Thursday, 28 December 2006

tagged !!!

Ok so I have been tagged by the man with secrets. I have to compose a list of 10 words beginning with the letter P.

My first has to be phone as I am totally lost without my phone, even more than my computer. I never go anywhere without my phones (yes I have two, one general which is pink and one for my closest lovers).

Promiscuity, how could I possibly leave that out when I have been practising promiscuity in recent months. I have a lot of years in the sexual desert to make up for. I had no idea how much I would enjoy my promiscuity.

Polish, I do like to wear nail polish, especially if it is red, although I do also wear purple nail polish. My collection also includes mauve, pink, gold and beige together with chocolate brown, but as most people who know me will realise I have a thing about red.

promise is something that most of my photographs show. I prefer to give a glimpse of the promised fruits rather than putting everything on display from the beginning. The pleasure I have gained from allowing my admirers a taste of things to come. Promises are also something I never give unless I am absolutely certain that I can and will want to fullfil those promises.

Planning can be both exciting and boring. Planning a trip to the dentist with my children is boring. Whilst planning a meet with a lover can be exciting. Planning an illicit meeting for delicious sexual enjoyment of each other with a married lover gets my pulse racing as we decide the logistics of our time together. When we can snatch enough time together, where we shall go, how to get there(seperately or together). what we will wish to take with us for the pleasuring of our partner.

Punishment, anyone who reads my blog should know by now that I am still awaiting my punishment. I have promised my knight that I will take my punishment in good faith. We have tried to put our plans for my punishment into practice but were foiled by the dog walkers of this land. We then had a drive around country lanes looking for potential venues for my punishment to be carried out at a later date.

potential, something I try to see where ever I can in the same way as I look for the positive in everything. I am constantly looking for potential venues for my adventures. Not to mention the ever changing list of potential lovers.

pure woman, that is what I am now, in my youth I was something of a tomboy, I was never a girlie girl, playing with cars in preference to dolls, climbing trees rather than having pretend tea parties. But now I have matured and realised the pleasures to be gained by becoming a woman. I am nothing now if not pure woman with the wants and pleasures of being seen, felt, smelt and devoured in ways that a woman such as I deserve.

Perfume is not something I wear too often, prefering to wear it on special occasions, it is more my practice to wear body spray(vanilla). I do have a rather delicious perfume which was given to me by one of my brief love interests. Prada is absolutely devine, I dont wear it for any of my lovers but there are occasions when I will wear it just because I love the scent. Or if I have been feeling sad I may spray a little on my pillow. For years my favourite perfume was Opium but I cant wear it anymore. During a conversation with a potential lover a few days ago he described perfume as 'something that kills married men'.

Persistent is how I would have to describe some of my admirers, especially when chatting online and they want me to go onto my webcam. persistent is also my kids when they want to use the computer and Im on it grrrrr.

I hope that is good enough for you Man. 10 words beginning with P with a few extras added in for good measure.

Now who can I tag?

Feetman letter D

Footprints L

cherrie R

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