Monday, 22 January 2007

I love my kids but ......

8am and I'm looking forward to this morning, it has been ages since I last saw PL. He wanted to see me last week but I couldn't. Then he sent me a message late on friday night he wanted to see me urgently we chatted online for a while about how much we need to feel our bodies together. He is a very passionate guy and knows how to turn me on like a switch. He knows that as much as I like long slow sensual sex I also have a need for a hard fuck, a need to feel that I have really been fucked, so that I will still feel it hours later. PL is good at that, we are good together, our kisses are hot our hands cannot stay away from each other even as we lay together peacefully catching our breath chatting about anything and everything our hands are wondering all over each other.

PL taught me that anal sex is pleasurable, he showed me how to relax as he enters me and how to enjoy this as much as he does. his favourite place to shoot his sperm is into my ass it is just so hot and steamy when we get together. I cant wait to dress in my stockings and leather boots that he adores so much.

What !!! but you cant be ill you have to get up and go to school!

Have a drink then maybe you will feel better.

What do you mean you feel like you have been kicked in the stomach!!

Did you finish your homework last night?

you did oh ok is there any other reason you dont want to go to school?

let me check your temperature............Ok so you are hotter than you should be go back to sleep and I will call the school.

Drat drat drat thats my plans to be well and trully fucked this morning out the window. I wait until I think it will be safe then I text PL to let him know he can't come round today.

cold shower and just a quick read of the email conversation we had just to remind me what might have been.

Hi babe. Let me know if you're free anytime next week. Could really do with a couple of hours of intimacy with you. The thought of shooting my hot load deep into that tight ass has got me really hard...

hiya babe was only thinking earlier should I email you to say im free this week ........ I need you too hun

MMMMMMM Just let me know when you're free babe. Got an awful lot of cum to put in any hole you want xx

I will let you know when I know. I have had a few adventures this week but still in need of a good fuck. and i know I will get that with you babe

Give me a call and i'll come over and give it to you how you like it Lots of oral, lots of hard fucking, and lots of deep anal, which always ends in a pussy or ass full of hot cum You know i'll always give you what you need babe Off to bed now, look forward to seeing you again soon xx---------------------------------------------------

I cant believe I have just had to let him down, but more than that I feel so deflated and let down myself. I really needed to see PL today. Still maybe he will whisk me away on the back of his motorbike so we can find somewhere private where we can indulge in our favourite passtime.

I have never yet seen him in his leathers ........something I would love.

I close my eyes and imagine there is a knock on my door, I run downstairs to find PL stood there in his full leathers he picks me up easily and kisses me hard before setting me down telling me to put on my coat and boots. this done he carries me out of the door turns and locks it. Throws me over his powerful shoulders and takes me to his motorbike. There he sets me down and fits the spare helmet that awaits me. He throws his leg over the seat and invites me to climb up behind him. mmmmm as we speed off down the road my arms holding onto him my head resting on his shoulder the wind in my face I feel so alive. He winds his way along lanes that I don't know until we come to a track that goes into a forest. The gate prevents cars but on his motorbike access is easy. we travel along the track until the rest of the world has been left behind us. We stop and I slide off the seat to stand before my lover. I reach up to kiss his waiting lips and sigh as I feel his tounge slied between my lips to search the depths of my mouth. He is much taller than me even in hy heels so I have to stand on my tip toes (not easy). to keep my balance I grab his leather jacket I find the fastenings and begin to undo the poppers and zip that keep his body covered from neck down to his boots.

