Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bad boy

I have been chatting to Thomas again today. I have been naughty in that I have not been naughty. When we last chatted I promised that I would write him an email detailing my plans for him. During the years we have been chatting and emailing I have played the submissive to his Dominant character. But now things have changed, now he wishes to be submissive to me.

My task is to explain how he will be subjugated. This is a very empowering idea that he will be controlled and invaded. I can make any demands that I please and he will be very willing to satisfy my every command.

This evening I have been doing a little research. You might wonder how I could be researching my domination of my sweet, gentle, lustful subject. Easy.........first I checked out one or two relevant blogs for hints and ideas. Then I changed to sex toys for some ideas of toys and restraints.

I have created a small wish list which if you are interested you can view here. Although there are also many gorgeous vibrators on the lelo site too, I wonder if you can work out which one I have my eye on.

My bad boy deserves only the very best, I wouldn't want to fail him in his subjugation, after all he is putting himself in my hands, even if this is at the moment only our mutual fantasy.

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