Friday, 11 May 2007

It was only

After such a dismal week it is time to post something a little more cheerful!!

It was only meant to be a chat

Yes we did have a chat

Quite a long chat even

Punctuated by a kiss here a kiss there

A hand on leg

A soft finger removing a stray hair from breast

Soon it was obvious

Hands would be roaming

Time to find somewhere else

Lying there gazing at each other

Enjoying the pleasure in each other’s eyes

The soft moans of pleasure that escaped our lips

All notion of time has escaped

All too soon though it is time to go home

We kiss goodbye

Will there be more ?


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I don't know, you tell us!

Lady in red said...

to be honest neither of us knows

Chris said...

I hope there will be more. ;)

Lady in red said...

I think it would fine if it does but just as fine if not.

my heart is set elsewhere ie the visitor I had earlier today.

Freddy said...

oh how often that 'just a coffee' has turned into so much more!
my first meet with S was 'just fo coffee'.............

Lady in red said...

lol at freddy, but as it was just for coffee and the weather inclement I wore trousers not the skirt he had hoped for lol