Sunday, 5 August 2007

Heaven is a place

his touch as light as a feather
kisses upon my cheeks
tracing the lines made by the other
his tongue, his fingers
upon my arse
where earlier had been
first a heavy hand
kissing the marks left
by the leather paddle
his fingers follow the lines
from the caning
I had received
every second of pain worth it
to have him here
making me swoon with pleasure
as his fingers delve and his tongue licks so lightly
with his fingers still inside
he leans over my back
to kiss my hungry lips
I am trapped upon this bed
under this man I crave
the words in my head
sing out loud
Heaven is a place in room 205
does he think me crazy
for this thing I have done
no he knows it is just
me being me
all too soon he has gone
leaving me to remember how
he had held me close
his laugh in reply as I
declare how nice he smells
his smile as I admit
I have missed you
there is a space now
beside me lying here
with a sadness that
he couldn't stay
with heavy eyes I
begin to drift away
to the land of dreams
was this all in my mind
no I have the marks
on my skin and the
shadows on my heart
where they have been
good night and
sweet dreams
to you both


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

The Man With Secrets said...

Very sweet ...

Lady in red said...

thank you

Suze said...

An encounter to remember, nice visuals. ;)

Pixie said...

Beautifully said. I've tagged you for an award... come by to get it.

Anonymous said...


Mustafa Şenalp said...


George said...

Nice work LiR ... little things can mean so much sometimes

Jackie Adshead said...

Poignant words....

Curvaceous Dee said...

That was beautiful. Heaven is a place in room 205 - very nice poetry indeed.

xx Dee

Lady in red said...

thank you Dee, I am sure you realise this was to do with my spanking/caning session

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Let's gitta BIG-OL-BEER.
Gotta lotta tok about.
But, first, ya gotta make it.
I'll tella youse how I did it.
Im head injured.
Im nearing 50ish.
Im not quite as aroused by the Vs...
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I do, for Seventh-Heaven,
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with each other.
Just not here.
Here, we must do the Will of God
in this finite existence.
Whats that? you ask.
CHOOSING not to follow
anything leading you down... only Up.
Though we have free-will, dear.

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Wont that be fun?

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...
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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

God bless you with discernment, child.
The earth passes-away like a lemming
falling OFFA the cliff
like Jimmy Hoffa, dear.

I. Love. You.
And I sooo badly wanna be your servant...
yet, how can I be if you aint Upstairs?

So repent.
Git ridda allah your porno mags.
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Go to RCIA.
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If you're not married,
say the Rosary once per day.
Our Mother will definitely help.
I know.
She helped this sinnful mortal
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till we meet again.

And if you fall?
Riseabove again.
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People never grow-up UNLESS they fall.
So... FALL a few times
(not consciencely, of course);
however, if you fall and I know you will
because we all are mortal humans,
dust yourself off and keep going.
The only time when you should
stay behind is when the whorizontal
world's gottcha...
and you DO NOT want that.
You wanna wiseabove to be free
for the lengthNbreadth of eternity.

Love you.
Cya soon...