Friday, 6 July 2007

my friends

here is a sample of text I received today from various male friends

hi how are you doing ? xx

you are right its not often I get flashed by a young lady you ok ?

I was feeling horny earlier so thought of you x

Great. Only I would get txt saying 'I dont want a shag' in the early hours

the thought of you in your mini skirt and stockings and bound with pvc tape with me wanking over you

have to stop thinking about you now as im on way to stay with gf tonight

I think fuckwits are like the poor - always with us.


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely. You are definitely appreciated by the men in your life. Nice. :)

Lady in red said...

thank you LFM

after a period of feeling un sexy I am now beginning to findmy sexual confidence again even if I am not indulging in any actual sex for the moment

Vi said...

My mobile is dead quiet! Kind of like it like that!

S said...

the only texts I receive lately are from my children.. woe is me. lol

Sexy Vixen said...

can you guess which of these was from my ex husband's former boss


Sage said...

Well, you have all those male friends that are texting you ... that is a wondering thing.

Sage said...

Sorry, I meant to say "wonderful" thing.