Friday, 22 May 2009

If I said

A few days ago I sent this to a few of my male friends past and prospective to see what they thought.

If I said
If I said I want you, would you come to me?
If I said I need you, do you need me too?
If I said I am hungry for you, would you satisfy me?
If I wanted to see you would you stand naked before me?
If I wanted to feel you, would you place my hands on you?
If I wanted to smell you, would you kneel before me so I could drink in the scent of you?
If I wanted to taste you would you feed me your hard cock?
If I asked would you to fuck me please, would you make me beg?

Here is the reply I got from Thomas aka my Knight

If you said you want me, I would come to you.
If you said you need me, I'd need you too.
If you said you were hungry for me, I'd hunger for you too.
If you wanted to see me, I'd stand rampant before you.
If you wanted to feel me, I'd place your hands upon my manhood.
If you wanted to smell me, I'd relish you drinking in the sent of me.
If you wanted to taste me, I'd feed you my cock.
Drink of me and dribble my spunk from your mouth to mine.
If you asked me to fuck you, I'd make you beg.
If you wanted me deep inside your cunt, I'd scissor with you and feel your warmth
If you wanted me up your arse, I'd joyfully have you sit upon me and relish the sight of your curves and the feel of your vulgar tightness.
Suck me my angel, I want to see you abandon any propriety.
Fuck me hard and wantonly, I need to see the sweat upon your curves. Drench me in your womanly cum and scream your joy for it.

You lovely rude and vulgar lady.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Poker face

Listening to the radio I heard them play Lady Gaga's song Poker face. When I first heard this song I wasn't over keen on it but it has grown on me particularly since I saw the interview she did on Jonathon Ross's show a few weeks ago explaining what the song is about.

Poker Face

Listening to this song reminds me of when I am out with Plumber. If you don't know what the song is about I shall do my best to explain. It about not letting the person you are with realise that you are actually thinking about another person/s. They believe that you are completely into them which isn't necessarily the case.

When I am with Plumber I do get into being with him, he is a very nice guy and very sexual which of course suits me down to the ground or bed or where ever. But even though I am enjoying him I am also probably thinking I wish he was Romeo. Don't get me wrong I do like him and on the few occasions we have had sex it has been very hot and very mmmmmm but he just doesn't blow me away in the way that Romeo did. So when I get asked about how things are with Plumber I am quite vague because although I do like him and we get on well I just don't feel that this could ever become a long term relationship.

Yet whilst I am saying this he has confessed to liking me very much (he thinks I am very special) and that he thinks I like him as much as he likes me. This leads me to believe that perhaps I am not as cool towards him as I think I am and he actually believes that I am hot for him. Of course I am not going to dissillusion him by putting him straight because I do like him, just not as much as Romeo. If he thinks I do like him that much then that can only be good.

Have you ever been with one person whilst thinking about someone different?
If so did the person you were with realise?