Monday, 6 October 2008

My knight of lust

Yesterday I was chatting to my Knight, almost two years since we first began to share our sexual fantasies. These days we mostly manage to chat for a few minutes as I prepare for work in the morning. These chats occur intermittently, sometimes there are months between chats and other times just a few weeks or even days. Occasionally we get to chat for longer if it is a weekend. Yesterday was one of those times, as usual he warned me that he could not chat for long, but even when he said he had to go he still hung in there until the very last moment. as I have said many times we have an incredible lust for each other even though we have not managed to see each other since January 2007. He always seems to appear at times when I am feeling low, just chatting to him and knowing that he still desires me after all this time is such a tonic even though we both know that we won't meet again, or at least not while my loyalty lies with Romeo.

Whenever we have chatted I reward him with one of my fantasies. Yesterday was no exception, this evening I returned home to find his response to my latest offering. He is always full of enthusiasm for my writing and today he did not let me down.

Oh LiR

What a heavenly story and delicious memories stirred as I read you rude words. I'm desperate to have that glorious feeling of my hard wanting cock in your mouth, to feel your hungry tongue lick up and down my shaft. I want you to suck my balls for as long as your delicious mouth wants as you look up at me passed my throbbing twitching cock.............................. seeing your plump lips red with that racy decoration as you fill your mouth and slide lasciviously up and down my shaft .... I love you with all my heart and I could watch you all day and night greedily devour my manhood, tracing it's contours with the tip of your tongue and slipping the ridge of my helmet just past your lips...................... oh that glorious sensation..................... Kiss me now so I can taste the saliva my cock brings to your sweet mouth................ Kiss me hard I want to feel your passion ... suck my tongue deeply and me in turn sucking yours like a little cock of your................... I want to kiss your eyes, your cheeks, your nose your throat and much much more but later.

Take my cock again and let me see your pretty feminine fingers at play stroking it up and down and teasing my soft head.................. open your mouth again and sink me slowly sensually into your warm wetness ............................... God the sensation is divine, you're divine I adore you when you make me feel so good......................"You're making me cum LiR.............. as you release me in a cruel tease from your mouth a stream of cum flails through the air towards your pretty face....... too late to avoid as it slaps you squarely cross your lips and chin............. you cover me once again with you mouth to receive the next as it lashes to the back of your throat you swallow............... and salaciously suck me dry cupping my tightening balls with each spasm............ Arrrrrgh I'm in heaven .... I'm cum in your mouth and it feels so so good..............

Kiss me my angel, I want to taste my lust for you....... I want to share my manly passion for you ................. share the scent and lick your sticky face clean of me.............................. Oh I so want to relive your blissful vulgarity LiR, you're beautiful :-)

Do you have anyone special to share such emails with.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Canny Investment

If you had purchased £1,000 of Northern Rock shares one year ago, it would now be worth £4.95.

If you’d bought £1,000 worth of shares in HBOS, this week your investment would have been worth £16.50.

If you’d plumped for £1,000 invested in XL Leisure, your shares would now be worth less than £5.

But if you bought £1,000 worth of Stella Artois one year ago, drank it all, then took the empty cans to an aluminium re-cycling plant, you would get £214.

So clearly, the canniest investment advice is to drink heavily and re-cycle. Cheers – and if you can improve on this, let us know. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

sleepy head

I've been falling asleep early the last couple of nights (before midnight, thats early for me). This morning I overslept and only woke up when my phone rang at 6.35am (I usually get up at 5.50am). Its more than likely that this is at least in part due to the confused thoughts going round in my head.

At least one of you will be wondering why I have not been showing online when I said I would be. The answer is that I am confused at the moment as well as being asleep by the time I expect to chat to you.

Romeo has been in contact even if that was just one brief text telling me he has just returned from his trip to fat east. Nothing more than that so I am not best pleased with him. I desperately want him, he is my world apart from my family. I expect hes sleeping off his jet lag. But even so.
So right now I am feeling really low about him. I could text him but I figure he would have had enough text and emails waiting for hi from me for the moment.

Then just to confuse the issue theres now Paulo clouding things up. Paulo is a man I have got to know through work. I have been talking to him since the start of the year. I have enjoyed our chats but recently he has started to keep me chatting more and more. Until the conversation a couple of weeks ago led to us swapping personal email addresses. We swapped a couple of brief emails then nothing for over a week until Monday. He phoned me at work as he would normally do. He kept me on the phone for ages which was ok it was quiet. He insisted on giving me his mobile number. So later I text him that his goods would be delivered today.

When I had just arrived home he phoned me for half an hour, later in the evening he began emailing me (5 in an hour) then the text messages began followed by the invite to chat on msn. We chatted until I went upstairs to bed. As my laptop was warming up (it takes a good 15 minutes)I started falling asleep and it still wasnt midnight. As I was dropping off there were two photos hitting my mobile, I didn't reply too either message I was far too sleepy. Then I was woken by his call this morning. He left a very nice voice mail message because as I was peering bleary eyed at my phone to see that it was a call not the alarm I missed his call. At work today he phoned me not once or twice but about a half dozen times, finding excuses just to hear my voice. Apparently he thinks I have a very sexy voice, and I intrigue him. He thinks I am fun and always cheerful. I do not know what he looks like and he doesnt know what I look like. I don't even know how old he is, I suspect younger than me.

I have been enjoying his attention and he has cheered me up no end from my sadness over Romeo. I just wish that the attention I was getting from him was what I was getting from Romeo. I feel totally confused. I cant get Romeo out of my head or my heart, then along comes this guy who has everything going for him he could probably have any woman he wants but its me hes interested in and that is very flattering. He cheers me up but at the same time makes the situation with Romeo harder to work out.

So if you have been waiting to chat to me then I am sorry I have not been in the right mind set but we will chat again soon.