Sunday, 14 March 2010

Toy shopping

We had been planning this all week. Checking out the website deciding where to go, the one in The Other City stays open an hour longer than the one in The City, plus he was sure he wouldn't see anyone who recognised him. (Not to worry that it is only a stone throw from my son's Uni Halls).

As we drove slowly along the street (this street has a reputation for its profession) I saw a doorway discreetly proclaiming the name of the place we were looking for. Parking the car we made sure we remove everything from sight..........there were signs proclaiming
'Remove your belongings or someone else will'.

The area is a bit of an ethnic melting pot resulting in a variety of shops we don't see in my town. We found the doorway and quickly stepped inside. We were the only customers as many visitors had stayed away due to the football match at the nearby stadium that shares its name with the street we were in. (there was a very large police presence in the area).

Inside the store was brightly lit, the man behind the counter was friendly enough but left us to browse in our own time. We giggled at some of the things we saw and gasped at the sight of others. There were things there that I pretended not to be interested in and others that I am just not ready to take an active interest in. There were racks of magazines and a whole seperate room dedicated to DVD's but we didn't give these more than a glance. There were items there that I might be interested in but not yet. There were yet more items that might be of interest but are just not suitable for me.

After about half an hour I made my selection, the man behind the counter suggested a slightly better version of the same item but I decided to stick with my original choice. I liked the colour and texture better plus the size is more appropriate for me. We made our get away into the afternoon sun just in time to miss the football fans spilling out at the end of the match.

On our way out of The Other City we stopped to explore a new store that I hadn't been to before, I was amazed as it is on a site where SF worked for a few years, I had no idea that the place had been revamped. We had fun trying out the sofas and chairs. (some of them I needed help to get out of as my feet didn't reach the floor). Then there was the chair that made me shriek in suprise when I was about to try standing up when it shot out and back with no warning.

A quick visit to Tesco to pick up a bottle of my favourite spiced rum and pepsi max, then back to his place with fish and chips. Whilst he was sorting out the food I was unpacking my new toy trying (without my reading glasses) to see which way the six tiny batteries go in. It took the pair of us several minutes to get it sorted. Then it was time to try the seven yes 7 different settings.

We were both suprised how noisy it was. I had assumed it would be virtually silent but it was quite loud. I was also suprised that there is only one button for the 7 settings so you have to go through the cycle. You can't just select the setting you want which I think would have been more fun but then I guess the controller would be much bigger.

Finally we had our first proper play whilst laying on the bed. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get full use of my new toy but I needn't have worried it fitted quite well. He had plenty of fun playing with the controls especially while I was making a meal of his cock, concentrating on what I was doing forgetting it was stil there untill the vibrations suddenly began to pulse inside me. we played with my other new toys too but this one that he had bought me is going to be a favourite.

We were both a little disappointed with the shop, it was quite an anti climax after we had been looking forward to it all week. There wasn't as great a variety as we had hoped and we thought a lot of it looked cheap and plastic. But we enjoyed our afternoon/night together anyway.


nitebyrd said...

Sometimes, the journey is much more fun and interesting than the destination. Sounds like you had a good time and enjoyed your purchases!

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