Saturday, 10 April 2010

Party time

There is a place further down the motorway that I had heard from several people was known to host adult parties. A few weeks ago I noticed on a forum that there was going to be a party there a few days before my birthday. I mentioned it to Plumber to see if we could go. He said no. I don't think it was because he didn't want to go, he had told me once before that he would love to go. (He was one of the people who had told me about it.) His excuse was that it was too expensive. Either he was making excuses or he had been misinformed. (£35 per couple is not expensive)

A few weeks ago I met a new man (Sailor) who had been to a couple of these parties and offered to take me. We did go to the party it was a night of firsts for me. My first ever visit to a dungeon (it was one of my favourite rooms) I was well and truly done on one of the spanking benches ......oh and on the other one too. It was the first time I have been fucked with an audience........and yes it did turn me on not that it would have taken much anyway. It was also the first time I have been fucked on a bed with another couple fucking on another bed in the same room with other people watching .....this room not only has no door but there are peep holes in the wall.

But my favourite thing of all (ok maybe not my favourite that might just be the spanking bench) was the jacuzzi. I have never been in one before.....yes I know I lead a sad sheltered life. Not being totally comfortable with stripping off completely in front of others I waited until it was almost empty. Sailor followed me in a few minutes later after he realised where I was. I was really enjoying the relaxing warm bubbles sat on the highest seat with one leg resting across Sailors lap and my other leg across the lap of a young man who just wanted to spend the whole night in there so long as there was a constant supply of beer and cigarettes. He quite happily stroked my leg but otherwise kept his hands to himself.

Sailor however was having an attack of wondering handitis.....he suffers from this very frequently (in public as well as in private). It wasn't much of a suprise to me to find that his fingers were playing with my pussy among the jets of warm water. That didn't last too long though as he soon left the jacuzzi. The guy who had been sat next to him soon scooted into his place and began to caress my leg. I could feel his fingers inching along my inner thigh until they reached my lips. I didn't say anything just moved slightly in my seat so that his fingers were right on target. He smiled and began idly fingering my pulsing pussy. What could I do? it wouldn't be polite to ignore him so I reached down into his lap and began stroking his erection. He looked like he was enjoying that, I was soon into a good rhythm wanking him below the surface, now and again giving his balls a fondle too. Unfortunately I needed the loo and had to dash through the house dressed only in a short towel. When I returned he had gone. But I still had the young lad for company. We were both enjoying being in there with occasional visits from others.

It was almost 3am when I found Sailor trying to stay awake on one of the many leather sofas. So I dressed and we went home. I am hoping to go again to another party.

In the morning Plumber was online............he said to me that he thought I might have been out the night before. Thinking that he must have noticed I wasn't online I casually asked

what makes you say that?

It turns out that he had been out to several pubs with his mate, finishing up at a pub I went to a few weeks ago with my friend Jane, we had also been to one of his band's gigs there. He thought we might have been there. Which reminds me that Jane sent me some jokes whilst I was at the party..........I have not replied yet, I must do that.


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