Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bad boy

I have been chatting to Thomas again today. I have been naughty in that I have not been naughty. When we last chatted I promised that I would write him an email detailing my plans for him. During the years we have been chatting and emailing I have played the submissive to his Dominant character. But now things have changed, now he wishes to be submissive to me.

My task is to explain how he will be subjugated. This is a very empowering idea that he will be controlled and invaded. I can make any demands that I please and he will be very willing to satisfy my every command.

This evening I have been doing a little research. You might wonder how I could be researching my domination of my sweet, gentle, lustful subject. Easy.........first I checked out one or two relevant blogs for hints and ideas. Then I changed to sex toys for some ideas of toys and restraints.

I have created a small wish list which if you are interested you can view here. Although there are also many gorgeous vibrators on the lelo site too, I wonder if you can work out which one I have my eye on.

My bad boy deserves only the very best, I wouldn't want to fail him in his subjugation, after all he is putting himself in my hands, even if this is at the moment only our mutual fantasy.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Be prepared

I gather you enjoy anal is that true?


This was how the evening began as Martin leaned in for his first kiss since he had arrived 2 minutes earlier. Dinner was in the slow cooker, the wine was in the fridge cooling and we were just beginning to heat up. As we stood side by side arranging the beautiful flowers he had just given me, I could feel Martin’s breath on my neck and his hands on my hips. Turning slowly in his arms I returned his kiss as his hands deftly untied my comfy old toweling robe. The luxurious red now faded with age, watching his face as he slid the warm robe off my shoulders to reveal the black and gold basque with matching thong and seamed stockings. Martin’s eyes lighting up.

mmmmm baby I see you are ready for some fun tonight.

I’m not sure how we got there in the heat of our passionate kisses and mutual fondling, but we made our way to my bed with its fresh ivory satin sheets. Collapsing in a heap as our hungry hands and mouths tore at each other until I was stopped by the sudden sting as Martin’s hand made contact with my almost bare bum as he landed the first slap. That was it the challenge had been made. We fought like a pair of cats wrestling and sliding on the slippery surface as we grappled with any body parts we could get hold of. Pulling on his tie I held his face to mine as I kissed him so very deeply while my free hand fumbled with his belt. But his superior strength soon had the better of me and I was on my back panting and helpless under his weight.

Tell me

Tell me what you want bitch

what did you call me?

Bitch, you are my bitch and you know it or do you prefer me to call you my dirty slut.

Biting my ear my neck he continues to hiss

You are my bitch on heat and you want me to fuck you, tell me how I am going to fuck you.

Holding both my wrists above my head in one of his large hands, his right hand between my thighs, tugging my thong to one side as he plunges two fingers into my wet aching cunt.

Just fuck me you bastard, that's why you’re here isn’t it?

You want me to fuck you then you can beg for it bitch

But he knows I am too stubborn, he knows I won’t beg. Instead I clamp my mouth and my legs shut. No amount of persuasion is going to make me beg not whilst I am feeling this wild passion. Begging is reserved for our other game when I am submissive to him. But tonight is not one of those nights. I knew that when I got his text earlier.

Be prepared to be arse fucked

So I knew it was only going to be a matter of time. Martin was not like other guys who had wanted to force their cock into my tense bumhole as I knelt on my hands and knees. The searing pain as though I was on fire, unbearable, unwelcome. Why did they all feel the need to try this, as far as I knew none of the women I knew ever managed to have anal. All those porn stars that did it in the films and photos in men's magazines they were not natural. It wasn’t right. But my Martin he was different, he showed me another way.

He flips me over onto my belly as though I’m as light as a feather. Breathing into the pillow to relax I feel Martin shift his weight as he reaches for the bottle of tingle lube. The sudden coldness as he spreads its cool wetness around my bumhole. Breathing deeply legs still closed but relaxed as I lay flat on my belly Martin eases himself into my bum as his fingers search under me for my wet clit. The electric shot shots through me as my clit pulses. The exquisite pain in my arse becomes pleasure as slowly Martin eases his length in and out of me. Ah now this is the pleasure I have been dreaming about all day as I waited for my husband to return from the office. Pushing my pelvis as deep into the mattress as I can forcing his fingers into my cunt as he pumps my arse what better anniversary present could a girl wish for. I can just see the expression of lust mixed with satisfaction on my husbands face as I squint up at the mirror behind the headboard. The look of agony and pleasure as I cum over his balls as he releases his sperm into my aching arse.

Collapsing together in contentment I am glad dinner won’t be ready for a while yet.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

a valentines day to remember

As valentines day dawned I knew there would be no cards, flowers or chocolates for me. I didn't care. I am happy as I am, I have my health, my family (suprise visis from both older boys) work is good and I have my friends. I no longer crave the intimacy of a relationship......that doesn't mean that one wouldn't be welcome.

I had planned a day of action but waking on this chilly grey day I was not inclined to leave my cosy bed in a hurry. I went to get a cup of tea and ended up cooking myself beans on wholemeal toast with cheese and fried egg. Taking a tray with my breakfast and mug of tea I made my way back to bed. I don't remember my last cooked breakfast let alone eating it in bed. Settling down with my laptop I was quite content. Time flew by, but not to worry there was nothing that I had to do.

During the week I had received a new email from Thomas aka my knight, I was just thinking that I really ought to get my mind around my reply. It had to be good, it had to be imaginative, it had to be worthy of him. He writes such hot and dirty emails. To my suprise Thomas came online, this is a very rare occurrence these days since I began working full time. After an initial chat he had to go for his dinner but it wasn't long before his return.

This time we chatted for 2 hours, with the usual amount of mutual admiration, some memories of past events revisited and some new memories created (in our minds at least). Our chat was becoming so steamy that it had me reaching for my vibrator. This in turn created even greater arousal for both of us.

Who needs flowers, chocolates or cards when I can have a 2 hour session in the comfort of my bed with someone as gentle and yet as hot and filthy as the object of my lust, Thomas. There is only one thing that could have topped this, to have been doing everything we talked about for real.

later he sent me an email basically thanking me for a wonderful afternoon of intimacy.

It was glorious to have you so close and torture to be so far from your touch your scent your wetness and your rude beautiful mind.

I lust you so much and want to make you cum over and over and drench me in you gushing climaxes........................

I want to feel your soft luxurious mouth upon my cock and watch you enjoy filling it with my spunk. Kiss me my darling and let me savour the taste of my lust for you.

Then go to sleep in each others arms and wake to find one another intimately again...................

Bless you and thank you.

This was my valentines day and I don't regret one moment of it.