Thursday, 15 November 2007

Lady in Red

my friends who read Lady in Red have told me to stop posting on here as it confuses them and they are only reading that one now.

Is there anyone still reading this blog who doesn't read Lady in Red. would it be a problem if I stop posting on here?

HNT in Ivory satin

Monday, 12 November 2007


he has the softest most gentle hands, he spent hours just stroking my hands as we talked, playing footsie under the table. He is easy to be with. I think he is a man who is used to getting his own way although he is a very gentle, interesting and down to earth man. Like others who have been my lovers inc swinger he is ex army. (I find it odd that I have had several ex army lovers since we live in an area that is very much Navy orientated and I have only met one navy man).

we chatted for a couple of hours managing to get in a couple of kisses (not easy across the table). I had my first date with N in this pub on that occasion I was all but sat on his lap whilst all the time being watched by a friend of SF.

Skipper had come by train so he asked me if I could give him a lift back to the station, taking as long a route as I wanted. He helped me on with my coat, carried my folder ( I had brought some of my writing to show him so we would have something to talk about....he also writes adult fantasies), and held my hand as we walked through town to the car park. Once in my car he began kissing me passionately. we decided it was time to find somewhere more private that under a lamp post in a public car park over looked by the local police station. I decided the easiest place would be the side car park by the football club I used to be involved in. but as we drove along the road beside the football stadium there was police man on his push bike he followed us to the main car park, you can't go anywhere else we passed him again on our way back out. then I remembered a car park that is not used much outside working hours.

Here we found a nice spot away from street lamps ......just a couple of other cars parked at the other end and got down to some serious kissing and fondling. My driver's seat became extremely wet before we decided it was time to get him back to his train. On the way out of the car park we came across the same policeman on his bike heading back to his station. I took skipper back tot he station where we kissed goodnight and I went home. Once I had parked I just sat in my car for about 10 minutes. I just didn't have any urge to move. I was feeling very contented. I text him that I was feeling drunk, (which I wasn't, I had only had one drink). We text each other for a while one of his girl

when I woke this morning I had a text from him that I wasn't so keen on.........yes. lets have sex somewhere.........this had been at 2.30am. I was just considering how to reply to this when I got another more mundane text from him. I told him that I had slept well apart from being woken by a text in the night.

was it rude? I do hope not.

It was suggesting sex

oh that's awful! Dump him!

ok, your dumped!....................x


sorry about that late text.I sent it about eleven, must have been a slow delivery. I keep thinking about you.

should I forgive you?

depends what my punishment is to be

we continued to text each other intermittently throughout the day and evening with a brief chat on IM this evening. Somehow I don't think you have heard the last of Skipper.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

new and exciting developments

there have been new and exciting developments over night

watch this space ..........

pssst shall I let you into a secret

I have been out on a date with a new man

for now I shall call him Skipper but that might change

I am home again now after he had to catch his train home

he just text me

'sexy girl'

text messages

This evening I was bored and fell asleep on the sofa, I woke up around 9pm to find both my mobiles bleeping at me. On one was a text from Neptune, he must have been missing me as I had purposefully not made any contact since thursday. I don't see why it should always be me who makes contact first. He seems to expect me to do all the work here and I am not going to do it any more. I like him and I think he likes me but if he can't make the effort then I don't see this going anywhere especially as he lives so far away.

On my other phone was the start of an email from swinger so I looked at my mail via my phone to see what he said. It was his explanation for why he had gone quiet on me last year. We have since exchanged a couple of long text messages. We are going to be friends. I know I can do that, it isn't a problem. If I can be friends with forest after the way he hurt me then I can certainly be friends with swinger too. I did miss swinger when he vanished but he didn't and hasn't hurt me. To be honest I am relieved that he isn't coming back into my life as anything other than a friend.

Today I went back to one of the original dating sites that I had joined a long time ago and have been exchanging messages with a couple of new guys on one site. One of them lives in the same town as Oxo the other lives on a boat about 10 miles away from me. This man is also keen on writing and went to creative writing classes last year. He wants to write adult fantasies. we have been chatting on IM tonight so it will be interesting to see if anything develops there. As yet I have not decided on a nickname for him.

Oxo has been chatting again this evening, even though he hinted he has given up asking me to go over to see him. But I bet if I suggested it he would not hesitate to say yes. lol he is very funny and sweet, I just wish I felt more for him.

Friday, 9 November 2007


yesterday I sent out an email to a fair few friends was one of those meme type emails that was sent to me by Waynecoff. you fill in your own answers to the questions. One question being who do you think will be first to reply. I said it would be *****. Now on the list of recipients there were two men with this name.

The first reply was from one of these two.

I bet I wasn't the first or do you have another *****?

I'm not avoiding you darling, just manic with the things I have on my plate. I wish one of them was you naked but for a pair of stokings and suspenders in heels and red nails and matching lipstick with a twinkle in your eye suggesting cum and get me and then you know what ..........................

Bless you my lovely Still lusting for you and your ways you mind and body and what you do for me :-)

Thursday, 8 November 2007


This week I thought I would give my poor feet a nice bubble bath Before giving them an airing

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


when first we met I just wanted to be kissed by you forever. every time we kissed I just melted into you. Your kisses made me feel I wanted to be one with you. You were the first man I had kissed for many years. My husband was not one for kissing and soppy things like that. As the years passed even though I longed to be kissed passionately I dreaded his rare kisses. They were not nice being slimey and just ewwww.

