Saturday, 24 February 2007

The interview

It was 13.55hrs and Elaine was expecting him at any moment. She had vacuumed the livingroom, cleared away all the rubbish the kids had left lying around, plumped up the red cushions on her sofa. Her phone rang making her jump. It was the doorbell she expected to hear not her phone. It was Matthew, he apologised and explained that he was running approximately 20 to 30 minutes late.

Elaine sat down and clicked onto her IM a/c on the livingroom computer to see if any of her admirers were online wanting to chat. As soon as she showed online three of them were there asking how she was and had she been naughty lately. Its funny how they always want to know that, they dont seem to get jealous merely wish that she was being naughty with them. time seems to take on another dimension when she chats online. The conversations seem to be continuous but not a lot gets said considering the length of time that flows by.

Elaine is startled when the doorbell rings, it is Matthew. the pair sit in the livingroom, Matthew on the sofa, Elaine bringing her computer chair across the room to sit opposite Matthew, their knees barely a foot apart.

Matthew explains in humourous detail why he has come to visit Elaine today. He explains what his company does and why. Elaine gives her reasons for contacting the company and puts him in the picture about her personal circumstances as an unemployed single mother. The two chat for half an hour about the problems and benefits that Elaine could encounter if the company decide to take her on and she accepts the contract. Time is rushing on and Elaine is worried she wont get to school in time to fetch her little boy. In her agitation Elaine has been crossing and uncrossing her legs unaware that Matthew has begun to look at her in a different way. Finally Matthew has made up his mind that Elaine is a suitable candidate for his company to put their faith in. He phones his head office who agree to the contract being made. Before he leaves Matthew says
'Elaine youa re an incredible lady and I shall look forward to seeing much more of you.' They shake hands but Matthew says he has never done this before but he cant leave without a kiss.
Elaine is rushing to her car when she gets a text from matthew.
'you are a wonderful person I would like to know you much better, can I take you out to dinner tonight. ps I enjoyed the view!!'

Elaine has not only just committed herself to improving her situation by being accepted for an assisted place on the training course she wanted but it seems she has also gained herself a new prospective, tall, handsome lover into the bargain.


Anonymous said...

And this is you of course?? So many personalities in one woman... Wonderful stuff.

Lady in red said...

oh course its me!

funny thing is when I was in the middle of writing this during a quiet moment temping as a receptionist one of the men actually called me Elaine (which is not my name).