Tuesday, 8 May 2007

more pain

On sunday I was in soooo much pain I took myself off to bed early. On monday I was still in pain but the pain killers didnt seem to help. I just about managed to post about how I was feeling as well as have a msn chat with HMU before I took myself back to bed again . If I thought I was in pain on sunday it was nothing compared to monday. I didnt eat all day apart from pain killers every 4 hours. I sent my friend a text telling him that I really need to be held right now, if he was available. The kids were all out I had the house to myself from 11am to 7pm. what a waste of a day just lying in bed wanting to cry I hurt so much. my friend finally text me sleep well x at about 11pm I dont think he had got my text earlier. we then exchanged a few more text.
later something happened that has never happened before. Since taking to my bed I had only left it to go to the bathroom. about 12.30am I was coming back from there when I found myself on the floor. I had collapsed. half through my door. I banged my head on the door and grazed my elbow and knee on the bare floor boards. gradually I worked out where I was and crawled onto my knees that hurt then onto my bed where I just collapsed in a heap.
this morning I am feeling much better but still uncomfortable. It took a huge effort to drag myself out of bed as I was afraid of collapsing again. luckily #4 is poorly so I have not had to take him to school.


me said...

oooh, not good. it sounds bad, Lir, i do hope you are better soon.

worried me

Chris said...

My poor dear. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Pain drives me to such overwhelming depression. It amplifies the whole situation. I hope the pain fades for you quickly.

Lonely Gal said...

are you sure you shouldn't contact the doc? I am thinking you are in very bad shape!!!

take care!

santa said...

hope you get better soon

Lady in red said...

thank you all for your concern I am now oer the HRT Problem But hve flu from being so rundown