But from the moment you kissed me that first time I knew I wanted more. As the evening progressed I couldn't get enough of your kisses. Weeks passed and still your kisses made me melt. But things changed, you changed. Months passed and we were no more.

That night when we met beneath the twinkling stars gazing out over the city with all its lights spread out beneath us, me one side of the table and you opposite. I knew very quickly that I wanted to be kissed by you. I had met others whose kisses I did not care too much for but I knew yours would be special. You had promised me a tongue to die for. When finally we did kiss I discovered I had been right and some more. I had come to learn that kissing was very important to me. If the kisses were not right then there would be nothing else. But your kisses fitted the bill just right.

You had realised your mistake and begged me to take you back, I didn't know what to do as I had loved you so very much, but you had broken my heart once too many times in just 6 months. But now there was this other man whose kisses were as good as ever yours were . I spent a couple of days with you but something didn't fit. Your kisses didn't make me melt anymore. Your kisses were awkward. you asked me who had taught me to kiss this way as it was difficult for you to kiss me now.

I told you how he had criticised my kissing style, you promised me there was nothing wrong with my kissing but just to make sure we should meet up so you could give me your verdict, make sure I was kissing well. You promised me that I do kiss well there is nothing wrong with my kissing it is him that is awkward. I didn't see him again. then you left too, I went from having a choice of two men to none in less than a week.

Months later he was professing his love, he had made mistakes, but it was me he had loved all along. during the year since I had first met him he had been engaged to one woman and asked another to marry him though he says he didn't stop loving me. But his kisses were still wrong. I tried to make it work but it was all wrong. I couldn't kiss him anymore and if I couldn't kiss him then I couldn't make love to him either. I tried to be nice and tell him it wasn't him but me, but really his kisses didn't match up to yours how could they, he is him and you are you. I know who I would rather kiss.


Apart from the few text on saturday I have not heard from Sammy, he had said he would try to be online on sunday evening. He had said that eveything will be back to normal after tuesday so maybe he will be online tonight but I have my writing class tonight. I have now given up on the idea of him being my final fling. I just can't see it happening. It could only be at a weekend, there are not many of these left before xmas and I can't see it happening at all if we have not met before then.

I spoke to Forest very briefly yesterday, he has been manically busy. I couldn't chat for long as I was just about to take #4 son to the Dr's (he had been sent home from school with stomach cramps and nausea....the pain being in the region of his appendix).

I didn't hear from Neptune yesterday although he was back at work. He had told me on monday that he had been looking at new pc's to replace his one that has given up.

I went onto AFF last night just to check something out. I found that I have 11 new messages even though I have not been online for so long. One of these messages (the only one I looked at) was from Mr Passionate. Hes hoping we can get to see each other soon. I left him a reply but still didn't tell him that I won't be seeing him again. However I woke up about 1.10am and decided to text him that I miss him. (he doesn't finish work until around 2.30/3am). so that was the start of a text conversation catching up. Not easy when half asleep and only one eye open. crumbs I just looked there were 9 text from him so I must have replied 9 times. I have now told him that I have been asked to stay on at work until march which means I have to save 4 out of my 5 1/2 days leave for the christmas shut down. Therefore making it very difficult to see him. The only reason I was able to see him last time was because I was already staying in a local hotel for the night and he called in on his way home from work but had to leave in time to get home before his wife woke up. (by the way he thinks it would be a waste if I give up sex....he also says that when/if I ever get around to letting Neptune know about my sexual side........' he's in for a treat then, as you have an extremely sexual side ;-)x ' )

Swinger? hmmmm I got more non personal emails from him last night. I am still waiting for him to be ready to answer questions but I have waited a year so I can wait still. It would be just typical if he decides to chat tonight when I am at my class.

I think Oxo has finally got the idea that he can ask as many times as he likes I still won't go to his place any more. I saw him come online but he didn't chat, thats a first!!

Friday, 2 November 2007

spanner in the works

last week I was saying that men are strange

I have now not heard from Sammy since 21/10/07

since telling Oxo that I would not be seeing him any more as I am not going to be indulging in casual sex anymore. What we had was good but it wasn't what I now want. the odd thing is that when I was seeing him he only ever chatted online as a prelude to asking me over which was probably about once every couple of weeks. But since I told him I wasn't going to be going over he has been chatting nearly every night and still asking me to go over there.

today I was asked by another blogger to define casual. To me casual sex means any sex that is not within a steady relationship. It could be a one night stand or it could be a series of nights like I had with Oxo who isn't a partner I am having a relationship with.

You can tease me and test me as much as you like but I won't be having sex unless it is within a relationship.

hmmm now I feel strongly about this. My playing the field was only ever meant to be a temporary situation whilst I was not ready for a LTR. Now I am ready and if that means being celibate until I find the right person well at least I have my new friend.

But last night a spanner was thrown into the works with the reappearance in my life of someone who could make a big difference to everything. watch this space.............

Thursday, 1 November 2007

HNT in mauve

I have many pictures of my legs
I get asked why

they are the easiest part of my body to take pictures of

when I have no one to help me

I also happen to think

My legs are not bad for an old girl