Monday, 30 July 2007

just realised

just realised its gone midnight and i have posted nothing on any of my blogs today

partly because I have been chatting all day when not doing chores (2 men once 2 men twice and one man 3 times)

partly because I have a lot of thoughts tumbling around in my head that won't form into any semblance of sanity.

new friends to get to know
other friends in turmoil why do men have to stamp their feet and shut their blog as soon as they are unhappy about something.
situations with various men in my life and where they are leading to or not.


George said...

LOL .. LiR, are men at the root of all your troubles?

Lady in red said...

lol more than likely yes as most corporate businesses are run by men.

but yes you are right most of my problems are due either to men or money lol

but some of these men are only a problem in that they have problems and I care about them enough to worry

Southern Swinger said...

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