Friday, 15 June 2007


she is hot and glowing before her lover arrives
she marvels at how cool he seems
he is almost an hour late after being stuck in traffic
air conditioning... ok so it does have its place she prefers natural air
they are lying naked on the bed arms around each other his face hovers over hers
as they kiss sometimes with passion sometimes more gently sometimes teasing
his hand drifts over her hot flesh as she holds on to his head keeping him there
he finds that place that makes her wriggle
they hardly break free from their kissing as his fingers start to play
instantly making her wet
now her hand is stroking his hard cock ......
already hard before he had stripped off his clothes
she breaks free only to gaze into his eyes that are such an unusual shade of blue
she changes her position so that now she hovers over him
still they kiss still their hands play
he moves her hand away from his now wet cock
his fingers dig deeper
he gives her an exsquisite finger fuck as she moans and writhes under his touch
she has wanted this for sometime now
she has been waiting yet last week she was scared now she is not
she enjoys the gentleness of his being
she is lost in the sensations he gives her with his fingers
he takes away all her control
today he totally dominates her but in such a passive way
his fingers are like magic as they thrust inside her making her gush
she comes again and again
he takes her to a height where she can barely hold on
as her fingers dig into his upper arm and she bites down on his shoulder
he brings her back down and they relax together
still kissing and murmuring
he suggests it is time to see if they fit together
as he applies his condom she sits half behind half beside him
running a finger down his back
he lays back for her to sit straddling him
he sets the pace today
she moves slowly on his hard cock facing him as they gaze at each other
she reaches behind her and gently plays with his balls
doing this she discovers how cold her skin feels to the touch
there must be a cool breeze from the open window that she was not aware of
she reaches down to kiss him softly .... their lips hardly meeting
she goes back to her upright position continuing to move upon his thrusting cock
they move together sometimes so slowly there is little movement at all
sometimes a little faster but never wildly
this is not the time for wild passion
this is more about being joined together enjoying their pleasure
they both watch the other's face as he plays with her nipples and she trails
her fingers upon his skin
she loves the dark curls upon his chest with just a spinkling of grey
she loves the feeling of him inside her
this gentle man who towers over her when standing
this man whose eyes are such a very soft blue
this man whose touch is so gentle yet can arouse her causing rivers of moisture
today they are learning about each other
today there is no need for passion except in their kisses
today is lovely and peaceful
tomorrow she will pay
tomorrow her muscles will scream from the abuse
they have not worked like this for a few months


Sage said...

This is a beautiful poem. From the way it is written, I can almost feel the sensations myself. I like the picture that you have posted. Is that one by Patrick Nagel?

Anonymous said...

very nice, glad to see your getting better. x

Lady in red said...

Sage thank you for your compliments having just read this again I can remember every moment of this our first full coupling.

Wayne thanx hope you are feeling better too