Thursday, 26 July 2007

Not long now

It is not far away now, we have agreed a day.
I have written my list of misdemeanours as I was commanded to do.
I have received notification of his ruling on my misdeeds.
I know how it will start
I know what will be used
I know how I must present myself
I may not move
I may not speak
I may not rub my ass
I will take my punishment
I will be strong
I will find my limits
He will be firm
He will be masterful
He will administer my correction
He will take me to the limit
He knows I will submit
He knows which implements to use
He knows I need this
He may take pictures
He may comfort me in my distress
He may leave me there

We talk often, we talk of many things, but one thing we talk of often is this thing that we plan. It is on both our minds. I think about it a lot. He asks me if I am thinking about it. He asks if it makes me wet. He asks if I will cum during or after, I tell him probably. I get wet just thinking about it so I imagine that the reality will be even more intense. We talk of tears and tissues, of red skirts and red cheeks. We talk of mini skirts and stockings.We talk of hands, paddles and of canes. We talk of arousal. I am scared, I am afraid I will panic with the first strike but I know I won’t. I have not come this far just to give in that easily. He practices, he wants the lines to be precise. Parallel stripes of red across the pale skin made pink by the use of his hand as he warms my skin in preparation.

Tell me do you want to learn of my misdemeanours.
Tell me do you want to learn the nature of my prescribed correction.
Tell me will you want to see evidence that I received what I am due


Anonymous said...

You'll love it :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! I want to see the evidence! May I? :)

Vi said...

Ooooohhhh, another 'feather' in your cap! Can't wait to here all about it!

Lady in red said...

lol it wont be long now but dont expect me to tell you when or where or even who.

there has been an unexpected development too but you will have to wait until after the event to find out anything about that ;-)

Fire Byrd said...

Oh yes to it all. If I'm not doing it, your sex life stories will do instead!