Wednesday, 30 May 2007

text messages

Last night I exchanged text with Oxo then he phoned me. he wanted me to go to his place for the night but I was already in bed. He kept telling me how sexy my voice is. We have met a few times now. he told me that the only thing wrong with me is that I have kids. We agreed that I would spend the night with him tonight. but as the day has progressed and I was a thinking about it I just knew that this is not what I want.

Since I decided that I no longer want NSA I have been wondering what to do about the lovers I have not yet cut my ties with. I have not been able to make up my mind whether I still want to see Mr Passionate and Oxo. But the more I have thought about it today I have come to the conclusion that even if I was to see Oxo tonight I would not be able to enjoy it as much now as my mind is elsewhere. If my mind is not there and I can't put all of myself into it then it won't be so enjoyable for either of us so there is no point. from now on I feel that I shall just have one lover whether that is Forest or someone else. I have to be true to myself even if whoever I am seeing doesn't mind me seeing others. Luckily Oxo cried off tonight which saved me from having to let him down but I think I am going to have to explain to him how I am feeling.

I have been exchanging text with Forest today, which has cheered me up. Not that we have not been exchanging text most days but it was what he has said that makes me feel better


Chris said...

You seem to have a good handle on what you want. I have no doubts you'll make the right decisions to make you happy. Good luck.

Lady in red said...

thanx Chris

I think it has taken me a while but now I know what I want and what I dont want.

Judging by the unexpected texts I have been receiving this morning from forest things are starting to change for the better. A friend told me last night that he thinks it will be fine he can feel it in the air lol.