Friday, 25 May 2007

more ramblings

In a couple of hours the kids will be home from school, #4 doesn't go back until tues 5th June. I love him to bits but he will be bored half the time. there will be arguments over whose turn it is to go online and so and so has been on there too long. One solution would be to get the internet connected to my pc in my room. there are two reasons I am reluctant do that. first they will be on two computers 24/7 I cant afford the electricity at the moment. we are on pay as you go meter for the moment. secondly I want my room to stay as my bedroom not be another room for them to mess up. Which was the case before. what I would like to do is get a working computer set up in their room as well as one in mine.

#2 is already home he has officially left school now. I am working on getting him a summer job to keep him busy and out of my way. I was meant to have a lunchtime drink yesterday with a local businessman who is looking into finding him an office job for the summer. He had to postpone until tuesday. I have decided to use my contacts to my own benefit. I know he fancies me like mad but he knows that it isnt going to happen, he respects my feelings on that.

I had chat with JJ the other night, he was thinking about showing me the ropes (pun intended)of dom/sub situation. But for the moment he is being a good boy and being faithful to his partner. I have told my dark master that I wont be meeting him I have had no response from him what so ever. So it is looking like I won't be exprimenting along those lines for the moment although I do have discussions with one of my friends online but it isn't quite the same as experiencing it for real.

I have met someone who I would like to have a more stable kind of relationship with than those I have had in recent months. We have not yet had a chance to discuss this properly to see what we both want from each other. In the meantime I am not sure if I shall want to continue the liasons I already have. Some I have cut my ties with others are still there we just have not got together recently. I have had a chat with foxy(SL) this week. I think we both realise that situation has run its course for now. But I do now have several contacts who would be more than willing to have me join them in a 3 or 4 some, so I have not burnt my bridges there completely.

I still have to get online to do some research into toys I might get for myself but these days it looks like im online at 5am if I want privay (as a couple of blogger friends can confirm they found me online at that time).

My blogger friends have been doing wonders for my ego the last few days. One has told me that he would not be able to keep his hands off me (lol indeed he couldnt when we met). Another has in the last two days told me that far from being a nutter I am quite sane and also that I am hot even if I dont feel it today. thanx guys you know who you are :-)


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Know what you mean, mate. My kids started school hols today, and they are already driving me mad! Thing is though, I won't let them touch my computer. They've got one at their dads

me said...

mine are too young to take much notice of the computer, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

shit, thats bad, its hard work, my daughter has her lap top, but the other day, she logged on my pc, lucky i have a guest account, which she uses, I thought she had buggered the pc other day, tried to blame her, could never have been me,

Ordinary Girl said...

My son would hog this all day and night given half the chance! I kick him off as soon as I get home from work though. Hehehe!

Have just posted some pics Lady, but they wont be there for long. Didnt want you to miss them.

Lady in red said...

unfortunatly my kids are older which is good in most respects but they do want to use the computer they are now 11, 15, 16 and 19. they spend hours on my space or chatting on msn with their friends, then when they are supposed to come off they suddenly remember the homework they need the computer for.

eldest has bought his own laptop but can't get it connected to the net yet.