Tuesday, 12 December 2006

my challenge

last night when I was chatting online to my dear SL he set me a challenge. after a fair bit of discussion on the subject I have accepted the challenge. When I was in the shower earlier today I was about to put razor to underarm when I remembered that he wants me to stop shaving for him. He wants me to grow back the hair everywhere except I am allowed to continue shaving my legs. This really is a challenge for me to do this as I do like to keep smooth and hairless. Not only that but I know that my other lovers and prospective lovers like a shaved pussy etc.

SL as soon as you have read this I want you to text or email me to let me know, as I have decided to add my own twist to this challenge. But I wont tell you what I want you to do until you tell me you have read this.

1 comment:

footprints blog said...

OOOO! I'm intriuged now. What could the twist possibly be? Will you publish the details? Shall I mind my own :-)