Friday, 4 May 2007

what have I given birth to?

yesterday when I was sat in the sun watching the ducks chatting to my friend I got a call from #2. could I please take him and his mate to county cricket ground after school run. I agree to this, but I wasnt prepared for the converstions the three of us would have on the next two journeys. First #2 is berating the exam system. He is about to take his GCSE's. predicted A's and A*s. He has just had the results of his latest module in maths which goes towards the final result. He and one other boy have had 100% in every module neither has dropped a single point throughout. That is very good and he is congratulated. But this is not good enough for him. He knows he will get A* for his maths. He is going to do double maths at college then a maths degree when he goes to uni. NO he thinks he should get A**. why should students who do well but drop points get the same as the students who do not drop any points. They should get more recognition.

Later I collect the lads. I have had to wait for them as they had stayed behind to collect a few autographs. When they eventually appear he is on his high horse again! This time its about wierdos and paedophiles. What on earth has happened? has he been approached by a pervert. Not very likely he is a big lad (underactive thyroid). No his problem is other autograph hunters. He thinks that only kids should be autograph hunters as the kids look up to the players. People who are older than the players are weirdos and perverts. something about them looking like paedophiles. We then discuss what a paedophile looks like. I think he has some misconceptions and explain that they look like anyone else. I end up telling my son he is a snob. In my car I tend to have the radio on most of the time. The news comes on as we are travelling on the motorway.He notices that a 16yr old has been knifed by another 16yr old. Now he is on his soap box again. This time about youths only ever getting bad press. Why can the news never be about youths that have done something good. Why do all old people think all young people are bad except their own grandchilden who can do no wrong. I challenge him to do something news worthy to show that not all teenagers are bad.

I know my son is clever and opinonated, but never has he come out with so much in so short a time.

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