Thursday, 3 May 2007

lovely suprise

What a lovely surprise. I was sat here waiting for my knight not knowing if he would arrive. It all depends how long his business meeting lasts. Sometimes he is finished by 12.00 and could be at my place in 15 minutes giving us 2 1/2hrs before my teenage boys get home from school. But other times like last week he isn’t finished until 2.30pm which is no good. He checked with me on Monday that I am still available on Wednesday lunchtime. I confirmed that I was. We have not spoken since as he was busy the rest of the day and I was out yesterday. By the time it got to 1.30pm I realised that if he didn’t arrive in the next few minutes he wouldn’t be coming. There would not be enough time to make it worth while. He feels that our lust for each other is so great and it has been so long since we last met that an hour would not be enough to scratch the surface of our needs. I was starting to feel fed up and even a little tearful, not helped by the niggling headache I had had all morning. I wrote my dearest man an email telling him my thoughts of the last hours.

My mobile had been silent all morning and no matter how many times I picked it up it just wouldn’t do anything, no calls and no text. But suddenly it sprang to life

I presume the lady is being serviced well by her knight and that gazing into the deep blue again will have to wait for another time

The lady is sat alone

Oh no is there time for me to get to you before school x

Do you fancy a walk I need some air

40 minutes later I stepped from my car at the local beauty spot I had chosen to find him already there. He certainly hadn’t wasted any time as he lives 40 minutes drive away.

We spent the next hour wandering along woodland paths holding hands stopping every now and again looking out across one of the many ponds, kissing, chatting. My headache vanished with the first kisses. More wandering along more paths, we found ourselves in a more secluded part of the wood and the kisses became more passionate, he didn’t have to do anything more than kiss me and let his hands wander over my back and ass, I could feel the spasms deep inside me and the wetness seep from me. The nearer his hands got to the hem of my skirt I was thinking that at any moment he is going to notice that I am wet with anticipation. I felt the drip travel down the inside of my leg then his hand was there and another spasm as I hid my face in his chest. Him, holding me close with one hand and delving under my skirt with the other. Mmmmmm how cruel, that I only had a few minutes before heading back to my car in time for the school run.

As I said yesterday this is one friendship which will never be the same again. We have promised to see each other again and soon. The text messages have gone back and forth since returning home.

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