age. It is far too early for Marcus to be thinking about other women.

Everyone heads back to the office before the bosses return. They arrive at the door at the same time as a tall good looking man with glasses and sandy coloured hair. He smiles at Valerie as he holds the door for her to pass through. She looks questioningly at David who whispers in her ear.
‘Simon Giles, head of Credit control and single. By the way Valerie I was meaning to ask you. When you go home at night are you going home to anyone special?’

‘I live with my two teenage sons and our cat Millie’

Valerie smiles to herself as she lets her mind wonder to her married lover, he is special but doesn’t live with her. This morning they had fulfilled one of his fantasies when he had laid her across the wide expanse of polished rosewood. There were important papers at one end of the table and at the other, Valerie laid out displaying herself for him to feast his eyes on her splendid breasts and fabulous legs. Which he spread apart with his large but gentle hands lifting her skirt, he buried his face between her inner thighs breathing in the scent of her. His fingers, reaching up to tweak her nipples through the sheer fabric of her blouse and thin lace bra. He is pleased to see that today she has come to work commando style. He adores the lacy thongs of various colours that she has but today he wants no barrier between her hidden fruit and his desire to be one with her. He places one knee gingerly on the table beside her thighs testing the strength of this impressive table. Once he is satisfied that the table has enough strength he climbs up over his prize and waves his exposed cock for Valerie to manipulate with her deft fingers and searching tongue, while he inserts first one then two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. He knows they cannot be too long so he moves back down the table and pushes his penis into her with a hand gently placed over her mouth to muffles her cries of delight as he enters her and together they dance to their own special rhythms as he fucks her. On this occasion it is a gentle sensuous fuck as they must be silent and take care not to break the table. But tonight he will make loud passionate love to her in the way they both love. They both stifle giggles as they shudder together and he carefully climbs off her and the table. She reaches for the box of expensive tissues, they mop up their mixed juices and straighten their attire. He checks that it is all clear and she slips back to her desk. He makes sure everything is left as it should be before he leaves the boardroom and returns to his office and makes a few calls before lunch with Marcus and their clients.

school sports

On and off during the past week I have heard Roger Black on the radio trying to improve sports for kids at school. Some kids only get 1 or maybe 2 hours of PE each week and many schools don’t even have a playing field. My 16yr old #2 son was listening to this with me on Tuesday on the way home from his college interview (he was offered a place on the spot). He commented that he doesn’t understand why some of the children at the school Roger was working with didn’t want to do PE. All my boys have been sporty, they have all played competitive football and the middle two cricket also. I explained to him that lots of girls don’t like sport as much as most boys do. I told him that for me when I was at school the worst part of having PE was the showers afterwards. At the school my boys go to there are shower facilities but I don’t know if they get much use. Certainly none of my boys have used them preferring to shower at home later.

Today my mum told me that she had heard Kelly Holmes talking about the work she has been doing going around schools improving the changing room facilities like making sure there were curtains on the showers. I found this particularly interesting as Kelly went to the same school as me although I had left before she started there. For me and many of the girls the showers were a nightmare. I was a very shy teenager and for me it was pure torture to have to use the communal shower. Girls going through puberty don’t want to have to walk naked across the changing room and through the shower with one teacher at each end making sure every girl went through and was at least wet when re emerging at the other end. I hope the same doesn’t still happen today. I was so relieved when I didn’t have to go through those showers anymore.

Thursday, 1 March 2007


Now that I am no longer seeing N I feel I can take back my freedom of speach as it were.
I am linking both my blogs together so that I can post on either blog under either identity. I was getting confused sometimes whether I was lady in red or sexy vixen when of course I am both. I shall probably still keep kindredperverts as more for my group sex exploits and battle for more general posts.


March Rugby Player