Saturday, 14 July 2007


who would have thought that as I have my early morning browse of some of the blogs in my favourites list I would be eating my breakfast with 3 msn windows open
in one I am discussing cunilingus
in the next anal sex
and the third is a man who wants to wank for me

my mornings dont always start like this.

at work there is a buffet lunch provided for the office staff (all 8 of us who are there) to say goodbye to a german lad who has been setting up a website for the company. Refreshments include bucks fizz. But I declare that im not touching the asti. everyone laughs and my boss says she will put a bucket by my desk. Even the director laughs ( I blame him for me getting drunk at my boss's birthday 2 weeks ago).

back home I am exchanging text from someone I had sent an email including one of my early fantasy stories. he is looking forward to more.

I was just thinking about you, trying to figure out what fantasy I can write for you next.

mmmm now that does have a nice ring to it :-) you'll have to let me have a sneaky peek if you do x

I have now written a short piece for you

nice one x

I will have to decide if I will let you read it

tease :-) x

always! and dont say you dont like to be teased ;-) x

would never say that lol x

am I good in your latest fantasy lo ;-) x

it wouldnt be a fantasy if you were no good lol x

lol fair one! would be bloody rude to let you down in the first place ;-) I look forward to having a read soon babe x

this week has been the first time I have not had to sleep when i got home from work/school run. But today it had caught up with me and I fell asleep on my bed. I was half asleep when I got the text I have waited a couple of weeks for. he has found his phone!! I dont know whether I am happy or not. we have chatted by text this evening but it was still like pulling teeth! part of the reason I was pissed off yesterday was that you keep calling him a are probably right but that doesnt mean I want to hear it! I want to believe you are wrong but I'm not sure. I have chatted but its all been general stuff and not a single kiss from me! I am cross with him and I'm cross with you for pointing out that he is no good for me when I so want him to be.

I have decided to write about my day when I get an unexpected text


hello who ever you are

who is this?

is that J**** ?

sorry some1 gave me wrong number

ok no worries

who is this anyway?

who r u?

I'm Ian

I'm LiR

as i said I got wrong number sorry

i'm in *****

oh ok who gave you my number?

i was after someone else and they made mistake in the number

where are you if you dont mind me asking?

Im just off the M**

are you single?


me 2

you dont mind me texting you do you ?

not at all

it must be strange me texting you out of the blue

stranger things happen

I'm not that strange

he has been texting me now for an hour and half lol I have just received 2 pictures of him (hes only 33 thinks hes ugly but hes not) have now sent him one of me, he thinks I look nice and Im not old!my battery is getting flat!

it has been a strange day maybe that has something to do with it being friday 13th not that I am supersticious


George said...

I enjoy the way you write ... you a certainly an interesting read

Good weekend

Lady in red said...

thank you George

I just write what I think

Ordinary Girl said...

Oh those random events are sometimes the most interesting!

Lady in red said...

I still can't believe that the guy who was texting me for over 2 hours was just someone who made a random mistake. He lives not too far from me, I know several people from that town. he said he wants to meet me..i didnt reply to that
he says he will text me again tonight...even told me what time!

Pixie said...

Could be a match made in heaven! Hope it remains enjoyable, sounds fun.