Thursday, 14 December 2006

how much sex

Recently it seems that a number of my admirers are under the impression that I have or need to have sex everyday. This I can assure you is not the case. If anyone thought about it I spend far too much time on my pc to be out having sex all the time. On average I probably have sex once or twice a week. As a single woman who has children at home.....I feel that that is fair. ( I have several guys who I have seen several times, it isnt different men all the time) my sex drive would probably cope with every day but my conscience would not. I am still struggling with the amount of sex that I have and even more the amount I would like to have versus what I feel to be acceptable behaviour for a middle class single mum of 4.

What do you think is a reasonable amount of sex for a woman in my situation to be having ?

1) Is a couple of times a week too much
2) about right
3) or should I just go out there and have as much as I want

please let me know what you think


Daboga75 said...

Well, it sounds as if you are getting enough. ;) But, personally, I think whatever you are comfortable with is great...the more the better! Sex is there to be had, right? I say enjoy it as much as possible, regardless of what dogma-fed prudes may think.

ladyinred said...

thank you daboga I think I have it about right though some weeks I could do with a lot more ;-D

Antoine said...

The basic objective of life is "TO HAVE FUN"

That should guide you in asnwering your question. When it is not fun - time to rethink

Anonymous said...

I'm a married man who would smile a lot more if his quota was twice a month!

Freddy said...

A couple of times a week you say?
Is that a couple of sessions a week?
Seems to me that quality is an issue here as well as quantity. One mindblowing 6 hour lovemaking marathon involving countless orgasmic climaxes for each of you might be enough once a week.
Nightly quickies might leave you frustrated...

ladyinred said...

Freddy I would love to have one mindblowing 6 hour marathon but time always seems to be an issue as well as venue

feetman78 said...

I would think that as a "mum of 4", you would only have time for #2.

If you have time for more - #3 - go get it, girl. Do what you need to do to make yourself happy. You certainly deserve all you can get.

You are gorgeous!