Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hot for him

There is a man
we have met just once
we chat often on IM
we discuss many subjects
he makes me hot
he makes me fidget
he makes me smile
when he is not there I miss him
when he arrives I am happy
when he argues I am wet

This man is not attractive in the normal sense
This man is not gentle and sensitive
This man is opinionated
This man does not suffer fools
This man thrills me
This man makes me want him
This man makes me aroused
This man can be distant
This man is interesting
This man is interested in me

As soon as we chat I feel that familiar tug
As soon as we chat the battle begins
As soon as we chat the swords are drawn
As soon as we chat I know
As soon as we chat I want to be with him
As soon as we chat I yearn for his hands
As soon as we chat I long to feel him
As soon as we chat I need to taste him

This man who is so wrong for me is the one who causes the heat between my legs. He is the one I can't stop wanting. He is the one I have to caress with my hands and tongue. He is the one I want to be tied down by as he fucks me senseless. I want him to take me until I beg him to stop. I want him to make me his, to take what he wants. I want him to leave me in a heap of weak limbs unable to move. As I press my fingers onto my wet swollen clit I long for his tongue to torture my desire.

I just can't help it I am hot for him!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

All dressed up

On thursday evening it was parents evening at college again. This time I was accompanied by OJ. As expected all his tutors are pleased with him and he already has 4 A's in the bag even before he takes his final exams. Between appointments we were discussing his choice of University. He still feels that he would like to go to Warwick as he knows it has a very good reputation and he did like it there, but he thinks he will probably go to Surrey. Surrey offers scholarships and if certain grades are reached the scholarships are doubled. As he knows he has already exceeded the required grades he believes that financially he will be better off going there. As my mum said when I told her this today.......'OJ always has the £ at the front of his mind'. He also said that as Surrey is closer to London he would be able to watch his favourite football team West Ham Utd. Personally I don't think this is a good reason as if he was at Warwick he could watch them at all the teams they play in the Midlands (and probably cheaper).

Tonight I had decided that I would suprise Plumber and go to a gig he was working at. He had told me last night that he would like me to go as he would like to see me. I only said I would think about it. But just as I was ready to go he came online asking if I had got his text. I then realised I had left my phone in my car earlier. It turns out that the gig was cancelled as the drummer injured his back last week and although they thought he would be able to play tonight his back is worse than they thought he might not be able to play again poor man.

I asked Plumber if he fancied meeting for a drink instead. But he has decided to have an early night as he has been working today. I noticed that one of the other guys I chat to was online, he said he wants to go to our view point on Monday eve but hes too tired tonight. Men!!! they have no stamina.

So here I am on a Saturday evening all dressed up with nowhere to go. I have messaged Golf asking him where he is when a girl needs to be rescued. I did consider asking Kama if he wants to meet up but by the time I thought about it I decided it was too late in the evening. Unlike Golf he doesn't seem to like spontaneous plans.

I think I shall do some work on my project instead.

Earlier I bought a few things to help get my garden project started. DC has promised to help me tomorrow. I have already sprayed the nettles with weed killer. I have a new hedge trimmer so that should sort out the brambles as well as the hedge in the front garden. I also have a shiny new spade for when we are ready to start digging up the garden. I also had a look at paving slabs and gravel I think that is the way I shall go.

Lady in red: Room with a view#links#links

Lady in red: Room with a view#links#links

wanting and promiscuous

LiR My love
Are you free Thursday eve?
Would you like to meet early eve?
Lust you always

Dearest Darling

I would dearly love to meet you on Thursday evening but as fate would have it the only evening I can't make this week is Thursday as I have to attend parents evening at College. If I could arrange to get my son to meet me there I could possibly manage to meet you for an hour depending on the earliest appointment (currently 7.30)

LiR my love,
Shall we tease ourselves with just an hour? I can't say no! I don't have the will power not to see your beautiful curves displayed before me. I want to feast my eyes upon your femininity and your womanhood and have you enjoy my manhood. I'm so aroused by the prospect. Lusting you dreadfully. Shall we do something promiscuous and dirty? A brief sexual encounter to keep our lust for one another fresh as it always has been. or put our thirst for it to a better longer time together?

Where? How? When? Before or after 7.30?
Yours wanting and promiscuous.

I have persuaded my son to meet me at the college, our earliest appointment is now 6.50pm. what time would you be able to meet? I finish work about 5pm. DO you know any of the pubs in the area? I think with the limited time it will have to be a drink but I am sure we won't be able to keep our hands and lips to ourselves.

I look forward to hearing from you

I don't know if you'll see this befor you go to work, but I was thinking you could come up to ******, but it will take you 20 minutes and back, that's 40 leaving us ± an hour to ..........................

I managed to leave work a little early, called him to get directions to the place we would be meeting. 20 minutes later I was parked outside his converted listed building at the end of a lane perched on the edge of woodland. On the inside his home is beautiful as it should be for someone of his talents. After nervously drinking tea in the breakfast room overlooking a wonderful garden that just blends so superbly with the surrounding woods we moved into the richly furnished livingroom. Whilst I perched on a fabulous sofa he sat on a low coffee table facing me. Still we continues the small talk, I wasn't sure if this new awkwardness would remain for long but as I crossed my legs he became excited at the prospect of seeing the lace top of my stockings. He had apparently already caught a glimpse as I alighted from my car. He lept across the space between us to slide a hand inside my skirt caressing my outer thigh above the lace. As he did so we shared our first kiss of the afternoon.

It didn't take long before we were both topless, between kissing passionately (we do have 2 years of kisses to catch up on) we took it in turns to nibble and suck each other's nipples. But we couldn't stop there, not now! Not after all this time when we have been lusting after each other for so long. With my skirt in a heap along with the rest of his clothes we lay on our sides as he watched me squirt from the attention his fingers were giving to my aching cunt. (I don't often use that word but I know how much he loves it when I do). Knowing that he was loving what he was doing and witnessing I was able to finally grasp his lovely cock and taste him for the first time since our afternoon together so long ago. His murmuring that he had forgotten just how good I am with my mouth only served to intensify my enjoyment.

The polished floorboards beneath my hot back were unyielding as we tried with great difficulty to make love in the missionary position but swapping places so that I was sat astride my beautiful champion I was able to ride him, just slow small movements at first but graduating into bigger faster movements as we both felt the tightness of my vagina loosen up a little until I collapsed beside him for more kisses and cuddles.

All too soon it was time for me to start making a move to leave. As I started to get up from the floor I found myself on my knees with my love stood before me. How could I resist kissing his belly once again? His upper thighs too were very inviting, kissing his soft warm skin could only lead to one more suck on his delicious cock. But as I held him to me, hands gripping his firm arse my lips around his manhood sucking with such pleasure, he could not help but cum in my mouth. Thinking back I can't remember the last time I was able to do this. This time around I swallowed every drop, I wasn't going to share with him this time. But once I had swallowed all he had, making sure he was completely finished, I stood up, threw my arms around his neck kissing him so that he could share the taste in my mouth.

He giggled.

'I thought you were going'

'how could I go while you were cumming?'

realising the time we quickly dressed, luckily I noticed straight away that I had out my top on inside out.............that would have been a clear give away!!

Clothes readjusted we walked out to my car together as we said goodbye.

I just hope it won't be another two years before we can be together again!!

I adored him before, but I adore him even more now. My lovely sweet, dirty minded Thomas aka my knight in Tarnished Armour