Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Bibionymphomania Meme

Biblionymphomania Meme ...

The other day I was tagged by George who had been tagged by Gillette, who had been tagged by Sulpicia, with this meme …

We are to reveal the most fun thing you ever did that involved a book or books in some way. That doesn’t mean you had to defile a book. I suppose it could be magazine(s), too. But books and libraries would be more fun for me.

Then to tag 2, 3 or 4 more to continue the meme.

I couldn't even begin to compare my experence with the fun George had. In truth
there has been not one memorable event involving a book. all I can offer up here is the mere explanation that I have had many orgasms whilst reading. I can be reading in bed when my hand starts to wander perhaps to my right breast or maybe to my damp pussy. before long I have worked myself up to such a frenzy that the book gets abandoned sometimes falling to the floor. All this from reading the London A-Z who knows what could happen if I was reading a racey little book!!!

I tag

The Man
Ms R

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