Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I am now feeling better quite weak but much better.

Why am I taking HRT ?

in 2001 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer I had tumour the size of an orange. Too big to operate they told me. So I had radiothereapy every day for 6 weeks. Folowed 2 months later by 3 days of internal radiotherapy. Not something I would recommend if you can avoid it. In september 2001 I was given the all clear. This was the start of many hospital checkups, menapause clinics etc. I was given eostrogen and testosterone implants every 6 months. Each time I had an appointment I was asked about my libido....I had none. they kept telling me that I should be getting lots of sex as this will help to keep my cervix open. I wasnt interested...I put this down to not wanting sex with my husband.

in february 2005 I was given progesterone tablets to take as well. At first I thought I was dying, I felt like I was in labour. I phoned my consultant and was told to phone my GP. but within days those problems disappeared. I became hyper. hardly eating or sleeping. constantly on the go (totally out of character for me) my mother tells me it wore her out just watching me. #1 son said it was like I was on uppers. I was sleeping for no more than 10 minutes at a time. felt about 20 years younger. the worst thing though was feeling totally aroused for 4 days with nothing I could do to relieve it. there was no way I was going to tell my husband. this went on for about three weeks then I crashed. I was at work suddenly felt like I was either going to fall asleep or throw up so I went home to bed. gradually my sleep pattern improved. soon I was sleeping for as much as 4 hours at a time.

It was not long after this that I decided I wanted out of the marriage. My husband (I really should get used to calling him my ex husband) has said since that time that it was the tablets that made me change. He blames the tablets for the break down of our marriage. he is wrong what the tablets did was give me the determination to get out of a marriage that I had never really been happy in. My sex drive suddenly came back along with the realisation that I am a woman not just the frump he had turned me into.

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