Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Help !!!

I have decided that it is time to replace my tube of lube.

Now I have a problem.

I have limited spare cash and limited knowledge about lube or even sex toys.

I have been looking at the different lubes on the market. I don't have a clue which would be best to buy. there are the tingle ones and the heat ones and the play ones.

I cant afford to buy one of each which I guess would be the ideal solution.
what I need is something that would be good for when I am alone playing with my toys (not that I have much in that department). but also good for when I am playing with a partner (particularly if we are going to indulge in anal play).

I also want to invest in at least one toy that works.
I know Vi swears by her rabbit. But I think I need start off with something a little cheaper. I don't know what would give me the most pleasure for the least amount of money.

any suggestions would be gratefull received.

now I need to go for a quick play before the kids get home


Anonymous said...

Most amount of pleasure for least amount of money? That's a bloke then.....?

Anonymous said...

nice one, like it innocent,
you girls can do what ever you kneed,

funny sparky said...

There are many different vibes on the market, as indeed many different lubes, I have a range of vibes, mainly by default as used to seel them and they are left over stock! LOL! But If you have an Ann Summers shop in your town, that can be a good place to start, have a look there, but from what I can remember they can be a little pricey, but you can at least have a look at stuff, then there are lots of shops online once you know what you want...

Lady in red said...

thanx FS and welcome to my humble blog

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Several years ago (about 20) we read a book "The Extended Sexual Orgasm. The author recommended a product called Albolene which is a cleansing cream to remove make up and is sold in the sates in most good cosmetic counters. We have used this as a lube since reading that book. It comes in both scented and unscented. Mrs SW prefers the unscented. It is tastless and is great for both oral and regular sex. It is great for swing parties with the opportunity for several partners. It requires a very small amount each time and a small jar will last a very long time. Mrs SW places a small amount in a small container for the bedside and keeps the rest in the refrig. Point your Google to albolene and find out more If you should try it let us know what you think. Cost is also low and much cheaper and longer lasting than regular sexual lubes. The one down side is it is a petroleum based product therefore not compatable with condoms.

Freddy said...

KY jelly

what else would you use?

or baby oil mmmm that works!

as for a toy, i'll email you hun x

張曼玉Lynn said...

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