Wednesday, 23 January 2008


He could see her but he knew she hadn’t seen him
This was good it gave him the chance to watch her
She looked so relaxed so unaffected as she stood in the cold winter sunshine
He shivered as he realised how thin her soft yellow sweater must be
From his position he could just make out the pattern of lace
As is showed through the thin covering of lemon cotton

The breeze ruffled and played with the hem of her skirt
Lifting the brown material to swirl around her legs
He is lucky, luckier than even he could have hoped
As the wind lifted her skirt he had seen
It was nothing more than a glimpse but even so
There it was a flash of lace topped by creamy flesh

She moves, delicately stepping across the yard
The clicking of her heels tapping on the concrete
Reverberate in his ears
He listens as she speaks in a very soft sexy tone
His heart involuntarily misses a beat
What a voice, what a woman

He catches a whiff of her perfume
She has a scent of fresh linen and flowers
He longs to move closer
He knows it would be so easy
To stand and move near to this vision
But this would disturb her serenity

All of a sudden there is a clattering
Legs clad in orange overalls get in his way
The sound of pneumatic tools
The strong stench of rubber and grease
The mechanic finishes his task
Away she goes with her newly fitted tyre

Friday, 18 January 2008

christmas party

Tomorrow I am going out for the night

it is the Company christmas party

we are going out for a meal then on to a club

I have not been to a club for years

I shall be avoiding the white wine as I don't want a repeat of this

I won't be driving for a change as Posh bird's boyfriend is taking us and bringing us back even though he wont be joining us and he lives in a different city an hour away.

not sure yet what I am going to wear but I did buy a new red top today so maybe the red stillettos might get an airing.

all mine

yep every tiny bit is me

every single word is mine

every picture is mine

every story is mine

but there is more and thats all mine too