Thursday, 5 July 2007


I have now been in this job for 3 weeks almost.
The work is not mind stretching and the pay is not brilliant.
So why am I doing this work
It gets me out of the house
I was beginning to vegetate
I was not living my own life but those of my online friends
Now I am with other people (adults) for 5 hours each day.
It is only a small office I work with 2 men (one the image of Waynecoff)
We have a boss whose party I went to on Saturday
There is one lady who was in the warehouse who now sits near me
There are four others in another section and their boss my friend (posh bird)
The only others in the office area are the MD and an other director (both friendly)
Part of my job involves taking orders down to the warehouse
So I get to see the warehouse workers and speak to the warehouse manager.
There are also various reps who visit the office.
Whilst this is not a huge amount of people it is far more than there are in my home
It was my friend Posh bird who persuaded me to take this job
It is only until September (covering maternity leave)
But at least it is something I can put on my CV
I am learning a lot about how a sales office works
I find this far more fascinating than the work I am doing
It feels good to get up each morning with a proper routine and a reason to get made up and dress smartly.
It also stops me from moping and getting depressed
My work may not be mind stretching but I do have to concentrate.
This job has been good for me


me said...

:) pleased you seem more positive today

Anonymous said...

Good for you, LiR. Routine is very helpful during difficult times, I find.