Wow my pleasure grows when I realise that under his black and red leathers he is naked. I tug at the zip being very careful as I slide the zip open to reveal his rock hard tool that he has been wanting to press against me from the moment he woke this morning.
He shrugs his arms out of the sleeves allowing the leather to drop I push the remaining material down his powerful legs. I sink to my knees and take his penis into my mouth already there are drops of precum on the tip of his bulging helmet. mmmm his penis tastes as good as I remember , I lick hungrily at the tip taking his precum for myself. Let my tongue flick about up and down his length, round and around his throbbing member. I love the sensations of licking his cock as it begins to shudder, my mouth takes him as far down my throat as I can manage. I am greedy now I want to take him as much as I can I want to feel him ramming down my throat. To fill my mouth until breathing becomes difficult. I am drowning in sensations when he pulls my head back and away from him. firmly he grips my shoulders and hauls me up to my feet. He throws me over the seat of his machine, my legs are dangling in the air he pulls at my jeans and soon my legs are revealed, this time there are no stockings just bare white flesh exposed to the february air. there is a touch of last night's frost still in the air but I dont feel the cold for long. To warm me up he gives my ass a few sharp stinging slaps it doesnt take many before I feel the heat from the slaps. He knows that I recently discovered that having my ass slapped makes me wet with desire. As the white flesh turns red he turns his attention to my pussy feeling around me until his fingers find the wetness of my waiting cunt. But as much as I try to wriggle myself so that his fingers are where I want them I can't move much. The weight of his body is pressing me into the seat of his machine. His free hand finds my breasts and plays with my nipples rubbing twisting pinching until I am screaming for him to stop I want to turn around so he can thrust his hard cock into my waiting cunt. But he has other ideas, his wet fingers slide away from my swollen and stimulated clitoris. oh yes baby I feel something wet slightly cool but not for long as he rubs lube into my ass I know now why I have to stay bent over the seat. My feet still dangle and I cant get a purchase on anything to push back against him but oh it feels so good as slowly he slides into my ass. with one hand on my back and the other reaching under to find my breasts that swing loose the other side of the machine he tweaks my nipples and begins thrusting faster and harder. I love this at this moment in time I love him he knows how to fill me how to make me cum so very much. Whenever we are together I dont make much sound maybe i subconsciously worry that the neighbours can hear. But this time there is noone for miles. I cry out in absolute pleasure, the thought of making noise in the heat of this intense desire makes me cry out more I want the birds and animals to stop in their tracks as they hear the pleasure you give me. Baby dont stop ever I want you so much filling me thrusting against me the slap of your balls as they make contact with my flesh everything the cold air the smell of the forest trees the feel of your arm wrapped around me the sound of your breathing as it deepens. Deeper harder we are moving in unison both of us enjoying this intimacy it has been too long since last we were together. Finally I shreik as I feel you shoot your cum deep inside me, its my turn as I cum so hard that liquid pours down the inside of my thighs. Spent we both lay across the bike breathing heavily until we catch our breath and slowly you withdraw your softening cock from my body with one final convulsion as you make the last movement to be free from my contracting muscles. You unlock the space under the seat of your bike and remove a couple of blankets these you spread upon the ground. We lay together exhausted for a few minutes unable even to speak ( thats a first for us). I roll onto my side find your lips and we kiss slow gentle kisses at first but soon the kisses become more urgent MY leg wraps around yours my hands begin to trace your ribs before slowly moving down to find your semi hard cock.
I knew it wouldnt take you long to start being aroused again it never does. My hand starts to play with your balls first then your slready strainig cock. Soon you are fully hard again and I climb onto you impaling myself onto you. Oh yes I need this as much as I needed to be ass fucked by you. My poor pussy has waited so long to be satisfied by you. No matter how many lovers I may have, how many adventures I have my body still craves to be used by you. As I move up and down you grab my ample breats and draw first one then the other between your lips sucking and teasing. MMMM you really are a fantastic lover, no wonder so many women love you and want you just for themselves. We roll over and you grab my legs pulling them into the air resting your head against my ankles as you fuck my pussy for all you are worth.

As our breathing becomes more measured following my multiple orgasms and you have shot your load into me again, well you did say you have lots to waiting to give me! There is a soft rustle in the undergrowth. We sit up and just manage to make out the shape of a back disappearing amongst the trees, as the back gets further away and less visble I can hear a soft whistle. It seems that our hot sex was witnessed by another who has now gone away whistling cheerfully. I turn to you and we laugh together softly as we grab our clohtes and dress the air is getting colder and as I look up I see that the sky which earlier was pale blue has now turned to that slightly yellow grey that means snow. It time to get home before we both freeze on the spot.

My darling PL I may not have been able to fuck you today but I enjoyed dreaming up this adventure and knowing that you are wanking as you think about me and anticipate the moment that you can read what I have written.

Until we meet again hun XXXXX


Freddy said...

could you be watched?
would it excite you to know that someone was watching as you were fucked?
as you demonstrated your skills with your lips on a cock?
would you be aware of them and put on a show, or would you be lost in your moment and oblivious to what may be around you?

I am in the 'putting on a show' category; S is oblivious!

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

We were all set to party once when a member of ther family had an emergency and we had to cancel. Wish we had your alternate experence

Lady in red said...

mr & mrs SW so do I so do I but it was only my imagination Im afraid :-(

Cherrie said...

You really need to get together with him soon. Not only because you need the experience--the real experience--but also because we need to read about it! Good luck, my lady.

VI said...

How goddamn inconsiderate your child got ill! It annoys me when mine do, not because I miss out on sex (I wish!) I miss out on work (dont work, dont get paid!)

Lady in red said...

I have had years of juggling my kids health and work. But as I am between jobs and have been for most of the last 10 months just doing temp jobs that has been easier. My kids are old enough now that they dont need me to nurse them which makes life easier too.