Monday, 4 December 2006

my imminent chastisement

Sweet sir *****, master of my desires
It is with relief that I find myself at a time where I can now impart to you my most delicious master of my very being, my words to describe my giving of myself to you, this being before the deadline of sabbath end as set by yourself.I would have my Lord lead your very own lady ***** to the chamber of your choice where having secured the entrance against untimely intrusion, we would taste fully for the first time the very breath that lives within our bodies as our mouths meet for lingering exploration. Before your lady would serve you dutifully removing all covering garments from your body that she may feast her hungry eyes whilst being led to the bedside. where my lord I would beg you to sit facing your maiden with your hands upon her shoulders guiding her onto those knees you worship so much in order that her face would then be of a height with your waiting sword. with your hands holding her head to direct her mouth towards this sword of yours for gentle exploration by tongue along its length and width. It would please your lady to have the opportunity to take each of your balls one at a time into her mouth to be sucked for your satisfaction before using her tongue as before along the shaft of your sword until reaching its very head to be taken within and swallowed as far down its shaft towards the hilt until hitting the very back of her throat thus making your lady gag. your lady will willingly continue to pleasure her master in this way until instructed to stand that her master may remove her garments revealing her shapely breasts for full inspection before inserting the nipples alternately into his mouth for stimulation. your lady would then wish you to move a little further back onto the bed still sitting upright that it be possible for her to place first one knee then the other on either side of your thighs as she climbs onto the bed with you imapling herself upon your hard erectile sword before you lean back bringing your lady with you. slowly at first then with more pace our bodies joined as one we begin to dance rhymically to the song in our hearts as we grind together for the first time. from this time on the tune to be danced will be the call of my master, having first danced to the tune of his lady's soul.
your Lady ***** Slut of the highest order does now await confirmation from her honourable Knight Lord of her destiny and soul whether these words do describe to his satisfaction her proposed actions for the time yet to be set.

My lady *****
Forgive my lateness in reply but event out of my control have conspired to derail my intent toward you. Your self assessed punishment is fair my maiden, but for one thing, It is not your place to provide me with mitigating circumstances. You appear to have forgotten you place. Your master sees all and would have provided you with mitigating circumstances himself if you had not so eagerly sought to maneuver your punishment thus. It is a cruel world and unjust perhaps, but you must understand that it is with heavy heart that I find myself unable to take alternative course, but to double the punishment you justly deserve. From our place of meeting a carriage will transport us to a remote and private spot where I dare say the elements will contrive to make you aware of the severity of the moment. You shall be lead, hands bound behind your back as all condemned are so delivered. There will be no word spoken in order to enhance the solemnity of actions to be taken. At the given spot you will be stood before me and reaching under your skirt my hands will glide over your feminine knees and trembling thighs and encircle you ample buttock as a measure of what is to be revealed. From your hips my fingers will slip into the band of your thong and slide round and over you ample buttocks, slipping the garment from your body down your thighs and over your knees to your ankles where upon you will dutifully step out of the garment thus rendering yourself inappropriately naked from the waist down but for the modesty of your outer skirt. Reaching under and behind your top to the clasp of the garment controlling the fluidity of your ample bosom, I shall release it and let your womanly pendulous breasts fall in order that when I lay you over my knee each breast will cascade earthwards beside my left thigh pendulously within reach as I mete out your punishment so that in my of punishing my Lady I might take a little solace from my duty within the touch of her soft heavy flesh. It is now your duty to see fit as to whether this punishment be born of the morning of Tuesday 5 December where upon said punishment will be all that there be time for, as your Lord and master has duties of a commercial nature requiring his attention come lunch time. Failing this the said deed will have to be put off until the new year when time is less pressing. I await your resolve my Lady and remain your good Knight Sir ***** >:-x

my Lord
I am grateful to you for your judgement and accept my punishment as described. Having considered the information that I may accept my punishment on the morning of tuesday 5th December else have my agony prolonged until our lords year 2007. your lady would be available for the acceptance of her sentence on the morning of tuesday 5th december at any time after 9.30am if only my master would furnish myself with a time and place where she must await her master. I fear that the elements will have conspired to add to the punishment to be handed out at this time, however I feel that this will serve only to make this punishment the more sweet to receive from the hands of my hero my master Sir *****, knight of tarnished armour.

My Lady, my kind sweet slut, You would do for me a great honour to please me thus. I would enjoy most favorably your removal of my garments and to enjoy the expression of your face as you greet the first revelation of my manhood. Guiding my Lady to her pretty elegant hosierred knees in a stance of adulation would fill me with great anticipation feeling her breath upon my sword. With my hand to your head I would gently press your sweet face to my crotch that I might feel it on my stiffening resolve to honour you. To feel you explore me with tongue and lips and to place an orb on your mouth whilst holding my sword would be a moment to treasure and I shall relish the sight of your sensual lips envelop my helmet. Look into my eyes as you swallow my Lady and let me see their smile and sparkle in them as slowly sensually erotically take the length of me into your throat Continue my Lady for as long as it pleases you for this I can enjoy for hours at a time. I would like to request a great favour of my Lady, that if she has in her possession garments of a feminine and arousing nature to attire herself in, it would please me at this point undress her to the point of their revelation. I would wish to savour the moment and ingest the joy of your womanly countenance and so enjoying would release your ample bosom from the captivity of garments and so doing slide my wetting helmet over each of your nipples so as when I suck one after the other I can taste my lust for her on them as I lick and suck and massage them in my moth so as to give you great glee from it. I shall from this moment be your slave my Lady for to sit astride me will make it you to take pleasure in my sword and to witness the vision of your wetting sex lowered over it will fill me with great pride to know you have such freedom of desire to use me thus. I shall feast on you my lovely as you ride me, taking your pleasure form it, but also seeing the joy in my eyes as you indulge. I shall rise up and meet you half way as you take the length of me deep into you and listen to the music of our noises together for the first time. I shall pull you to me and kiss your mouth with passion as we ride together into the storm of delight...................... This indeed my Lady will give me great satisfaction and I would hope for my Lady too for it is not my desired for the sake my own satisfaction that I wish to conjoin with you but for yours as far more import, thus will I be satisfied. From this moment I can inform as to how we might continue our feast of each other if my Lady so wishes. I await your tidings to my revealed pleasure at your proposed dance together. Lady ***** my own sweet slave whom I wish to take in so many more ways, Sir ***** :-x

*****, Lady of my heart How sweet it is to know that you stand proud in acceptance of your punishment for early delivery. It shows good character and I enjoy you more for it. However the agony may well have to be endured into the year 2007 in the event of not finding a suitable venue for delivering and receiving such punishment. I have no immediate knowledge of the locality over the hill adjacent to your abode and so am unable to give you direction in this matter. If you have intimate knowledge then this might come in good stead. I await to hear what news you may have. Sir *****, Knight of the tarnished armour :-x

***** my Lady It was good to chat to you and find you in such good spirits the eve before you meet your punishment. It is a brave woman who goes to the gallows with pride and self respect. Neither of us has been here before and it is uncharted territory, but I am looking to it being a highly charged affair for you and one you can look back on with wonderment and joy. I am nervous my Lady, that I should not match the high regard you have of my abilities to deliver to your ample naked buttocks the punishment you feel you so deserve. I shall be distraught madam, if my regard for you and your well being should interfere with my resolve to excel in my duties toward you and pray I need not beg your forgiveness for being over zealous or worse expect a reprisal of similar nature at you very own hand should I fail you either way. It is in the hands of the gods my Lady and I await the hour of 10am and 30 minutes tomorrow the 5 of December. Your liege, Sir ***** :-x


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